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Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Peking Union Medical College press   Author:Zheng Heyi   Pages´╝Ü260  
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One, introduction 1 what is sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted diseases? How to 2 prevalent cases of sexually transmitted diseases in China? 3 sexually transmitted disease caused by the pathogen of what? The 4 venereal how infectious? 5 swimming in the swimming, sauna Gan will not get sexually transmitted diseases? 6 what people tend to get sexually transmitted diseases? 7 venereal disease which harm the personal and family? 8 what circumstances should be suspected he was gotten venereal? 9 suspected he got venereal how should do? What are the 10 commonly used right venereal examination method? 11 venereal disease can be cured? 12 why do some people got venereal always treated bad? 13 home venereal patient how to do? 14 pregnant women got venereal how should do? Married reproductive effects after 15 venereal? 16 "cure disease, a spirit" credible? 17 a one-time after the disease, will be lifelong immunity? 18 how to prevent STD 19 condoms can prevent sexually transmitted diseases? 20 trips to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases? What is the two, syphilis 21 what is syphilis 22 syphilis pathogens? 23 syphilis have what characteristics? 24 syphilis fitness in body growth? 25 of Treponema pallidum resistance? How the 26 syphilis epidemic in our country? 27 syphilis is how to be infected? Only 28 of sexual intercourse can infect syphilis? 29 Whoever syphilis is contagious? 30 syphilis will pass on to their children? 31 syphilis have what performance? 32 syphilis is in clinical on how the classification, staging? 33 what is acquired (acquired) (syphilis) syphilis and congenital syphilis? 34 What is the innocent syphilis? 35 gay easy infection syphilis? 36 distinguish inchoate syphilis and terminal syphilis have what meaning? 37 how long after infection syphilis incidence? 38 period syphilis (hard chancre) what performance? 39 hard chancre can occur in which parts? What is the diagnostic criteria of the 40 period syphilis? 41 dark field microscope diagnosis of syphilis helicoid can see? 42 period syphilis should identify with what disease? 43 two period syphilis what performance? 44 what is compressed wet wart? 45 two period syphilis can be hair loss?...... Three, four gonorrhea, non gonococcal urethritis, condyloma acuminatum five six seven, genital herpes, chancroid, lymphogranuloma venereum nine eight, ten eleven, granuloma inguinale, AIDS and venereal disease closely related to twelve, some @##@ differentiate with sexually transmitted diseases of genital skin mucosa disease Venereal disease is caused by a kind of infectious disease through sexual contact, the whole world has occurred, not only the disease more, popular, and has great harm, has become a serious social and public health problem in the world today. The book written by experts in the Department of Dermatology of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, collective STD center, after the publication of the first edition by the majority of readers, in the second edition of the first edition were modified and enriched, income in recent years on STD, AIDS diagnosis and treatment progress, new knowledge, combined with clinical practice, to answer various readers often encountered, help readers enhance self-protection awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, early detection, early treatment, early prevention.
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