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Date of publication:2009-9   Press: The Golden Shield Press   Author:Dong Hanliang   Pages:288  

Human sexual activity is a kind of natural function, is a kind of instinct. Science, health, art of life is family, physical, ethical tonic, can make men and women both physically and mentally healthy, cheerful personality, soul purification, sublimation. In China, due to the long feudal society, backward thinking, to carefully conceal mentioning, appeared a science corner. After the founding of new China, there was a period of time, the abuse of extremely "left" thought, the love and sex also blamed for the decadent bourgeois performance, until twentieth Century 80 years, if the husband and wife in public places in hand, will become the focus of public attention. Combined with the new problems of health care, the compilation of "sexual health knowledge of 150 asked" a book, it is everybody's support vigorously, wipe the dirt, show its brilliance, and dedication to you. According to reports, do induced abortion operation to go to hospital for women in senior high school students at the weekend, the proportion of up to 80%. With the income increasing, the material life level is getting higher and higher, city residents have no longer to hard to survive, and can enjoy the pursuit of more.

This book is easy to understand, explain profound theories in simple language, concise and practical question and answer form, introduced from the health and health care, elderly and disabled until the young adults, and expounds the specific methods how to contraception, birth control, birth, birth of health knowledge, and proposed the new task of health, at the end of the present sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS prevention and treatment of condyloma acuminatum and put forward a new view. Rich in content, scientific and practical, Chinese and Western medicine, medicine and food and is beneficial to the readers, the life and health of the essential books, also the grass-roots medical personnel reference book.
Author brief introduction

Dong Hanliang, born in December 1943, Zhejiang Shaoxing city. In 1968 graduated from the medical department of Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, engaged in clinical medicine, education for more than 40 years. A professor at the Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University teaching hospital of Shaoxing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and served as director of the Department of internal medicine of Shaoxing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of the hospital expert advisory group, member of Academic Committee of hospital consultants. A former province of Zhejiang Medical Association,
Catalogue of books

1 Why do you learn the knowledge of how the human organ 2 worship 3 how human beings destroy organ 4 human marriage how from junior to senior development 5 male genital structure and function which organizations 6 female genital structure and function which organizations 7 sperm come about? Normal sperm standard what the causes 8 sperm cannot reach the standard of what 9 menstruation come about? How to pay attention to the process and skills of menstrual hygiene 10 what is the difference between men and women. 11 how to make sex harmony 12 coital posture and methods which are 13 common venereal size and of which 14 penile meet related 15 prepuce how do 16 vaginal relaxation and how to adjust the 17 what is masturbation? Masturbation is harmful to 18 common allergic what 19 premarital sex is harmful often 20 honeymoon in distress is what 21 why couples "absence makes the heart grow fonder 22 sexual pleasure there are gender differences? How to coordinate the 23 how to live a good wedding night 24 how to arrange suitable life 25 menstrual period why prohibit sexual intercourse 26 pregnancy you can have sex 27 drinking influential to sexual life 28 female sex apathy come about? How to improve the 29 drugs could enhance sexual desire which 30 TCM impotence therapy to the treatment of hyposexuality 31 why sex can't ban nor indulgence 32 sexual intercourse when and what is taboo what is the 33 Chinese medicine called the kidney essence? Seminal emission is harmful to health work and life between 34 35 why sexual health work is beneficial for the body 36 what is called the sexual health 37 coital position and atrioventricular care what is the relationship between the 38 ancient people in life how to prolong life of 39 ancient sexual health "seven benefits" what is the significance of loss of eight 40 ancient sex "questions" how to understand the 41 male menopause moderate how to adjust the 42 menopausal women's sexuality has changed 43 middle-aged to preserving essence of Yangjing 44 middle-aged kidney deficiency impotence overwhelming desire to prevent occurrence of 45 elderly health Road 46 why is the key to living a life of abstinence in the elderly patients aged 47 or 48 sexual impulse why sex old man no less than 49 why older people properly sexual health 50 older people had a good sex life should be how food and medicine for 51 why the old couple live 52 how to understand the elderly to recuperate and sex 53 coronary heart disease patients to restore life 54 hypertension patients can sexual intercourse 55 prostatitis patients how to control sexual life 56 nephritis patients how to control of life 57 diabetes is forbidden to live 58 hepatitis patients why especially ban sex 59 disabled people you can have sex 60 of today's domestic a contraceptive method which 61 contraception affect sexual life 62 who cannot bear to marry and procreate 63 condoms, contraceptive effect of sexual pleasure 64 safe sex how to accurately estimate 65 vaginal diaphragm is a good method of temporary contraceptive 66 vasectomy can affect sexual pleasure 67 after intercourse that condom breakage. Shedding how to deal with the 68 newly married couples how to choose the contraceptive method is 69 lactating women need contraception? How to choose the contraceptive methods why 70 climacteric contraception? How can do choose what method of contraception contraceptive failure after 71? What is the effect of repeated abortion 72 what women should not take birth control pills 73 new contraceptives what 74 What is the 75 male and female infertility infertility should be what check 76 infertility should be how to treat 77 what is the absolute and relative infertility infertility 78 male sterility for couples of childbearing age in the ratio between the number of 79 male sexual dysfunction is going on the human body? The principle of treatment of which there are 80 Yang Qiang how to treat the 81 do not ejaculate. Retrograde ejaculation. Drug spermatorrhea how treatment of male infertility in 82 of which 83 cold. How to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, premature ejaculation impotence. The 84 is how the occurrence and spread of the 85 what is the disease? How to prevention and treatment of 86 gonorrhea is how it happened? How to treat 87 what is the acuteness wet wart? How to prevent AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease 88 to 89 syphilis is a venereal how 90 men will be transmitted on trichomoniasis? 91 control methods to prevent the crab ways 92 prevention and cure scabies had normal function which 93 what is genital herpes genital infection fungi 94 how to control the 95 how to treat sexual function recession 96 how to delay the male sex organs of the aging 97 young men how to keep the testis 98 how to extend the penis erectile ability. Improve 99 what food can improve male sexual function 100 what food can improve the female sexual function 101 menopausal women hyposexuality do 102 why not abuse "Aphrodisiac" 103 what Chinese traditional medicine can affect sexual desire 104 Epimedium why can 105 how to use antler enhance sexual function. Antlers effect enhancing efficacy function 106 what Chinese medicine Bushen Yijing 107 what food is effect of Tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang 108 do tonifying kidney diet 109 what food of Bushen Yijing 110 how Bushen Yijing diet 111 how to arrange the Yijing Yang week menu 112 ginseng tonic tea how to make 113 taking Bushen wine should pay attention to what the 114 how to choose the morning after adjusting tonic why can do 115 young chicken the treatment of impotence don't lift 116 ginseng deer Why can the tail soup in treating male infertility 117 Cherokee roseWhy can cure spermatorrhea premature ejaculation paste 118 Guilu Erxian paste why can treat sperm deficiency 119 TCM treatment in how strong in 120 Chinese medicine how to treat sexual aversion 121 Chinese medicine to treat sexual pain 122 Chinese medicine to treating vaginal spasm in 123 traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment of senile vaginitis 124 Chinese medicine to the treatment of ovarian cysts in 125 how Chinese medicine in treating anovulatory bleeding in 126 Chinese medicine to the treatment of ovulatory menorrhagia in 127 known drug to treat the corpus luteum insufficiency of menorrhagia in 128 traditional Chinese medicine to treat ovulatory bleeding 129 how Chinese medicine treatment of fallopian tube obstruction of 130 traditional Chinese medicine to treat breast lobular hyperplasia 131 women don't dream 132 tropical girl menstruation comes early 133 menstrual period should not exercise. Take a shower you 134 have no hymen is not a virgin 135 abstinence people the most healthy 136 hypogonadism means life ended 137 lower animal and human beings through 138 pregnant to sexual behavior from beginning to avoid sexual life of 139 uterine will in the seminal 140 each person the number of infinite 141 ligation can make human desire To reduce the 142 men and women to achieve orgasm at the same time to pregnancy 143 post coital urinary or standing coitus can contraception do 144 two sexual intercourse will give birth to twins 145 testes or ovaries to determine a fetus's gender 146 women to determine a fetus's gender 147 pill will delay menopause 148 education will only increase the problem 149 marriage sexual behavior and sex education of 150 accept education will increase venereal
Chapter excerpt

3 how human beings destroy sexual organs? Castration is worship and sexual organs just act in a diametrically opposite way, it is the male (or female) a damaging operation reproductive organs removed, also known as castration. China's ancient court eunuch is male castrated person, is one of the destruction of human organ. Since ancient times, all countries in the world have castrated customs. Castration is never fertility, it is also one of the methods of sterilization, but with the concept and the difference of sterilization. Now the implementation of family planning in the sterilization, still can be a normal sex, just sex no sperm or egg combined castration, and generally no sex, not sex. Castration is the testicular or genital cutting, the cruelty and suffering is indescribable. A castrated roughly the following: (1) by the religious belief and law of castration: goddess of the monks to implement the castration of religious groups. And law is worshipped by Asia Minor Phrygian 亚国 production fertility goddess. According to legend, the goddess and law of Uranus's daughter, and she has a close relation to the male god attis. Galatea legend god Zeus in a day left in sleep in semen, semen from the emergence of a monster with Yin and Yang Aage de di J, God feel disgust, and cut off his penis. The law of castration and believers, came from this legend. In southern Russia and Romania Scopus Tsune Nobu, also because it religious castration, such as the so-called "had Jesus and Christian Paul" 塞里瓦诺, the sect followers, is based on a too cross. And castration, they believe Christ itself is a castrated, "said" because was born eunuchs, have been castrated, because you don't have the kingdom of heaven". These words of Christ, first make the priest collies to castration.
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