Science and China traditional cultivation

Date of publication:1998-1   Press: China press of traditional Chinese Medicine   Author:Cai Jun  

This book is the first in-depth study of 'China relationship between traditional cultivation and scientific' academic works. The hard years of research found -- China traditional practice the secret science of ancient Chinese. The book not only introduces the latest progress' and the achievements of the western scientific psychology Chinese and India traditional culture 'and also introduces thirty kinds of methods in practical and class, duplex, double the class discipline theory, methods of treatment and more than 20 kinds of male and female sexual dysfunction. The book also equipped with more than 30 illustrations, is a rare illustrations, both academic and practical scientific writings.
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In order to create China introduction: characteristics of science, from a western scientific research (a) the western modern science history (two) the male sex organs of male sex organs 1 2 male sex organs of male erogenous zone within 3 (three) female sex organs of 1 female external sex organ in 2 female sex organs 3 breast and skin 4 5 female clitoris erogenous zone (four) sexual response cycle 1 the excitement phase 2 duration 3 orgasm period 4 sexual subsidise period (five), several important problems of 1 sperm before women veins 2 sex vaginal secretion and 3 functional neural 4 hormone system regulation mechanism and sexual function of dual role 5 masturbation 6.NPT phenomenon 7 clitoral 8 healthy men after the sex life of fatigue changes 9 in male two, in the life of Western Psychology Study (a) Western understanding of psychological history (two) physiological basis of sexual psychology 1 2 brain hormone (three) social cultural foundation Psychology (four) psychological theory on the 1 power theory occurred in 2 (five) of the theory Mental process to the analysis of 1 consciousness sprout and begin to imagine 2 demand wake 3 sex 4 experience psychological differences between the 5 men and women in the sex of 6 physiological cycle on the psychological three, Chinese traditional culture (a) the pre Qin to the Han Dynasty (two) during the period of the northern and Southern Dynasties (three in the Sui and Tang Dynasties)...... Theory practicing pieces of medical papers papers
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