Male disease and health

Date of publication:2004-5-1   Press: Fudan University press   Author:Chen Ting   Pages´╝Ü226  

Chen Ting, graduated from Shanghai Medical University clinical medical specialty, is mainly engaged in male division. Participation in the City Planning Commission Zhou Jianping editor of "family reproductive health" a book "male sexual dysfunction" section, write 35 words. At present is "popular medicine -- people ask" columnist.
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A male disease, have a look the man's privacy (a) dense pubic hair (two) can be bent to out of the "little brother" (three) "the protection of God -- scrotal egg" (four) men's baby (five) reservoir in the body of the secret (six) man's growth (seven) self-examination, secret two the testis and epididymis of (a) to hide -- cryptorchidism testis (two) "baby" larger (three) "baby" good pain (four), three small testis sperm how with blood? (a) classification of the seminal vesicle phlogistic (two) self examining bloody semen (three) how to do a seminal vesicle phlogistic? Four, annoying prostate (a) lifted the veil of prostatitis (two) suffer unspeakably prostate hyperplasia (three) prostate cancer knowledge five, "little brother" trouble (a) wrapping is too long, one two three (two) of scrotal inside a bag of water (three) "little brother" also had cancer (four) urethral opening is not normal (five) injured "lifeblood" of six, a terrible disease (a) STD knowledge (two) several common sexually transmitted diseases (three) patients and family daily life, seven children, day to the meaning of (a) male infertility semen of dribs and drabs (two) (three) how infertility to treat? Artificial insemination (four) to (five) test tube baby technology (eight) "you can" make bricks without straw (seven). The treatment of infertility (eight) birth of the stealth killer of health care, the sequence of events (a) (two) satisfactory erection and ejaculation is normal (three) masturbation. Two, sexual dysfunction of (a) self judgment ability (two) classification of sexual dysfunction (three) yuan three, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction (a) self diagnosis (two), calm in the face of four ordinary erectile (a) antecedents and consequences (two) five, timely treatment of premature ejaculation (a measure (two)) causes (three) solution six, do not ejaculate (a) the reason that does not ejaculate (two) not ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation treatment seven (a) self diagnosis (two) treatment for eight, sexual intercourse pain and pain shot Qing (a) the causes and treatment of ejaculatory pain (two) causes coital pain the treatment and nine, lack of orgasm (a) causes orgasm (missing Two) remedy the lack of orgasm, sexual desire disorder (ten a) causes frigidity and sexual hyperfunction (two) treatment of sexual disorder eleven, offbeat sexual behavior, sexual psychology (a) gay (two) makeup addiction, transsexuals (three) special behavior (four) offbeat object (five) offbeat way twelve (a), health care tonic food (two) @##@ Health Guide This is a popular book, I especially hope to offer to the general reader, also known as the "layman" of the people, therefore, the author try to use the popular level and the language of science, reveals man's secret to everyone: the man's "privacy", the common diseases and sexual health knowledge of men. Hope that the male friends after reading this book, can become a family of "male doctor", at home can check and learn about themselves and the son's private parts, simple to judge and solve common which it would be awkward to disclose the man.
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