Impotence treatment Ba method

Date of publication:2008-5   Press: Jiangxi science and technology   Author:Ning Guoqiang Fan Yanwen   Pages´╝Ü113  
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On the classification of the basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine impotence of impotence impotence treatment method and treatment principle of eight first method: under the guidance of a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for treating impotence using second methods: using food to treat impotence third method: using medicinal treatment of impotence fourth method: using tea for treating impotence chapter five: using medicated wine for treating impotence Article Six: the use of massage in the treatment of impotence and seventh method: psychological treatment of eighth law of impotence: @##@ treating impotence and other methods Traditional Chinese medicine believes that causes impotence, mainly due to sex too, loss of kidney essence and; due to aging and ailing, deficiency of kidney qi and; due to lack of innate endowment, early marriage and; due to sudden encounter panic, kidney damage caused; because of Si Lao too, consumption of heart and spleen, Qi and blood biochemical passive and; because of emotional depression, non Shu Qi and; due to eat wine Feigan, poly wet heat, damp heat and qi stagnation and blood stasis; due to local, Baijing obstruction, not smooth and refined. The involved organs, the kidney, liver, gallbladder, spleen, heart. This book is one of "sexual dysfunction treatment series", respectively, with traditional Chinese medicine, food, medicine, tea, wine, massage and other methods, targeted treatment for different symptoms. The book can be used as teaching materials for colleges and universities, is also available for researchers to use as a reference book.
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