Happy brain science

Date of publication:2001-01   Press: Shandong literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Oshima Kiyo   Pages´╝Ü201  

This book focuses on the relationship between sex hormones and brain food.
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The big island Qing, was born in Hiroshima in 1929. University of Tokyo medical school after graduation, studied at Washington State University America. Now he is the honorary professor of Kyoto University. Professional is the reproductive physiology. After retirement, has been engaged in the writings, interviews, lectures and other activities. When the brain works "happy" (Information Center and Publication Bureau), "is life" (Kodansha), "why people love" (PHP Research Institute
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Generation of the opening speech called "brain science" is what
1 attention and heterosexual friendship is your true image
second bright, generous cultural
3 man woman,
fourth people die not in sexual problems graduated
fifth speaking to forging "sex" and "brain"
generation end whole life career is "men and women"
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