Green apple, red apple

Date of publication:2008-1   Press: Higher Education Press   Author:Wu Shaoyi   Pages´╝Ü164  

Green apple, red apple University: "endogenous" published by higher education press.
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A blank area in case the first intimate contact "teacher, I'm not a good boy" growth trace grow in love story on knowledge linking up one's sleeve camp supplementary reading reading suggestions two one solo three this pear four why born male (female) children five lipstick man six broken glass hovering around seven the eight silent cry nine loving me, hit me in the dark @##@ ten phantom of the Opera This book will sexual attention of college students and the broader sense of society, with knowledge about sex of behavior science, the life of an instance analysis mentality, solves the university student about universal existence problems in life. The author is not to write a person, also is not to deliberately wrote so offbeat and so rare, because this is a kind of existence, people in this "existence" state is very painful. Many people because of ignorance and suffering great pain and pressure, because of ignorance and give us the most precious gift of nature of life, they need only a few or even a little knowledge we can prevent and avoid such things from happening, but the author is to the point of not learned without teacher, not too popular display knowledge to readers.
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