• To guard against AIDS

    AIDS is the most serious in modern history of plague. From the discovery of the date of 20 years, nearly 30000000 people had died of AIDS around the world, about 40000000 people are infected with HIV, there are tens of thousands of people to become the new HIV infections worldwide every day. In such a grim situation, you should be vigilant, ai,

  • New health reading

    In order to let will marry young men and women have a physiological and psychological preparation, expected the couple through the book learning, can make life more happy marriage; "eugenics" is each couple are very concerned about the issue, "the health" (Fourth Edition) "provides readers eugenics more line,

  • Sexual health knowledge of 150 Q

    "Sexual health knowledge of 150 asked" to understand, explain profound theories in simple language, concise and practical question and answer form, introduced from the health and health care, elderly and disabled until the young adults, and expounds the specific methods how to contraception, birth control, birth, birth of health knowledge, and proposed the health of,

  • Medicine, for the love of gas

    This book tries to understand, be lively and vivid language, these drugs commonly used knowledge of pharmacology, misunderstandings may arise possible adverse reactions and drug use in practice to introduce readers to the system. The reader through the amateur leisure time leisure reading, get medication sublimation of concept, enhance our knowledge of medicine. ,

  • Diet therapy of frigidity

    "Dietotherapy" frigidity "by experts on diet is one of the series", mainly introduces the medicinal therapeutic cold talk, after the introduction of the medicinal ingredients, preparation method, eat at the same time, highlight the expert prompts, clearly pointed out that food source, taste, return type, taboos, function characteristics. Read this book, readers,

  • Diet therapy in male infertility

    "Diet of male infertility therapy" is "by experts on diet books", mainly introduces the diet for the treatment of male infertility, is divided into three parts, first introduced the basic knowledge of diet; and then focuses on the diet therapy of male infertility caused by different reasons; finally, accompanied by some organs of the disease involved,

  • Feng brother said.

    Sexual health, Feng brother said: health, ISBN:9787540677138, author: Zhang Feng,

  • Infertility problems

    "The main content of infertility problems": according to statistics, in all infertility, cause female factors, accounting for about 40%; those caused by male factors, accounting for about 30% of both men and women; caused factors, accounting for about 20%; unexplained, about 10%. Studies have shown that, the proportion of male infertility,

  • The diet therapy.

    "Dietotherapy" impotence "by experts on diet is one of the series", mainly introduces the medicinal treatment of impotence, in each diet ingredients, preparation method, eat, effect at the same time, highlighted the expert prompts, clearly pointed out that food source, flavor, food, function characteristics. Read the "impotence,

  • Health family diet

    This book describes the sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, seminal emission, pure, strong, Koro, infertility, infertility and menopause syndrome and other diseases of the conditioning diet. Each diet according to the formula, manufacturing, use, efficacy, indications are expounded. The diet formula is simple, convenient, and can be used for the patients to choose,,

  • Feng brother said.

    Sexual health, Feng brother said: sexual health, ISBN:9787540677152, author: Zhang Feng,

  • Sexual health theme reading card

    Sexual health theme reading card, ISBN:9787509135853, author: Li Li et al,

  • Emission treatment Ba method

    "Emission treatment method is one of the" eight "sex therapy series", mainly according to the different clinical symptoms, according to TCM, treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, food, porridge, tea etc.. Emission from delusion fail, too, with fire, water, water and fire burns your kidney bad, Xin Ming disjoint caused by emotion,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of syphilis

    This book the latest literatures, combined with the author's many years of clinical experience and research results, introduces systematically the basic theory of syphilis and clinical diagnosis technology. The book has 32 chapters, mainly including syphilis helicoid structure, biological characteristics and pathogenesis, epidemiology, immunology and pathology of syphilis study,

  • Sexual health education

    "Health education" aims to the public on the popularization of scientific knowledge, promote and maintain their sexual psychology, sexual physiology health, development and improve social civilization and sexual ethics, culture positive sentiment, improve and perfect personality, to ensure social stability, harmony, civilization to. Caine,

  • Venereal disease

    "Venereal disease" divided "early self check", "sexually transmitted diseases and diseases of the sexual organs" and "rehabilitation and prevention" in three parts. Venereal diseases are self inspection method, the sexual organs and venereal disease treatment, rehabilitation nursing of ten chapters are described. "Venereal disease" by the Jinan University publishing house,

  • Cultivate children's super conscious learning ability

    "Cultivate children super conscious learning ability" content brief introduction: real learning should be active. Rather than a passive. Learners in addition to the memory of knowledge, but also to think with head, hands to practice, to experience the heart. Learning is a process of discovery, but the real subject in this process is the only child,

  • The side of the "Ai" love story

    "Introduction to the side of the" Ai "love story" content: AIDS is currently no effective cure, high mortality rate of infectious diseases. Since twentieth Century 80 the world's first case of AIDS, AIDS makes rapid rate in the global rapid spread and popular, for human survival and development and social progress. Yan,

  • Happy brain science

    Happy brain science, this book focuses on the relationship between sex hormones and brain food. ,

  • Sexual health lecture fifteen

    This book brings together the Peking University Health Science Center study some teachers, doctors and related education staff, including sexual anatomy, childhood sexual health, sexual health, youth sexual health, sexual health, marriage period senile sexual health, sexual disorders, sexual health disorders, masturbation, homosexuality theme topic,

  • Feng brother said.

    Growth, start, from the moment of fertilization, with one's life. The physiological and psychological growth also every hour and moment not and life activities. "Growth" a book from the angle of physiological, psychological and level, about the mystery of sex, answer to many people for sexual confusion, guide parents treat children,

  • Sexual dysfunction of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment of manual double effect

    "Sexual dysfunction of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of double manual" consists of 8 chapters, including: "sex", "sexual dysfunction of basic knowledge", "the principles and methods of the treatment of sexual dysfunction" etc.. ,

  • Science and education

    "Science and education" (Second Edition) includes sexual organs, sexual physiology and sexual health, sexual development, sexual transmitted diseases, sexual psychology, sexual morality and sexual crime, education, and introduces the health, family planning and other knowledge of eugenics. "Science and education" and focus on the education about sexual health of adolescents,

  • Impotence treatment Ba method

    "The main content of impotence treated eight law": Chinese medicine that causes impotence, mainly due to sex too, loss of kidney essence and; due to aging and ailing, deficiency of kidney qi and; due to lack of innate endowment, early marriage and; due to sudden encounter panic, kidney damage caused; because of Si Lao too, consumption of heart and spleen, Qi and blood biochemical without,

  • STD 510 how to do

    Venereal disease is caused by a kind of infectious disease through sexual contact, the whole world has occurred, not only the disease more, popular, and has great harm, has become a serious social and public health problem in the world today. The book written by experts in the Department of Dermatology of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, collective STD center, no.,

  • The man sex expert system

    Author of the "man sex experts plan" one book, to help male friends understand and male disease, attention to male reproductive health, and comprehensively improve the quality of life of male friend, make life more beautiful, let the family more harmonious. "Man sex expert project" a book with a strong knowledge of,

  • The application of functional food - Yang Ziyin. Eugenics.

    This book from the factor analysis, the 74 kinds of food with Yang, nourishing Yin, the role of the students, and the damage of food and drug on sexual function, cause and inhibition of fetal malformation: discussed the influence of various factors on sexual and reproductive health, and points out that selectively take food and drug related, not,

  • Sexual health 550 questions

    Suzihe social hardship, economic development, promote health knowledge has become a widespread concern and needs, education be imperative. The book is mainly collected throughout the newspaper articles about knowledge, help solve the readers attention and need to solve sexual problems. ,

  • Anti - "Ai" general mobilization

    Brief introduction of "AIDS prevention general mobilization" content: AIDS is currently no effective cure, high mortality rate of infectious diseases. Since twentieth Century 80 the world's first case of AIDS, AIDS makes rapid rate in the global rapid spread and popular, pose a serious threat to human survival and development and the social progress,,

  • Male hypersexuality treatment Ba method

    "The main content and hypersexuality treatment of eight law": modern medicine in the "nerve excitement in" refers to the traditional Chinese medicine in the "Yang Qiang syndrome". The disease is mainly cortical inhibitory control disorders of sexual excitement and sexual, namely inhibition relative weakening process, and the exciting process increase relatively, resulting in corpus cavernosum penis abnormalities,

  • Sex and love password

    "Password" and love will take you into a comprehensive understanding of the world, love and youth sexual love. The first is the world, mainly to understand: what is the difference and animal human nature? What is the value? Boys adolescent girls how to understand and protect themselves? The second part is the gender,

  • In elderly care

    "Elderly health" the book is divided into knowledge introduction, age-related physiological and adjustment, common disease in middle-aged and old people and life, in senile mental health, middle-aged common associated disease prevention, old common therapeutic method of Tonifying the kidney in six parts. The content of the novel, writing concise, practical method, for readers,,

  • Sexual medicine

    "The main content of national higher school textbooks of Medicine:", is one of the biological characteristics of the most basic human, is the basic element of life and health and happiness. Health is not only related to the person's quality of life and the harmony and happiness of family, but also related to the harmony of the whole society and civilization, is an important symbol of social progress,

  • The perinatal health care

    "Premarital care" reviews the new concept of marriage in the health service, starting from the basic reproductive health, discusses the significance and connotation of premarital medical examination, counseling and health education, puts forward the premarital medical examination in the genetic disease, common infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, male and female reproductive system diseases and heavy,

  • Green apple, red apple

    "Green apple red apple University: endogenous sex" the attention of college students and the broader sense of society, with knowledge about sex of behavior science, the life of an instance analysis mentality, solves the university student about universal existence problems in life. The author is not to write a person, also is not to deliberately,

  • A foreign woman

    This book is dedicated to be above the woman and the man you love. Believe no matter men or women, this book will bring you a wealth of information and a lot of help. When your friends need to understand the health, sex, marriage and other related information, please also have a look this book. More understanding, more ",

  • Male disease and health

    "The male disease and health" to the popular words, revealing the man's "privacy", carries on the introduction to the male common diseases and sexual health knowledge, simply to judge and solve common which it would be awkward to disclose the man. ,

  • Functional treatment

    Although people are interested in the topic, but in our society, about sexual dysfunction problems, we are not accustomed to public discussion. If sexual function problems, only their own exploration. Ordinary people on sexual dysfunction and lack of knowledge, even the medical staff for training in this respect is not much,,

  • Premature ejaculation treatment of Ba method

    "The main content of premature ejaculation treatment of eight method": premature ejaculation and impotence, spermatorrhea accompanied and see, by the lack of innate endowment, frail, deficiency of kidney qi and; due to emotional upset, depressed and fire, disturbance caused by fine room; room service is excessive, or masturbation not section, give up completely to natural impulse damage Yin fine, yin deficiency and fire disturbance caused 旺内 essence room;,

  • Science and China traditional cultivation

    [content abstract] book, this is the first in-depth study of 'China relationship between traditional cultivation and scientific' academic works. The hard years of research found the science of ancient Chinese secret. Discipline is the traditional Chinese. The book not only introduces the achievements of the western scientific psychology,

  • AIDS

    Vulnerability and coping in adolescents: strategy and the theory of practice, "AIDS: vulnerability and coping in adolescents: strategy and practice" is the out of school youth AIDS vulnerable innovation strategy and the theory and practice of sociology and Anthropology on aids. The content includes strategy development project practice related theory and technology and various challenges in the background. The book,

  • The body of those things

    Amphoteric volumes, "the body those things:" the essence of "gender volume selected family doctor" years of popular medical science articles; close to the hot topic in society -- on the diet, those things sleep and fitness; strong practicability, each article will teach you an operational body maintenance tips; each article equipped with instructive and summary,

  • Effects of boron pollution on male reproductive health

    "B" pollution effects on male reproductive health comprehensive scientific data the main outcome of the study team and a large number of authors, completed the first draft, and made a number of changes. In 2007 November submitted "abbreviation" boron pollution effects on male reproductive health of this, through the appraisal expert. Especially.

  • Strong kidney health exercises

    "Strong kidney health care" launched "strong kidney health care", is designed for the solution of male sexual health problems. Scientific investigation shows, China Men's sexual health, are falling, appeared earlier in recession, sexual inadequacy, reduced semen quality etc.. The book introduced the "strong kidney health exercises,

  • Research on adolescent sexual health education

    "Research" adolescent sexual health education is through questionnaire investigation and the Beijing city nearly 10000 students author and nearly one thousand students after the interview, the Chinese adolescent sexual health education of some of the results from the adolescent sexual behavior, knowledge development characteristics, cognitive status, sexual difficulties coping style party,

  • Do you want any contraception

    You want to contraception? You want to get rid of contraceptive failure to bring the pain? A book for you to provide comprehensive and detailed method of contraception contraception, tailor-made for you the menu, choose your choice, harmonious and happy marriage life. With the development of the times, contraception is no longer what mystery, all kinds of new,

  • Reproductive health knowledge

    "The people's Republic of China Law on maternal and infant health care" "the people's Republic of China Law on maternal and infant health care measures for the implementation of the" clear "women's health policy focus on health care, health care and clinical combination, to reproductive health, community oriented, people-oriented, prevention". The reproductive health as a state of law, is give,

  • The sex life of Yue to health

    The sex life of Yue Yue "the sex life of health, health (popular version)" pointed out: the omnipresent in life. Different people have different views on sex. The mathematics department said: don't turn off the light, otherwise I can't find your three point coordinates. Economics department person said: you are my supply, I am your demand. Department of civil engineering, say: I can filling,

  • Sexual health know-all

    "The main content of sexual health know-all:" spend a expert registration money, please experts to serve you. The 1 book brings together over 20 best-selling essence and video, 20 seconds to find out the health knowledge, 3000 kinds of books for you to read, provide massive query 400000000 databases, 500 leading medical institutions,

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