Women's sleep.

Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Shandong science and Technology Press   Author:(day) Shibui Kayo, (Japan), Endo Takuro, Zhang Linyi   Pages´╝Ü153  

If you have trouble? Difficulty sleeping, wake up early in the morning the night frequently, wake up, wake up after the discomfort, lack of sleep during the day and satisfaction, sleepy, sleep snoring, nightmare...... And the other?
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The vitality and the vigor is the basic requirement, in order to achieve this point, the most important is the morning sun. If the night before sleep, toss and turn restlessly, after getting up in the morning there will be a lack of sleep, want to sleep ~ while some sleep. Especially in the body is not easy to warm up, but do not want to leave the nest. But to sleep at night, to force yourself out of bed. Try to wake up at the same time, if really sleepy words, can wait for the morning after the end of the work, the midday nap. Through a balanced diet to enhance the body in the diet, the most important is the balanced nutrition, including for example Steamed Rice staple food and vegetables. The staple food of sugar (carbohydrates) can provide energy for the body, is essential. The protein can lay the foundation for the promotion of body temperature. Provide materials root vegetables, ginger and pepper for body temperature. Hot drinks, juice, vegetables to thicken the soup also has thermal effect. Particular attention to is, before bedtime, do not drink cold drinks and beverages containing caffeine. You can drink Hot Milk, hot wheat tea or ginger, orange peel soaked in water to drink. To do gymnastics, ease muscle soreness with deficiency cold syndrome of winter, needless to say, in the air conditioning in summer will feel cold, and can cause shoulder pain and muscle pain, stiffness and other symptoms. In this case, can do some stretching gymnastics, ease muscle soreness symptom, and try not to always keep the same posture. Sit after an hour to stand up and take a walk, exercise pain, stiff position. Just shake hands, stretch can also promote blood circulation. Tight clothing and fitness pants tight body underwear will affect blood circulation. In addition to the need to dress up for the occasion, usually try not to wear tight underwear. Comfortably warm bubble bath before going to bed, a bath with deficiency cold syndrome of the people, is one of the essential bedtime ritual. Comfortably warm bubble bath, the body feel warm and comfortable, contribute to the body and mind relax, nature can easily fall asleep. Bath, can use hot towel wrap shoulders, just let the chest below the bulbs into the bathtub, wash a bath, the body slowly. Take a shower or tub outside in the hair, to prevent the indoor cold air invasion, can prepare a hot water barrel or pot, put your foot on it, which can effectively alleviate the body cold symptoms. When sleeping off the electric blanket some can't sleep in the body chills, will cover several layers of quilt, but the body pressure too heavy things, will be more difficult to fall asleep. In fact, pay attention to the waist and back warm can effectively prevent the body chills. Should try to use high heat preservation performance quilt or bedding. When the weather is cold with the blanket effect is good, the night into the bed, will feel warm, comfortable, but the use of time will run counter to one's desire. People sleep when the body temperature should be decreased, but the long time use of electric blanket, the temperature can not be reduced, it is difficult to enter deep sleep. And because the temperature is not reduced, will consume energy to the body, the body cannot rest. Therefore, the use of electric blanket, should advance open before going to bed, the quilt warm, sleep shut. If you do not use electric blanket, can use the drier for bedding before going to bed, open for 10 minutes, remove the moisture can make bedding, bedding warm. Also can use the hot water bag, shangpozi stuff, put the waist is sleeping in the quilt on the position, preheat, sleeping on the pedal in the foot, the effect is also good. P90-92
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