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Date of publication:2008-8   Press: Peking University Medical Press   Author:Wang Linhong, Zhao 更力 editor   Pages:304  

With the arrival of twenty-first Century, in the face of China's reform and opening up and modernization construction of the new situation, the new tasks, the development of women's health in China must have a higher goal and a faster pace. In order to adapt to the new situation of the teaching work, editor of the textbook, content mainly includes: the development of women's health, women's health infrastructure, basic overview of reproductive health, women's life including health content and focus on the different stages of childhood, puberty, marriage, pregnancy, birth control during the period, menopause, also includes common gynecological diseases, social factors, occupation and environment factors impact on women's health and health care, also in view of the existing mobile population, the problem of domestic violence were particularly described. This textbook provides basic knowledge of health and women's life groups individual health care, also added the content of new knowledge, new technology and development direction in future. Not only can be used for teaching in higher medical education as a textbook, also can be used as working women's health care workers reference books.
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Yan Renying, China perinatal care of mother, was born in November 26, 1913, 1940 received a doctorate in Peking Union Medical College, 91 year old. Is the director of China's famous department of gynaecology and obstetrics, women health experts, Beijing Medical University, Peking University professor of women and children health center, director of WHO maternity child health care research and training cooperation center, Chinese care director member of Expert Committee of the next generation Committee, chairman of the Department of health of maternal and child health expert advisory committee, honorary director of the center for Disease Control China honorary president of Peking University Hospital.
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The first chapter is the introduction section for women's health, women's health importance of introduction, the importance of the two women's health second women's health development, the development history of Chinese women's health two, international women's health development section third maternal and child health care system construction, China's maternal and child health administrative organizations and specialized agencies two, women's health the physician's basic ability requirement in section fourth, reproductive health and women's health, reproductive health, reproductive health survey two three, the importance of reproductive health and women's health fifth maternal and child health care related laws and regulations, maternal and child health legal system construction in the course of two, women's health regulations three, maternal and infant health care law four, other relevant laws and regulations in chapter second girls the first section outlines the definition of a health care, two, purpose and significance of the second day girls development main characteristic, physical growth and development two, neural and psychological development three, development of reproductive system in section third girls phase of common gynecological diseases, reproductive tract inflammation two, genital injury in three, genital tumor in four, genital abnormalities And deformity in five, precocious puberty girls fourth day period health points, health care, prevention of common diseases in three, two, four, third chapter education nutrition guidance adolescent reproductive health and health care in the first section outlines the second physiological characteristics, morphology, function and development of three two, four five, endocrine changes in sexual development, affecting the growth of factors on the development of the third psychological development characteristics, self consciousness development two, cognitive development, social development of three four five, psychological development, psychological development contradiction six, different period of teenagers psychological development characteristics of fourth physiological health and health, female reproductive system health two, breast health section fifth psychological health and health, mental health, psychological health standard two, standard three to promote mental health problems and health care measures in section sixth, a common physiological problems and diseases in two, three, the common psychological problems of common mental health problems...... The fourth chapter and fifth chapter of premarital care maternal health care health during the seventh chapter sixth chapter contraception menopause health chapter eighth common gynecological disease prevention chapter ninth social factors and health care of women in Chapter tenth, environmental and reproductive health eleventh chapter English occupation and reproductive health in the twelfth chapter of woman health information management professional vocabulary index
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The importance of the first chapter first women's health, women's health study of a women's health study (Women 's health care) is the study of women's physiological and psychological development and function of protection, disease prevention, and promote women's health of a discipline, refers to the protection of the female reproductive organs of girls period begin, through the health development of reproductive system organ and function of the reproductive system of puberty, maturity and maternal childbearing age, reproductive function recession until menopause and old age, including the female physiology, diseases and disorders, research and health care effects on women's health, psychological, social and environmental factors. Women's health is through long-term practice of maternal and child health care and the multidisciplinary participation, health oriented, taking the community as the object, a new subject development, the main research in the female life in different periods of psychological, physiological, social characteristics and health care demand; Study on the influence of the various risk factors in women health biological, psychological, social, environmental and other aspects of the study of women's health hazards; all kinds of common disease, epidemiology, risk factors and preventive measures; research is advantageous to the appropriate technology to improve prevention and care quality; research is conducive to the promotion of women's health care measures and management methods.
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