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Date of publication:2010-10   Press: The people of Jiangsu   Author:Qin Wenmin   Pages´╝Ü208  

Ask yourself and your female friend, who did not have disease of Department of gynaecology hurt? Some people living under the shadow of the body in which it would be awkward to disclose, pain, psychological inferiority, see a doctor, used a lot of medicine, even a time in the Internet posting, but the end result is unsatisfactory...... Obstetrics and gynecology doctors
book by a has many years of clinical experience in writing. In view of common gynecological diseases affect many women's life, she not only tell you seek correct guiding ideology and methods, but also to share with you the general doctor won't tell you the common disease of Department of gynaecology family self conditioning program: including acupuncture, massage, cupping, Chinese medicine conditioning, diet, especially simple, convenient, effective, worry.
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Qin Wenmin, Jiangsu Xuzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine gynecology of tcm. Graduated from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, a doctorate in medicine from Professor Luo Songping, famous expert of Department of gynaecology.
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Objective to your body forever fragrant
first chapter: why love sick body wet, cold, heat and bad emotions more than
leucorrhea is abnormal, is the "wet" blame
wet evil is not the exception, mold: mold to remove effectively adjust treatment
menstrual diseases: cold body.
quick, the easiest way to recruit two
the bad mood and bad habits will lead to disease of what Department of gynaecology
how many bad habits, will have many gynecological diseases.
second chapters go on holiday happy: female physiology period related problems and treatment method of
premenstrual breast distending pain modulating method
premenstrual insomnia treatment from regulating

menstrual dysmenorrhea far you must pay attention to some details of
retrograde menstruation regulating method
amenorrhea adjustable treatment
intermenstrual bleeding adjusting treatment
menstrual clip blood clots do
leucorrhea too little regulation method
metrorrhagia adjustable treatment
period headache treatment method
menstrual vomiting adjustable treatment
menstrual oral ulcer treatment method
menstrual cold treatment method
third chapter protect your garden of Eden: related problems of female uterus and modulating method
repeated abortion, infertility is to pay
Palace The cervical erosion, not dreaded
with polycystic ovary syndrome, please seize the chance of pregnancy.
ovulation disorders, acupuncture to help
don't regret the fallopian tube obstruction.
ignored infertility push: pelvic inflammatory
why bosom not children: ovarian chocolate cyst.
what factors can cause infertility.
ectopic pregnancy must be careful ah
thought his wife was having an affair, she suffered from endometriosis of ovary
old originally, people on the old
don't let the myoma of uterus to scare yourself
fourth chapter: defend breast problems related to female breast and the treatment method of non
lactation, lactation phenomenon appears to do
mammary gland hyperplasia is a benign
got acute mastitis is
arm has a hard lump (two) to do
fifth chapter one disease, two people suffer: female pregnancy related problems and treatment method of
pharmacodynamics: abdominal pain the most important treatment method
anemia during pregnancy may lead to child hypoxia: anemia in pregnancy adjustable treatment
pregnancy leg cramps how
eliminates the striae gravidarum, don't bother the doctor
no freckle products can dispel spot
pregnancy after pregnancy Body itch to do
pregnancy constipation, what kind of treatment method dietotherapy and acupuncture regulating treatment
the safest
pregnancy stranguria do
cough from pregnancy early pregnancy nausea and vomiting do
edema of pregnancy, diet adjustable
sixth chapters concern for children, but also care about yourself: post partum disease control method
postpartum galactorrhea do
you will confinement.
postpartum alopecia is a temporary physiological phenomenon of
postpartum hypogalactia fastest adjustable treatment
gynecologist effective delactation experience
uterine prolapse treated
postpartum depression to this kind of treatment. Methods
home treatment of postpartum retention of urine
postpartum sweating, roots in the "virtual"

postpartum lochia postpartum lochia do not do
treating postpartum body pain have many good methods of
Qi deficiency, blood stasis:
bird's nest usage and efficacy of
donkey hide gelatin usage and curative effect of
usage and curative effect of Angelica sinensis the culprit
seventh chapter woman postpartum haemorrhage in the necessary ingredients and herbal
motherwort of usage and curative effect of
longan pulp usage and curative effect of
medlar usage and curative effect of
vinegar with law and
placenta usage and curative effect of
Cordyceps usage and curative effect of
Polygonatum usage and curative effect of
Shouwu usage and curative effect of
dateplum persimmon usage and curative effect of
Xiaoyao Pill of usage and curative effect of
postscript to the world women can benefit from
Appendix 1 common gynecological diseases and control methods of
Appendix 2 female common food ingredients list
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: soybean protein content than the rich, is not only conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, also can supplement calcium and prevention of osteoporosis and other effects. However, everything is not absolute, not all are suitable to eat soy foods, suffering from uterine leiomyoma women in particular should be careful to eat bean products. Uterine leiomyoma is the most common benign tumor, in 30 ~ 50 years old women of childbearing age, there are about 20% people suffering from myoma of uterus. A large number of clinical observation and realThe experimental results confirmed: uterine fibroids stimulated by estrogen and growth, in the high estrogen environment in the growth of uterine fibroids especially. Unhealthy eating habits, such as drinking strong Coffee, a large number of long-term consumption of soy products, such as smoking, excessive pressure, endocrine disorders, anger, sad spirit. As a result of the artificial abortion, intrauterine residual chorionic cells and other factors may cause uterine leiomyoma. Therefore, changes in eating habits, is the first line of defense to prevent uterine leiomyoma. In the diet, should eat less or eat legume food in, especially soybeans and soy products. Because there is a kind of can regulate the levels of estrogen isoflavones, soy and soy products, structure of soybean isoflavone and estrogen similar, called "phytoestrogens", can produce estrogen like effect, long-term use of excessive consumption can cause environmental high estrogen, induce or promote the growth of uterine leiomyoma. The friend asked me if I have to have the operation. I said no, but, first, she had to change the habit of drinking Soybean Milk, up to a week to drink a Soybean Milk, but do not add sugar. Second she can choose traditional Chinese medicine therapy. Chinese medicine is generally start from regulating qi and blood, blood stasis Sanjie, a comprehensive adjustment of endocrine, improve microcirculation, clearance in vivo deposition, eliminate uterine leiomyoma. How to do: Traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine therapy of uterine leiomyoma with regulating uterine fibroids have mainly two kinds of one one Guizhifuling capsule and capsule of Miya Shi. Guizhi Fuling Capsule is improved form the Han Dynasty Zhang Zhongjing Guizhi Fuling pill prescription drug composition, two are same, with blood clots, applicable to all types of especially in patients with uterine myoma. Miya Shi capsule in the treatment of uterine fibroids clinical dedicated, with blood stasis, eliminating effect and bulk product, nourishing yin and clearing heat and blood stasis, can be used for uterine fibroids significantly. Leiomyoma of the uterus induced menorrhagia, menostaxis symptoms have obvious improvement effect, and the shrinkage of tumor role. My friend Xiao Qi is almost 30 years old only to children, but always not pregnant. Check after the discovery, a few small uterine fibroids in her body, the biggest is 1cm * 2cm. This small fibroids without operation, but also affect fertility. What shall I do? I suggested that she eat Guizhi Fuling Capsule, 3 capsules each time, 3 times daily, during menstruation stopped, adhere to three months. Guizhi Fuling Capsule is a Chinese patent medicine, during the course of medication can not contraception. Uterine fibroids Xiaoqi three months after taking a little, to the time of fourth months, she told me pregnant happily! Later she gave birth to a lovely boy, uterine leiomyoma is very small. In addition, there are several other treatment of uterine fibroids in medicine, drug clearance can diet. The following describes several treatment methods. Method: take julisanjie tablet. It has a gas line, soft and hard and astringent, Yiqi Huoxue Xiaoyu role of qi stagnation and blood stasis, used for uterine fibroids, uterine leiomyoma with breast hyperplasia disease. Method two: take Pingxiao capsule. It with blood stasis Sanjie, analgesic, heat clearing and detoxifying, rousing effect, so it is clinically used in health than deficiency blood stasis syndrome patients. Method three: Rhubarb DHZCP capsule. It had strong, suitable for physical fitness and stronger, congestion significantly in patients with uterine leiomyoma. Method four: boiled Xiaoliu eggs, the egg 2, Chinese 5, 9 grams of Rhizoma Curcumae house lizard. Add 400 grams of water boiled eggs cooked, peeled, to cook, to abandon medicine to eat an egg, take 1 times every night. Sanjie pain, chills and surprised, suitable for patients with uterine leiomyoma with qi stagnation and blood stasis.
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"The family of gynecological manuals" comprehensive, get rid of the interpretation of pure theory textbook, subversion of the previous theory and prescription only, no effect no verification chemists method model, not only can let the woman to find women disease, his conditioning woman disease, but also through the method in the book, the woman disease prevention. After reading "the family Department of gynaecology manual", you will know more about the disease of Department of gynaecology. With gynecological knowledge to medical care, not afraid of being unscrupulous doctors intimidation, flicker, can master the method is simple, and can cure the symptoms of their operations at home.
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