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Menarche is coming, the female life health of the fork in the road, is also a female friend to improve the physique, body shape, positive towards the opportunity for health. The menstrual cycle condition is good or not, has close relationship with women's health conditions. Female physiology period dependency time accounted for about half of life, therefore, women should not only have the correct physiological knowledge, more be happy to cooperate with physiological period, if we can make good use of physiological period to restore his health, is the best way to prevent aging, maintenance of the body. The concept of health, diet is always the very important role, from the so-called "medicine food homology" this sentence can prove that, this is a recommended book, hope that through this book, let every female friend in the physiological period each month, can spend a happy and healthy.

Women from puberty to menopause menopause menstrual cramps so far, about 35 years to get along with the menstrual cycle. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that women are "Yin", and "Yin", so the blood of women with blood, and their physiological characters as the key to menstruation, menstrual regulation and is not moved, can reflect the women's health, therefore, very important to women's health is menstruation. "Physiological period to 100 strokes" user-friendly, the symptoms and the common problems of female physiology cycle is easy to occur, and provide maintenance of life Tao and drug, related acupoint massage, common sense, can let the reader to maintenance, easy to face every menstrual cycle, no longer a "good friend" trouble.
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The first known physiological period why physiological menstrual period and which organs related physiological cycle and change what is the basis for the break temperature abnormal signal to medical attention to obstetrics and Gynecology Obstetrics and Gynecology most often do check what is PMS why good friend does not come tardy why dysmenorrhea through output much to worry about it can lead to anemia does menstruation irregular menstruation can cause infertility do dysmenorrhea painkillers hormone therapy for do you have side effects of physiological period before menopause menstrual breast pain will change second pieces of life care article living habits affect the physiological period to the rest of the physiological smoother physiological period can be a shampoo too sedentary easily lead to physiological period before and after the easy dysmenorrhea cold physiological period for sexual behavior physiology period to the attention of health problems require the use of cleaning products, it can be extended by or urge classics do physiological period of the breast is the most effective to use physiological period of skin pressure influence your physiological period to pre menstrual mood is especially bad sleep bad to worse physiological period of physiological period how to dress hot compress can alleviate physiological pain does not take medicine to relieve PMS bath soothing physiological period of discomfort after marriage dysmenorrhea can better use of fine Oil to improve the menstrual discomfort third diet recuperation article how to eat helps physiological smooth how to use physiological period slimming soybean is the best food for women during physiological calcium supplement vitamin B group. The physiological period smoothly physiological period to supplement magnesium physiological period to add more vitamin C vitamin E can relieve premenstrual symptoms of discomfort of vitamin K improve menses dysmenorrhoea can add health care products to eat fish on physiological period is very helpful for Vegetable & Fruit physiological period what to eat whole grains can ease menstrual discomfort physiological period for drink ginger soup seaweed food beneficial physiological period before classics can drink herbal tea physiological period more intake of foods containing iron physiology period more intake of food can be prevented by glial burdock before the Chinese yam can eliminate indigestion constipation bananas can prevent PMS physiological period do not eat salty folk dietary aftercare physiological period not fat you eat sweets menstrual period is not suitable to eat food drink and smoke on physiological period of not got cold food will cause physical pain to eat spicy food can cause dysmenorrhea do self physiological period simple tea fourth traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine to article how easily lead to menstrual disorder menstrual disorders decoration quality physical pain can massage acupoints can massage acupuncture points adjustment The physiological period of abdominal distension can massage the acupoint physiology edema can massage acupoints backache can massage the acupoint physiology period headache can massage acupoints chest pain can massage the acupuncture points of physiological diarrhea can massage the acupuncture point massage the soles of the feet can cure anemia, soup how to eat to effective Siwu Decoction is disease of Department of gynaecology medicine Herba Leonuri can treat dysmenorrhoea what prescription Angelica can cure menstrual disorder buxuetiaojing Salvia miltiorrhiza can keep blood to tranquilize the nerves Turmeric can Huoxue Zhitong menstrual disorders can eat Rhizoma Chuanxiong safflower can Huoxue Tongjing donkey hide gelatin can Ziyin Tiaojing Cyperus can regulate menstruation pain physical pain can eat Moutan Taoren can treat amenorrhea cinnamon can alleviate dysmenorrhea Aiye Secretary to the treatment of menorrhagia purple Hu can Shugan analgesia Corydalis can regulate menstruation fifth exercise care articles and exercise can prevent physical pain walking can balance hormone secretion Shu Sui dysmenorrhea Yoga improve menstrual discomfort relaxation exercises before going to bed to do what soothing gymnastics sit exercise to prevent physical discomfort
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Illustration: a "good friend" to report the girl every month, not girls think 1 times a month, entangled life period is in big trouble, in fact, menstruation comes or not, it is important to you is really! Menstruation represents the girl turned adult girls from birth, ovarian have many immature primary follicles, in a dormant state before puberty. In adolescence, hypothalamus pituitary secretion will command a gonad stimulating hormone, the ovarian follicle maturation and awakening, will produce a large amount of estrogen, endometrial thickening, preparing for the implantation of a fertilized ovum. The ovary releases an egg for fertilization, the row over the egg follicles secrete progesterone, the nutrient stored in the thickening of the endometrium, the fertilized egg arrangement for a more comfortable environment. If not be fertilized eggs, or the will to uterine mobile. Can not play the role of the endometrium, the secretion of estrogen, progesterone luteal atrophy with reduced, will be loosing spalling of endometrial and unfertilized eggs, blood, tissues and other secretions, by vaginal discharge, form menstruation. The women in the reproductive period, at a certain time, the uterus will appear phenomena of bleeding, menstruation is "". At the time the egg life women differ from man to man, average between 11 to 14 years of age. But in a few years after menarche, menstruation is often not the rule, often without oviposit menstruation. After a few years, until the menstrual cycle, period, classics quantity tends to be stable, the anovulatory menstrual to ovulation, then entered the mature period, is the best time to pregnancy, production. After 35 years of age, ovarian function gradually decreased after 45 years old, not women entering menopause. At this time the ovaries degenerate, will experience menstrual disorders, until menopause stage, "good friends" officiallySay good bye to you.
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"Physiological period to 100 strokes": female physiology period practical living nursed back to health book. What is the PMS? Pressure will lead to physiological cycle disorder? How should the blood physiological period? How to alleviate dysmenorrhea discomfort?
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