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Menopause is the female ovarian function gradually decline from the vigorous state to a transition period disappeared completely, Chinese medicine called "perimenopausal syndrome". Menopause is bound to experience before and after each menopausal and postmenopausal women, there may be changes in physiological and psychological aspects of a series of. Most women can smoothly through, but there are a few women with climacteric physiological and psychological changes in large, troubled by a series of symptoms, affect the physical and mental health, and even become the climacteric disease. Climacteric syndrome is a common and frequently occurring disease in elderly women. But because patients do not quite understand the interaction between the relationship between menopause menopause, drug drug and food and menopause drugs and other drugs; long-term use without understanding the medication time and correctly, excessive emphasis on the side effects of drugs, leading to the clinical phenomenon of irrational drug use, including not on time, according to dose of medication, missed or self reduction phenomena have occurred from time to time. To this period to allow each to menopausal women can smoothly through the life transition, this book for everyone here from the understanding of menopause, introduces the diagnosis, nursing homes and health related issues in the climacteric syndrome, focus on traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of menopausal syndrome patients care knowledge.

Menopause is very important in the female life stage, this time the female will have some changes in physiology and psychology. So, what is the menopause? What is the menopause syndrome? How to carry out the related family nursing and health care? How to prevent and cure menopause syndrome and its complications (such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular and other diseases after menopause)? This booklet through 103 questions, in a question and answer format and plain text is the answer, can help in the menopause the reader, also can be used for the medical staff to reference.
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To understand the syndrome in 1 menopausal and menopausal? What is the climacteric syndrome? 2? Menopause have what performance? 3? Why menopausal syndrome? 4? Menopause hormones have what change? 5? Menopause menstrual cycle will be what kind of changes? 6 climacteric reproductive system? What changes? Why is prone to vaginitis? With what symptom? How to prevent treatment? 7 why? Menopause skin itching? How to recuperate? 8? What is the vasomotor symptoms group? How to conditioning in life? 9? What are the neuropsychiatric symptoms of menopause? What is the reason? 10? After menopause prone to cardiovascular disease have? How should recuperate? 11? Why menopause increases the risk of cardiovascular disease? 12? Menopause female common tumors are there? How to treat and prevent? 13? What is the Chinese medicine pathogenesis of climacteric syndrome? What principles of treatment? 14? How traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation and treatment of menopausal syndrome? What is the reference prescription? -- osteoporosis after menopause cardiovascular treatment of climacteric family nursing and health care in the treatment of climacteric syndrome 061 climacteric syndrome and other complications of the disease prevention and treatment of reference
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Occupation women, work and speed up the pace of life, competition is intense, mental fatigue, long-term huge pressure plus physiological reasons, damage to human organs function, long will hurt the kidney, kidney essence loss, appear prematurely senile cases caused by premature menopause, women, cardiovascular disease incidence rate of increase. In addition, improper diet, eat Feiganhouwei, impairment of the spleen and the stomach, gasification disorders are also the important reasons. Menopausal women should first adjust the working state, emotion, do "Yunfeng", "though not to love", builds Yue Chi, broad-minded, to keep cheerful, struggle with optimism and menopause symptoms, to alleviate and reduce the psychological pressure, maintain the liver Qi Chang, Qi and blood circulation. Keep calm, accept the reasonable treatment. Regulation, self psychological self-control, strengthen self-cultivation, encountered do not easily get angry, unhappy, moderation, try to make yourself calm. To avoid the stimulation and excitement, take the initiative to unite around comrade, keep a harmonious family environment, so that they are in a good environment, life should be the law, to work and rest, in order to fundamentally control and reduce the incidence of this disease. Secondly, menopausal women serious symptoms for the occupation female, mental workers. Hope that all the parties and members of the family of social concern, care and understanding. Through conversation, explanation, suggesting, mood transfer and other means, do differ from man to man, in the light of its general trend, have a definite object in view to give advice.
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To guide the clinical rational drug use, develop a good habit, answering questions for you, help you out of the menopause.
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