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The female friends, with the advent of menstruation, hormone will have periodic variation. Hormone secretion from around the age of 50 began to decline, therefore the period, the female body and emotions are very prone to disorder. This man is not to see, is characteristic of women only. Female life, in addition to pregnancy (pregnancy), fertility, and there are many problems that they are worried, for example with each menstrual cycle, premenstrual tension syndrome (PMS), menstrual disorders, pregnancy, or by reducing the number of births, increased life periods, leading to the emergence of various diseases of uterus or ovary all of these make a modern woman, felt very troubled. There are no girl was active in social responsibility, increase caused by pressure or chronic fatigue syndrome. This change in lifestyle, let the depression, anorexia or bulimia, panic disorder of women is increasing, also increase the risk of disease from cervical cancer, breast cancer and so on. Modern women's health care, is the in-depth study of physical and psychological characteristics of different from male based, new medical specialty and the application of research results in disease prevention and treatment services. Modern people attach more importance to the overall health, which not only pay attention to the treatment and rehabilitation of sick, pay more attention to disease prevention and health promotion. "The female outpatient service" is specifically for women to provide health and disease consultation, promote social welfare institutions for women's health care knowledge to the public. Book for female friends often concerned about the disease, as well as unwell to visit, to visit and other troubles, organization "female outpatient" team of doctors, their clinical experience and gender related medical, overall health of the latest information, to understand the way was presented to a female friend. In the preparation process, we try to make the content more in tune with modern medical model, also make them conform to the modern woman's life pattern. This book can help your health, let you have a brand-new life be in good out of a bandbox, I will feel very happy. Women's health clinic, on Ginza 瑠璃 sub @##@ Ma "Graphic female medical encyclopedia" (the horse 瑠璃 Zi) for female friends often concerned about the disease, as well as unwell to visit, to visit and other troubles, organization "female outpatient" team of doctors, their clinical experience and gender related medical, whole medical of the latest information, to understand the the way was presented to a female friend. In the preparation process, we try to make the content more in tune with modern medical model, also make them conform to the modern woman's life pattern. This book can help your health, let you have a brand-new life be in good out of a bandbox, I will feel very happy.

The book begins with the female specific systemic and local symptoms, with clear inspection flow chart, to help readers find may develop diseases. Details of the disease and its performance, reasons, examination, diagnosis, treatment and prevention method of each kind of symptoms, help readers timely and effective medical diagnosis and treatment recommendations and related diseases, to avoid missing the disease treatment. This book is the prevention and health care and disease the majority of female friends of the popular books.
Author brief introduction

Women's health clinic / > Ginza obstetrician, Dean Dr.
the horse 瑠璃
was born in 1958 in Aomori prefecture.
in 1984 graduated from the Hirosaki University School of medicine. After working in the obstetrics and Gynecology Department of University of Tokyo School of medicine.
a former Tokyo Metropolitan bokutoh hospital Wei director of Obstetrics and Gynecology growing center, 2002 women's health clinic opened in Ginza. Opened in 2003, women's health care network, to explore women's psychology, the body from the whole, as well as the correlation with the society, for the maintenance of women's health very helpful.
in perinatology, reproductive immunology, to provide information and a variety of health promotion activities to promote women's health throughout the life cycle.
works include "public" and "female", "from the menopause before the start of new life", "the first female outpatient service" and other books.
Catalogue of books

Structure and function of
women of all ages the body opening women are susceptible to the disease.
modern female life state change of
female anatomy and physiological function of
the female hormone types and function of
the female specific
according to the symptoms observed symptoms may develop diseases of
correctly grasp the symptoms of
Chart01 menstrual disorders. (irregular menstruation, menopause)
primary amenorrhea.
secondary amenorrhea.
no sign
other disease
Chart02 menstrual disorders of the ovulatory menstrual
polycystic ovarian (severe dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia) < br > dysmenorrhea (menstrual difficulties)
adenomyosis uterine fibroids

other endometrial hyperplasia disease
Chart03 (before and after the menstrual disorder menstrual discomfort)
premenstrual tension syndrome (PMS)

Chart04 other diseases of abnormal bleeding (
dysfunctional uterine bleeding)

uterine cervical carcinoma
cervical polyp carcinoma of uterine cervical canal

ovarian dysfunction ovulation bleeding
premenstrual bleeding
other disease
Chart05 abnormal leucorrhea vulva, foreign body
bacterial sex vaginitis, itching (
candidal vaginitis vulvovaginal candidiasis)

nonspecific vaginitis trichomonal vaginitis atrophic vaginitis

genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection (clap)
cervical erosion
genital herpes

> vestibular big gland cyst of Bartholin's gland
Bartholin gland tumor
other disease
Chart06 lower abdominal pain, back pain, mass.
uterine prolapse, uterine prolapse

ovarian cyst of ovarian cancer
endometrial inflammation of

uterine accessory phlogistic pelvic peritonitis.
other disease
Chart07 breast disease ① (swelling, lumps, deformation)

mammary gland hyperplasia of breast cancer

breast fibroadenoma of breast phyllodes tumor
nipple, flat nipple
breast abscess breast disease (
Chart08 of lactation, abnormal secretion of acute cholestatic mastitis)

high acute suppurative mastitis PRL
breast intraductal papilloma.
other diseases related
coital pain
the exchange barrier Because
asexual life

the primary infertility and secondary infertility.
other diseases.
systemic symptoms of
Chart11 general weakness, easy fatigue
climacteric syndrome
chronic lymphocyte thyroiditis (Hashimoto's disease)
> other disease
benign paroxysmal vertigo dizziness head
hypotension disease

Chart13 hypoglycemia disease hand foot cold, dizziness,
< br > other collagen diseases disease
Chart14 lean, obese

obesity diabetes dietary
Cushing syndrome
other disease
lymph edema edema
other disease
Chart16 nausea, vomiting acute gastritis

hyperemesis gravidarum.
other disease
Chart17 palpitation, dyspnea,
autonomic disorders
hyperventilation comprehensive
valvular insufficiency
other disease
Chart18 sustained low

pulmonary tuberculosis and other diseases
skin acne vulgaris (facial herpes)
atopic dermatitis (
asteatotic eczema xerotic eczema urticaria)

contact dermatitis medicamentosa
herpes zoster
> wart (verruca vulgaris) (

athlete's foot tinea pedis) parts
several symptoms of headache headache
other disease
Chart21 hair, nail abnormalities.
alopecia areata (circle alopecia)
ringworm of the nails (onychomycosis)
paronychia (toenail anatropous)
other disease
Chart22 Department of ophthalmology disease

dry eye ametropia visual fatigue of
allergic conjunctivitis.
hordeolum (sty)
chalazion (Xian Lizhong) "Br / >

keratitis, corneal ulcer retinal detachment

cataract uveitis glaucoma optic neuritis

other disease
Chart23 hearing loss tinnitus Meniere's disease,

noise induced hearing loss of

injury of tympanic membrane externa otitis media

ear canal stenosis sudden deafness, auditory nerve tumour

other disease
Chart24 runny nose, nasal
allergic rhinitis
acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and other diseases.

/>Chart25 sore pharyngitis tonsillitis laryngitis < br >
Chart26 oral diseases.

oral halitosis
malocclusion inflammation in
Chart27 teeth, gum disease, dental caries (decay)

periodontitis pericoronitis of wisdom tooth dentine hypersensitivity

tooth colored (yellow)
other disease
Mandibular Diseases of temporomandibular joint disorder syndrome in other disease
cough, sputum

pneumonia in lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic bronchitis, emphysema)

bronchiectasis with bronchial asthma
other disease
Chart30 pain
ischemic heart disease and myocardial infarction

pericarditis arrhythmia of
spontaneous pneumothorax
other diseases
Chart31 abdominal disease.
irritable bowel syndrome
air swallowing disorder
food poisoning
appendicitis < br >
acute peptic ulcer

enteritis intestinal diverticulum obstruction colorectal polyps or colorectal cancer.

acute peritonitis gallstone cholecystitis or cholangitis acute pancreatitis

other disease
Chart32 neck, shoulder, back pain and stiffness of muscle fatigue of

thoracic outlet syndrome

calcific tendinitis periarthritis of shoulder (fifty shoulders)
spondylosis deformans
other disease
Chart33 pain
prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc disease, separation of
spine spondylolisthesis
deformation of lumbar
other disease
Chart34 upper limb pain, paralysis of external humeral epicondylitis (
tennis elbow)

tenosynovitis of carpal tunnel syndrome.
cubital tunnel syndrome
Heberden's nodes.
thumb base (CM) arthritis
other disease
Chart35 lower extremity pain,
deformation of paralytic hip
deformed osteoarthritis of knee
deformation arthritis of ankle joint
finger valgus
other disease
Chart36 urinary diseases ① (abnormal urination)

nephritis cystitis and pyelonephritis.
urinary calculus in bladder cancer

other diseases of urinary diseases (
Chart37 the urination problems)
overactive bladder
neurogenic bladder urinary incontinence

bladder pain syndrome, interstitial cystitis.
other disease
hemorrhoids, anal fissure anal diseases,
anal fistula pruritus

rectal prolapse of rectal polyps

psychiatric symptoms of other diseases

insomnia difficulty falling asleep and sleep apnea syndrome
restless leg syndrome
other disease
Chart40 focal restless or irritable depression

panic disorder post-traumatic stress syndrome
social phobia.
other disease
Chart41 abnormal behavior of
> manic depression, schizophrenia OCD

other disease
Chart42 Yan Zhongjian forget
Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia
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