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Cheng Linan, born in 1948. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology chief physician, Professor, doctoral tutor. In 1982 graduated from the Shanghai Medical University Graduate school. From 1991 to 1993 by the British Royal Society scholarship. At the University of Edinburgh. The current family planning technical guidance of Shanghai City Institute, honorary president of the International Peace Maternity and child health hospital. WHO (WH0) after ovulation method guidance committee, member of the National Committee for population and Family Planning Committee of experts, the Chinese Medical Association vice chairman of the family planning association, member of the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, maternal and child health care institute, director of the Chinese eugenics Association, "Chinese Medical Journal", "Chinese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology" and other editors. Have been awarded the State Family Planning Commission "six five" key project of science and technology award, two national science and technology progress award, three prize of Shanghai scientific and technological progress, the Wu Jieping Yang Sen Medical Institute of family planning professional first prize, the third session of the Shanghai city science and technology achievement first prize in clinical. He has published more than 70 papers, edited and participated in the preparation of monographs and more than 20 kinds of popular science books.
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The copyright page: illustration: 1 what is the emergency contraception? Emergency contraception is refers to using in non contraceptive or aware of postcoital contraceptive failure a few hours or a few days to prevent unwanted pregnancy, a kind of family planning measures. Emergency contraception in family planning belongs to the category of contraception. Emergency contraception has a long history, as early as 3500 years ago, the ancient Egyptians had coital trial civil earthworks avoid reproduction. The year second Century medical records: the morning after breath hold, knees sitting, sneezing, and then drink cold water and wash vagina contraceptive measures. These methods have been extended to nineteenth Century, even the large-scale development in China's family planning, there are still popular science books introduce this kind of method. Hundreds of years ago people try vaginal lavage, also designed a lot of lavage appliance (Figure 1) and liquid lavage (such as zinc sulfate, borax, alum, pearl powder etc.). Vaginal lavage peaked in twentieth Century 30 time, there are still 25% Western women using this method.
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emergency contraception service program and provider
about emergency contraception and some other problems.
medical and service routine
emergency contraceptives pay attention to practical quiz report side effects of
about emergency contraception knowledge based
commonly used emergency contraception and emergency contraception and the effect of
use: the medical and service routine
with copper IUD for emergency contraception.
WHO levonorgestrel only emergency
contraceptive safety statement
emergency contraception consultation telephone
emergency contraceptive advice website
levonorgestrel emergency contraception are registered with the
countries and area
domestic emergency contraceptives. Table main references @##@
foreign emergency contraceptives list
Emergency contraception has is a mature technology and popularization, promotion, for more than 10 years in our country, but in clinical use, is not just as one wishes, so that both the awareness of contraceptive failure, I do not know what to do, wait for remedial measures, there are short-term, even a menstrual cycle repeated doses emergency contraception drug phenomenon. The domestic and foreign related research shows, emergency contraception is quite safe, the emergency contraception can at least make more than half to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, further popularize the knowledge of emergency contraception, improve emergency contraception service provider business level, has become a new hot spot for fertility regulation field. Emergency contraception
"(Second Edition)" compiled by Cheng Linan, from what is the emergency contraception, why emergency contraception is different from the concept of artificial abortion and other basic start, until now there is emergency contraception are practical, reliable, the characteristics of these methods and problems, points needing attention in use, where can I get on the emergency contraceptive counseling and services, as well as the evaluation of emergency contraceptive effectiveness, medical staff and the masses may concern, from the new angle of emergency contraception research international, with practical quiz, medical and service routine and Appendix 3 forms, as a simple and exhaustive exposition. The book is suitable for educational childbearing age masses to read, also can be a reference for obstetrics and Gynecology physician, primary care providers and family planning service staff.
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"Emergency contraception (Second Edition)": emergency contraception is between contraception and procedure flow line, if timely use of emergency contraception, can avoid most of unintended pregnancy, menopause and lactating women need emergency contraception, teenagers should also understand the knowledge of emergency contraception.
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