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One, basic knowledge (three) menopause causes changes in concept and time range of menopause menopause and 1 Physical and psychological conditions, is a physiological transition period every woman must experience, refers to the female gradually decline from fertile to old age for a period of time, namely the recession to stop completely from the beginning stage of ovarian function. It is the only way which must be passed of women, is a period of special life change, after this period, then enter old age, therefore, also known as the "pre senile climacteric". Because the female menopause is a process of gradually stop menstruation, and menopause is its outstanding performance, so it is also called "peri menopausal period". Menopause, women in life cause physical changes and new psychological and physiological balance the re establishment of the period, the starting point of all physical and mental performance is also to older began exposed. The majority of menopausal women can fit through the adjustment and, to keep healthy, smoothly through menopause; but there are also many menopausal women can appear or light or heavy in the cardiovascular and nervous and mental symptoms of every syndrome, such as climacteric syndrome; even a handful of menopausal women, the original good physical and mental health, the menopause, mood change, a sudden turn for the worse health status, seriously affect the normal work and life, but also bring certain burden to society and family. So, medical personnel, social and family members, as well as menopausal women I, should be on the psychological and physiological disease, menopausal womenPhysical changes caused by the attention and concern.

Life is so wonderful, from small the zygote to the newborn baby, to the young, adult, middle-aged, the elderly, the other end will eventually join the river of life. This is an irresistible law of nature, is the human The new supersedes the old. Person's life is in fact a constantly changing, constantly adapt to the process. 40 years after the women's menopause, a woman in the river of life, every normal women to experience. With the aging of the human body, endocrine function (especially sexual gland function) is also a corresponding decline, accompanied by a variety of climacteric physiological, psychological change. Most people in this period will have the whole body unwell, temperament changes, such as dizziness and tinnitus, palpitation and insomnia, hectic fever night sweat, irritability, backache leg soft and other symptoms, serious person can appear to be subject to changing moods and mental symptoms, known as menopause syndrome. It affects people's normal life and physical and mental health, at the same time, is also a lot of disease multiple times. How to survive the menopause, ready for the upcoming into old age, everyone should know. So, how to do well the climacteric self health care, and disease prevention of menopausal symptoms may occur, and how to improve the quality of life, delay senescence physiology and psychology? It has become urgent to solve the problem of. Recover one's original simplicity, return to nature, people pay more and more attention. Natural therapy, is the use of a variety of factors and material in natural environment to stimulate the body against disease, disease treatment and nursed back to health. At present, the prevalence of natural therapy in Europe and America and many Asian countries and regions, China's traditional Chinese medicine therapy is a natural therapy is the most perfect in the world today.
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A basic knowledge of (a), the composition and function of the female genital (two) changes in female gonads and uterus of periodic (three) concept and time range of menopause (four) changes of menopause women endocrine hormone and sex organs (five) (six) the clinical symptoms of menopause menopause syndrome clinical manifestation and health measures two, the diet therapy in patients with climacteric syndrome (a) medicated food principle (two) patients with climacteric syndrome commonly used in medicated side (three) of patients with climacteric syndrome commonly used therapeutic side three, body acupuncture needle therapy (a) common body acupoints for treatment of menopausal syndrome (two) acupuncture therapy, moxibustion therapy (a four) of mild moxibustion for treatment of menopausal syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine (two) (three) moxibustion treatment of climacteric syndrome by Acupuncture and massage therapy, five ears (a) treatment of auricular acupuncture for treatment of auricular plaster therapy (two) (three) (four) ear ear massage therapy treatment prescription six, hands on climacteric syndrome (a) menopause syndrome acupoints commonly used hand therapy (two) commonly used hand massage reflex area and massage climacteric syndrome (three) hands on experience Fang Qi (a), foot foot massage reflex zone of climacteric syndrome commonly used and indication (two) of climacteric syndrome commonly used foot hole (three) foot prescription eight, umbilical therapy and medicine therapy (a) the umbilicus medicine applicator (two) drug acupoint application prescription nine, cupping, scraping therapy (a) the cupping therapy (two) ten, scraping therapy point injection and embedding therapy (a) acupoint injection therapy (two) for eleven, massage therapy of acupoint catgut embedding therapy (a) for the treatment of climacteric syndrome commonly used massage (two) massage therapy commonly used (three) self massage therapy, Qigong therapy (a twelve the concept and function), Qigong therapy indications (two) climacteric syndrome commonly used Qigong therapy, exercise therapy, thirteen (a) the role of exercise (two) Notice of exercise therapy for climacteric syndrome (three) exercise therapy, fourteen commonly used bath therapy (a) concept bath therapy and matters needing attention (two) the menopausal syndrome commonly used bath therapy fifteen, recreational therapy (a) concept and kinds of entertainment therapy (two) climacteric syndrome is often Entertainment with the therapy, psychological therapy (sixteen a) concepts and methods of psychological treatment (two) symptomatic therapy seventeen living therapy, climacteric syndrome (a) living therapy points (two) of climacteric syndrome living therapy health care food Square commonly used @##@ appendix Climacteric syndrome is the physical and mental health of the elderly in many disturbances. This book combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine theory, explain profound theories in simple language describes the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis of female climacteric syndrome and type, introduces in detail the treatment of diet, acupuncture, auricular therapy, manual therapy, foot massage, cupping, scraping, umbilical therapy, massage, medicine, acupuncture point injection and embedding, natural therapy and life the living, sports and entertainment, health, bathing, psychotherapy. Its content is straightaway, the method is simple and practical, convenient, effective, safe and non-toxic, suitable for menopause syndrome patients, medical staff and the elderly reading.
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"Climacteric syndrome" natural therapy by Jindun publishing.
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