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According to scientists, the universe is generated from a singularity. The universe in the first seconds of the gravity and other forces that govern physics. A minute later it has a diameter of 160000000000 kilometers, the temperature reached 10000000000 degrees celsius. Three minutes later, 98% there exists or will the material forms. We have a fantastic space, have in which we live and playful home. Amazing grace! In this vast universe, life is a miracle. Double miracle, we not only exist, we can enjoy the present, we can even use their own brain and hands that has become more and more beautiful. Every day, every hour, around us there are exciting, brave and amazing thing, this is life itself and to seek the revolution in order for us to survive in space for a long time and the magnificent. There are many secrets of life. Also, around the life of physiological, psychological, about, about basic necessities of life, about the sun and the moon and the stars and the flowers bloom, there are also many mysteries and know-how. For these secrets, secrets and tricks, some we already know, some we don't know, what's more, we think we know, and in fact have a superficial knowledge of. Need to get everything to make as clear as noonday? Need. There are now is amazing grace, why don't we enjoy more fully, more perfect? Moreover, the cost of enjoyment and change is not expensive -- as long as the specific reading, choose to do. This set of carefully orchestrated by the Jiangsu science and Technology Publishing House of the "taste" series, have divided publishing and people life, growth and a variety of interesting topics related to knowledge, each of which relates to a theme, in the form of interlocution and kind words, lively layout, all about happiness and troubles, and life companion to all the sweet and sour and bitter, tell us the world is rich and colorful. You may pick are interested in several of the remaining tea after meal, before falling asleep or read a few pages, this itself is a kind of enjoyment: incense paper and ink company, your breathing will become slow, pure, your mind will be able to relax, be nursed back to health.

"100 kinds of simple therapy you can not know: disease of Department of gynaecology (popular special edition, Second Series)" the disease is clinical common gynecological diseases, disease name some western medicine disease name, some with TCM disease name, with readers usually more contact, more familiar condition as the basis, in order to facilitate the study and application of readers. Each disorder content are in both Chinese and Western medicine to cure control description, reference. To use a simple and effective therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, must master some basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, this in the book "expert opinion" and "the secret to tell you" in detail. In order to enable the readers to understand and master it, in Wen Yu on the straightaway.
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A vulvitis 1 Decoction Treatment 2 fumigation therapy 3 topical therapy 4 bath therapy B vulva eczema 5 fumigation therapy 6 diet therapy 7 inunction treatment 8 bath therapy C fungal vaginosis 9 fumigation therapy 10 diet therapy 11 vaginal douching and the drug D 12 trichomonas vaginitis fumigation therapy 13 diet therapy in 14 vaginal device medicine 15 bath therapy 16 fumigation therapy E bacterial vaginosis 17 diet therapy in 18 vaginal buy medicine 19 tea therapy F senile vaginitis 20 fumigation therapy 21 diet therapy in 22 vaginal buy medicine 23 decoction treatment 24 diet G cervicitis 25 fumigation therapy 26 vaginal buy medicine 27 diet H pelvic inflammatory disease 28 Decoction enema therapy 29 30 topical therapy 31 diet therapy 32 tea therapy 33 acupuncture I menorrhagia 34 Decoction Treatment 35 tea therapy 36 diet therapy J menstruation 37 diet therapy 38 tea therapy 39 Decoction Treatment 40 acupuncture K intermenstrual bleeding 41 diet 42 diet therapy L dysmenorrhea 43 diet 44 diet therapy 45 tea therapy 46 Decoction Treatment 47 topical therapy 48 massage therapy 49 Bath foot therapy. M amenorrhea in 50 diet 51 diet therapy 52 scattered medicine therapy 53 Umbilical Compress Therapy 54 topical therapy N premenstrual syndrome 55 Decoction therapy 56 medicine soup treatment 57 diet therapy 58 tea therapy 59 self conditioning O menopause syndrome 60 Decoction Treatment 61 diet therapy 62 self nursing 63 exercise therapy 64 tea therapy 65 diet 66 treatment method P climacteric insomnia 67 Decoction Treatment 68 diet therapy acupuncture 69 70 71 tea diet therapy 72 exercise therapy Q menopausal osteoporosis 73 diet therapy 74 diet 75 tea therapy 76 exercise therapy R 77 uterus myoma diet 78 diet therapy 79 tea therapy S 80 polycystic ovary syndrome diet therapy the 81 movement therapy T 82 endometriosis dietotherapy 83 tea therapy 84 external therapy 85 scattered medicine therapy U postpartum galactorrhea 86 diet therapy V postpartum lochia not 87 Decoction therapy 88 diet therapy 89 diet W postpartum hypogalactia 90 diet therapy 91 diet 92 Decoction Treatment 93 bath therapy 94 acupuncture therapy X 95 the diet therapy 96 uterine prolapse Medicine therapy. 97 fumigation of topical therapy 98 umbilical plug Yin therapy 99 acupuncture 100 sports massage therapy
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Illustration: vulva eczema of vulva eczema is a common skin disease of women, has an obvious inflammatory reaction tendency of exudation. Patients with allergic constitution, may be associated with allergy related to the occurrence of the disease, is a kind of delayed type hypersensitivity. Occurred in the labia majora and Yin shares the trench, the duration of uncertainty, attack without the law. The usual symptoms are not obvious, when the bed or mental stress occurs when the itching, accompanied by itching after scratching secondary infection after local redness, rash appear small pus point individual center. The main manifestations of acute period of pruritus and vulva acute diffuse redness of skin lesions, were polymorphic, no obvious boundaries. The further development of the disease is the skin surface of needle size papules, Qiu PaoRash or blisters, base ministry hyperaemia, damage boundary is not clear, and erosion, exudation aggravated edema. Chronic period due to repeated scratching claw is in a small amount of serous fluid exudation, illness defer does not heal. Vulva eczema is a traditional Chinese medicine "eczema", "ringworm" category, by the accumulation of damp heat, bet the genitals, and infiltration of the skin. With the passing of time, yin deficiency of liver and kidney and weathering dryness, lingering. The "wet" is the main factor. Dialectical can be divided into three types. Liver heat type of eczema of vulva skin flushing, beginning, blister, scratch and nourishing water dripping, immersed into flake, pruritus night is very bitter, yellow urine, red tongue, yellow greasy moss, pulse string or string slide. Treatment should be clearing heat and removing dampness, expelling wind and relieving itching. Spleen wet vulva eczema time does not heal, local skin color dark red, thick rough, dry, itching, pain and, with less loose stools, abdominal swelling, fatigue, bland taste in the mouth, tongue, with scalloped edges, greasy moss, pulse moisten slip. Appropriate treatment of Jianpi dehumidification antipruritic.
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"100 kinds of simple therapy you can not know: disease of Department of gynaecology (popular special edition, Second Series)": 100 simple therapy for gynecological disease, is a method of effective clinical verification, is the magic weapon to conquer the disease.
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