• Menstrual disorders psychosomatic self therapy

    "Menstrual disorders psychosomatic self therapy" content brief introduction: menstruation, female and male physiology is the biggest difference. Every healthy woman, should have a stable and regular menstrual. Under the changing modern society environment, poor diet and living habits, do not accord with the seasons, and numerous negative pressure dressing,

  • Trace elements of the beauty of you don't know

    "The main content of trace elements in" the beauty of you don't know: the human body if the lack of minerals, vitamins and enzymes are not all nutrients will lose the balance of free radicals increased with hormonal imbalance, the body in advance with the rapid aging of vitamins and trace elements can promote the enzymatic synthesis of supply body tissue cells,

  • A healthy woman maintenance manual

    "Health maintenance manual" tells the story of a woman: if a woman has a remarkable talent, but the sick, even if One's mind, also with Fang pin jade and dispersed light; if a woman set beauty and tenderness in a body, but neglect of the maintenance of their own bodies, so Confidante won't last, aging only will step up,

  • The family of gynecological manuals

    "Department of gynaecology and obstetrics gynecological doctor family manual" by a has many years of clinical experience in writing. In view of common gynecological diseases affect many women's life, she not only tell you seek correct guiding ideology and methods, but also to share with you the general doctor won't tell you the common disease of Department of gynaecology family self conditioning program: including acupuncture, according to,

  • A beautiful woman health happiness all know

    "Beautiful woman health happiness all know (Expert Edition) (Science and technology literature science and health)" content brief introduction: no health beauty is not permanent, but without the connotation beauty is empty, the pale. Only the inner and outer beauty combination, can be beautiful - students, happy life. There are no ugly women, only,

  • To the health of the woman book

    "To the health of the woman the book" from puberty girls menstrual breast health knowledge and change the start, from the wedding to the pregnancy, postpartum to menopause, women in different stages of important mental changes, do simple introduction, comprehensive health concerns to each period women. The book is divided into periods,

  • Women's health private book

    Women's health secret book, "women's health secret book" is led the Japanese Red Branch Roppongi clinic director Aji Koo, articles three Gynecology, education experts together with love and patience of a small but popular and practical handbook for the health of women carry, common health problem covers women from puberty to menopause, the main package,

  • Women's fashion health reader

    "Women's fashion health reader" physiological and psychological characteristics of the fashion of women, the female fashion daily enthusiastic about nine regimen: Paidu Yangsheng, vegetables, fruits, grains of health preserving health, tea health, mental health, sleep health, Yu Gayang students, health massage, simple and practical, not only,

  • Female body manual

    Women's health is affected by hormones. From puberty, sexual maturity, menopause to old age, in all phases of life, women put on health management requirements are more than ever and the category of gynecology department of internal medicine. Doctors and patients are concerned about how to be more healthy, so they must be proficient in preventive medicine,

  • Chinese health by women

    Those beautiful woman knew, delay aging, aging has been the ultimate goal, many women in the pursuit of physical laws, although we can't change the nature of the "health" but women Kampo but can teach the beauty of you how to fight aging, with the most natural, the most healthy erosion method, delay time,

  • Prevention and treatment of menstruation diseases

    Menstrual disease has been the health problems of women friends. "Prevention and treatment of menstruation diseases (Second Edition)" in the form of Q & A, in traditional Chinese medicine to explain the basic knowledge, menstrual disorders, menstrual period menstrual disease of common complications of puberty, growth period, menstrual disorders, menstrual disease in perimenopausal menstrual disease manifestations, diagnosis,

  • Women's health study

    "The main content of women's health": the development of women's health, women's health infrastructure, basic overview of reproductive health, women's life including health content and focus on the different stages of childhood, puberty, marriage, pregnancy, birth control during the period, menopause, including common gynecological diseases, occupation, social factors,

  • Healthy, beautiful women manual

    "Introduction to health and beautiful women manual" content: every woman desire to have their own happiness. How can I be happy? The answer is that you need to have the happiness of quality. These qualities in the first place is healthy. Undeniable, have moist skin, clear eyes, beautiful hair, delicate body of female,

  • Massage symptomatic common disease

    Massage symptomatic disease, "massage symptomatic common disease (explaining technique demonstration principle)" is "one of the big character poster series health", introduces 50 kinds of common disease treatment method, 10 kinds of health care, to improve the acidic physique, 10 kinds of main and collateral channels of viscera massage, massage 20 human special effect acupuncture points! "Massage symptomatic disease (,

  • Women's physical and mental health self treatment method

    "Women's physical and mental health self therapy" content brief introduction: self-healing time, easy, simple, effective, to run in the workplace and family women care more busy women also want to love yourself, give yourself 30 minutes every day, insist on fat, skin problems, serious illness little pain will go away from you, let you from the the inside out,

  • 40 weeks pregnant happiness massage

    "40 weeks of pregnancy massage" happiness often happens in pregnant women, 30 kinds of symptoms, guide the pregnant women and their families use massage method correct to alleviate and improve pregnancy discomfort, each kind of massage methods from three aspects, massage and acupoint massage steps and the tip was carefully explained. As long as the concrete step in the book,

  • The soft body and mind

    Awaken women, women and men, is a different vocabulary, symbolizes the beautiful, slender and Wen Wan. However, in order to adapt to the busy society, women have to put this talent their eliminating, add a strong, clear coat. Finally, the nature and feminine more dry, become the heart is missing, can not,

  • The beautiful woman in the

    "The beautiful woman" the guidance of new woman do the daily skin care work, build from head to foot with no chink in one's armour quality skin, let the women of different ages to find to their beautiful scenery, make it more beautiful. Provide a variety of makeup for the woman, using color shine beautiful skin: provide changeable hairstyle for women, with new manifestation,

  • Woman's postpartum disease partial prescription and diet

    "Women's postpartum disease partial prescription and diet contained a lot of" treating postpartum common pathologies of the effective prescriptions, prescription and therapeutic side, each side including the source, materials, production, usage and efficacy. Its content is rich, the material is convenient, making detailed introduction, usage explain clearly, the majority of urban and rural women's postpartum disease patients according to,

  • Woman health

    "A woman's life health: disease signal and life taboo" is divided into two parts the disease signal and taboos in life, the first part detailed introduction to the early signals of common disease in women, to early detection and early treatment; the second part describes the different stages of growth and physiological period should notice in daily life to health,

  • Graphic female medical encyclopedia

    "Graphic female medical encyclopedia" from the female specific systemic and local symptoms start, with clear inspection flow chart, to help readers find may develop diseases. Details of the disease and its performance, reasons, examination, diagnosis, treatment and prevention method of each kind of symptoms, timely and effective treatment and help the reader,

  • Flower woman happy life 2lps

    "Flower women happy life complete works (Expert Edition)" content brief introduction: women are made of water beauty, love this wizard, to draw strength from the nature. The trick to read "flower woman", will "into practice to spend beauty" plan, the beauty of the female can have the fragrance and beauty of flowers,

  • A good woman is not old ovary

    "Keep good ovarian women don't old (popular upgrade version)" tells the story: your face began to stain? Your skin is getting old? You often menstruation? Do you often inexplicable flashes sweating? Irritability? Do you often severe insomnia, palpitation suspicious? In fact, all these changes are associated with ovarian function information,

  • Eve's rib

    Female medical viewpoint, this book is a powerful weapon, it not only meets the female desire to realize its body processes, but also teach them how to use this knowledge to care for themselves and their loved ones. This book is not only the first women to share such a fact -- men and women in almost every part there is a significant difference between the,,

  • She "safety net"

    "She" safety net ": constructing women's health and safety and protection" content is mainly from the following three aspects to consider: one is the book, women on the books, a superb collection of beautiful things uneven, some good and some bad; the network gives women safety, health, traditional Chinese medicine health, beauty and other aspects of the data, let the human eye,

  • Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine in the woman beauty

    "Huang Di Nei Jing in the" woman beauty about: "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine" is not only a health book, it is a great truth with beauty of martial arts. "Huangdi Neijing" stress "and" to mining, inner strength body; beauty is also this truth, shaping and expensive cosmetics, exquisite,

  • 100 kinds of simple therapy you don't know

    "100 kinds of simple therapy you can not know: disease of Department of gynaecology (popular special edition, Second Series)" the disease is clinical common gynecological diseases, disease name some western medicine disease name, some with TCM disease name, with readers usually more contact, more familiar condition as the basis, in order to facilitate the readers learn and should,

  • Aromatic life beautiful woman

    "Sweet life beautiful woman: an introduction to the essential oil aromatherapy massage" content: natural essential oil therapy in beauty, emotional regulation, improve immunity, improving physical fitness and disease prevention effect has been affirmed. "Sweet life beautiful woman: essential oils aromatherapy massage" combined with the many years,

  • Menopause medication 100 Q

    "Menopause medication 100 ask" content brief introduction: menopause is very important in the female life stage, this time the female will have some changes in physiology and psychology. So, what is the menopause? What is the menopause syndrome? How to carry out the related family nursing and health care? How to prevent and treat menopausal syndrome,

  • Breast care of

    "Breast care" of the ten anniversary of the light programme, through diet, exercise conditioning and natural therapies for help, you get ten years ago the vigor of youth, so that you can enjoy a healthier and more vigorous middle age. Both large and small, round breast is sharp, the most important is to strengthen, not pendulous. This,

  • Occupation female fitness strategy

    "Occupation female fitness strategy" to improve the physical quality and create a healthy female occupation fit and shape for the purpose, summarizes the aerobics, physical dance teaching experience, combined with the study of health evaluation theory system, scientifically selected suitable occupation female for self perfection 4 sets of exercises combined exercises set,

  • Disease see

    Graphic female medicine, "disease see: introduction graphical female medical" content: women to experience life in different periods and different roles, from adolescence to menopause, from love to marriage, from development to aging, from his wife to mother...... If everyone can have a professional doctor guidance, then everybody would be healthy,

  • Treatment of common gynecological diseases all graphic

    "Common disease of Department of gynaecology heal all graphic" on breast disease, menstrual disorders, reproductive diseases and prenatal and postpartum diseases common gynecological disease, main symptom dietotherapy nostrum, acupoint massage and daily care are introduced through the text explain profound theories in simple language, vivid pictures and easy to understand, so that you can remain within doors,

  • Women married susceptible to disease prevention and control

    "Women married are susceptible to the disease prevention" from experts Huining, for many years engaged in the gynecology and obstetrics department work of Xu Mingjuan's pen, is divided into five chapters. According to the physiological characteristics of the female, introduces in detail the causes of infectious disease, susceptible to the marriage of sexually transmitted diseases, disease of uterus, pregnancy, gynecological tumor translocations, reproductive endocrine disease etc.,,

  • A woman can not read beauty by blood

    "Women can not read the blood beauty" Content Description: youth, Feng Tangyilao, no matter how much we try, will all kinds of cosmetics take turns to use, but also to conceal the face of old yesterday. Instead of spending big money temporary, not permanent filling blood -- because of the intrinsic blood filling is the beautiful appearance of root,

  • Health beauty 36.7

    "Health beauty 36.7 ℃" content: about 1 / 2 of Oriental women by hypothermia problems, of which more than 80% are 20 ~ 35 years old female occupation. In 34~C, temperature 35~C of women are the OL population, the cold body is becoming eastfeminine beautiful killer! Cold,

  • Common disease of women

    "Common disease of women" wrote: "let the medical attributed to the public" is a professor of teacher Qiu Fazu I in 60 years ago to the medical worker guilt out call. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, more people pay attention to the quality of life and physical and mental health, pay attention to more and more, the medical science knowledge required,

  • Emergency contraception

    "Emergency contraception (Second Edition)" from what is emergency contraception, why emergency contraception is different from the concept of artificial abortion and other basic start, until now there is emergency contraception are practical, reliable, the characteristics of these methods and problems, points of attention in using, which can obtain emergency contraception counseling and,

  • You Zhaoling on women disease

    "You Zhaoling" written on women disease purpose: to give you a scientific health concept, rather than merely a side a method, help you recognize the physical characteristics of the body, so as to learn individual maintenance, tell you what the doctor doing, how can you, guide you through daily diet, acupuncture point massage for the disease better faster,,

  • Women don't get sick of wisdom

    "The main content of women not sick of wisdom": women regardless of age, are looking for beautiful, looking for health, seek wisdom, looking for a good state of mind, so the woman had better do his life for his doctor, create exquisite life. "Women are not sick of wisdom" from the diet, dress, family living,

  • Female herb common disease treatment

    Female herb common disease treatment, "women" is one of the common diseases treatment of herbs with the Compendium of Materia Medica. "Compendium of Materia Medica" embodies the highest achievements of ancient medical Chinese has inexhaustible, be inexhaustible, is the Chinese medicine is the treasure house of knowledge, enjoys "the deep pool and big ocean medicine", "investigation of things," reputation; "Compendium of Materia Medica" is,

  • Healthy heart girl

    "Healthy heart" from the physiological characteristics of young girl, girl's psychological development, diet, exercise, life care, 7 aspects of knowledge, disease prevention, tells the story of 265 girls who are most concerned about. Adolescence is the golden period of women, and girls and growing period. ,

  • Women's sleep.

    "Sleep treasure" focus on women prone to sleep disorders in women's way of life, and from many years of treatment of sleep disorders in women, experienced doctors to provide specific treatment, hoping to provide a reference for more female friends. People are born with the ability to sleep. If we pay more attention to, in the life,

  • The beautiful bride

    The main content of "beautiful bride": a look, think, whether they have health problems corresponding appeared? If there is, there is no reason to let it spread, but should try to correct unscientific computer operating habits and living habits, choose their own work and life habits and diet party from,

  • The pink book

    "The pink book: introduction female gynecological health essential book" content: the most beautiful woman is what time? In his twenties, this section of beautiful time, enriched the life of a woman the most emotional moment, graduation, love, marry, parturient. What women fear most? A fear of fat two afraid old. 20-30 years old, may your life process,

  • Department of gynaecology common disease book to read

    "Department of gynaecology common disease of reading book" content: if no common gynecological diseases intervention, some benign diseases might worsen, those seemingly not dangerous symptoms may be early signs of cancer. So, good health, to start from the prevention of gynecological diseases. Learn to cope with the inflammation of Department of gynaecology; dysmenorrhea,

  • Female doctor notes

    In life, many women are only concerned with their own appearance beautiful, and neglect of one's own body. Love, "female doctor notes" introduced health details women should pay attention to in life, so that you have a comprehensive understanding of health, establish the correct concept of health to you. To help you manage your health, oh,

  • Physiological period to 100 strokes

    "Physiological period to 100 strokes" content brief introduction: women from puberty to menopause menopause menstrual cramps so far, about 35 years to get along with the menstrual cycle. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that women are "Yin", and "Yin", so the blood of women with blood, and their physiological characters as the key to menstruation, menstruation is not adjustable and,,

  • Climacteric syndrome of natural therapy

    "Climacteric syndrome" natural therapy of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine theory, describes the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of female climacteric syndrome, commonly used medicinal materials, and prescription; introduces the method of treatment of acupuncture acupoints and treatment, as well as the ear therapy, manual therapy, foot massage, cupping, scraping, umbilical therapy, massage, medicine therapy,

  • Beat the percutaneous toxicity

    "Beat the dermal toxicity" content brief introduction: percutaneous toxicity women are in contact every day makes us skin aging, hormone disorders, egg rapid decline, these toxins are hidden in the food, cosmetic, detergent, sanitary napkins and other commodities. How do they act on the human body, bring us what harm, how to through the maternal indirect poison,

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