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"Health assessment (Third Edition)" training planning materials, training materials, national health vocational colleges as a shortage of skilled personnel. The contents include introduction, health assessment method, common symptom evaluation, physical evaluation, psychological evaluation, social evaluation, ECG examination and imaging examination, laboratory examination, nursing records, the method and content of health assessment. The materials for color version, according to the "case" innovative textbook philosophy, through the introduction, case, link / care test links, sites, nodules, exercises, and training guide, syllabus, students focus on the skills, ability to solve clinical problems and nursing exam questions change request, solid based the study in the future.
"health assessment (Third Edition)" for health vocational education in nursing, nursing, midwifery and other related professional use, also suitable for nursing workers use and reference.
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Gao Jianqun, Wang Tao
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The first chapter first section health data sources and types of section second collect health data for a third day health history content of the fourth section data analysis and diagnosis of second chapter health assessment method in section first, the contents of health assessment section second assessment of health learning methods and requirements of chapter third common symptoms assessed first day second Day third day fever headache cough and expectoration haemoptysis fourth day fifth day sixth day Seventh Festival breath cyanosis edema eighth nausea and vomiting ninth day tenth day eleventh day diarrhea hematemesis melena twelfth day thirteenth day fourteenth day jaundice and abdominal pain constipation fifteenth consciousness obstacle fourth chapter first section for the general state of health assessment evaluation section second skin, superficial lymph node assessment third the head, face and neck evaluation section fourth chest evaluation section fifth assessment of abdomen sixth day the anus and rectum and genitalia evaluation section seventh spine and limbs was evaluated in eighth day nerve reflex assessment fifth chapter first section outlines the psychological assessment of second psychological assessment of the contents of the sixth chapter first section outlines the social evaluation in section second roles and role adaptation assessment third day family assessment the fourth festival culture assessment section fifth environmental assessment chapter seventh ECG first ECG leads in section second The third section of normal ECG abnormal ECG fourth electrocardiographic diagnosis steps and clinical application of the eighth chapter of imaging section first radiological examination second ultrasound third radionuclide examination ninth chapter laboratory first specimen collection and processing section second blood examination third examination of urine fourth stool examination in section fifth section sixth cerebrospinal fluid and sputum examination the serous cavity effusion examination seventh examination of renal function in section eighth, liver disease commonly used laboratory ninth common clinical biochemical examination of the tenth chapter of nursing records writing section first nursing record writing basic requirements of section second nursing records format and content of training guide training of 1 general state, skin and lymph nodes, head and neck to assess the training of 2 lung and pleural assessment training of 3 heart and vascular assessment training 4 abdominal assessment training 5 neural reflex assessment training of 6 ECG examination and analysis of training of 7 blood, urine and fecal specimens collection training of 8 health history collection and nursing record writing the main references of "health evaluation" basic requirements of teaching exercises reference answers
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"Vocational education and Adult Education Department of Ministry of education recommended teaching materials: Health Assessment (Third Edition)" content includes introduction, health assessment method, common symptom evaluation, physical evaluation, psychological evaluation, social evaluation, ECG examination and imaging examination, laboratory examination, nursing record writing etc.. The purpose is to train students to collect data from physical, psychological and social aspects are carried out to evaluate the human as the center, combined with laboratory and other examination results, make nursing diagnosis on individual, family or community existing or potential health problems or life process from the angle of nursing, and the ability to monitor and diagnose the disease changes in order to further establish the nursing goal, and lay the foundation for nursing measures.
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