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The Yuan Wang GUI's "Thailand will be the health master" the book consists of 16 volumes, can be roughly divided into four parts. "Thailand will be the health master" theory of the first part includes the first and second books, mainly discusses the health to heart for the expensive, respectively discusses marriage, birth, infant, Tong Zhuang, aging stage health points and day Xuan Yi ji. The second part includes third volumes to the seventh volume content, mainly elaborates the theory on the relationship between doctors and patients, treatment of TCM, respectively discusses the luck, specimens, yin and Yang, deficiency and vein disease treatment and other health Qubing method. The third part includes eighth volumes to the thirteenth volume content, mainly is the class party bluff, respectively from the marriage, birth, infant, Tong Zhuang, aging, typhoid fever, epidemic disease cure five people, one one of the symptomatic side preparation medicine and usage. The fourth part includes fourteenth volumes to the fifteenth volume content, mainly discusses the medical outcomes study author Mengshi guntan pills, miscellaneous cure the clinical experience and life with effective prescription for calendar. Finally, the authors take Ling Ming training two articles, essays about an article, "thought 闲邪存诚 to".
Catalogue of books

The volume of
regimen of
on marriage
on pregnant
volume two
on infant
on Tong Zhuang
on aging
volume three
"plain questions" section to narrate the
on doctors in
volume four
volume five
on luck
on specimens of
volume six

of yin and Yang of real and virtual
on intestinal
on disease
volume seven

argument on the treatment of disease are the six gas treatment system
volume eight
class party 叙略
marriage gate
breed door
eighteen postpartum syndrome symptoms.
volume nine
baby gate
volume ten

smallpox or after infant rickets erosion treatment
children spotted shape when
pock on cases in children
should take seven ginseng powder /
should take six Mei ginseng powder /
should take eleven taste Muxiang San taste of patients with
smallpox is dimple bogey hot soup bath method
variola out avoid burning incense t
volume eleven
Tong Zhuang gate
aging gate
volume twelve
volume thirteen
five min TCM treatment was
six gas when people syndrome treatment of
volume fourteen
< br / phlegm syndrome > phlegm narrative quote
guntan pills party poems including
guntan pills dosage
phlegm phlegm type
phlegm phlegm taste or ask

medicine without sputum bogey bogey
volume fifteen
mixed governance law
antiphlogistic powder treatment
four when the plague
Doumen San treatment
urine is not through
Phlegm Decoction treatment
Add omitted cases of
staff poison Huoxue Decoction
borneol ointment therapy combination with

slightly Huanglian Jiedu pill treatment combined with

Zombie powder treatment of five cases of
woman lost choke slightly treatment of patients with heart Chi
volume sixteen
calendar with side effects.
treatment testes enlargement in three
ancient Ming and training method of two
of Yin crime big wish
piling stone Mr. Liu Mantang statue day worship the
self-examination and a

original order book "Thailand will be the health master" after
Chapter excerpt

Seventh postpartum septicemia, swelling of the limbs, and indefinite blood welled and limbs, skin swelling up to what is. Because the accumulation of boiling, power seeking five story. The asthma coarse plus dysentery astringent, blood sausage were 热莫 knows. Magic has its own coal powder, save on insurance does not doubt. Eighth postpartum blood evil spirits, such as delirium, speech and excessive 岂堪 heard her words, not points. No matter when the air to make, look see god. Always breathing much annoyed, often hate cold from di. A fascinating margin of Qi and blood, Wujin frequency service life forever. Ninth postpartum loss of voice aphonia not language a Horti, septicemia around Minamata harm. Win thin outdated if this trouble, stagger life shall perish. Full chest rush to lose heart, heart king 闷五 soul flow plug. Mo call stroke evil gas, coal three fixed by god. Tenth postpartum abdominal pain abdominal pain thousands like hush suction spirit language anxiety. Cold tea for sickness, is keen on blood residue. Towards the rice without digestion, who won five viscera deficiency cold. Own Wujin received Qie, notes therapy is not difficult. Eleventh postpartum 100 hundred day pain in chest and hypochondrium pain, blood flow without the. Or when the paralysis swollen people difficile, sore pain like a hundred edge. Rotary lift body not endure, limbs catch shrinkage grievance grief. Only the edge of all internal organs weakness, take Wujin life does not fade. Twelfth postpartum septicemia like how to cook chicken liver frequently under evil like how to cook chicken liver, eclipse octanoic acid treatment more difficult. Abdominal pain such as knife scrofula thorn, virtual win four heat and cold. Sometimes ran note when tired, drowsy life turn hard trance. But in Wujin three two clothes, should time efficacy safety protection. Thirteenth puerperal cough and indefinite Yu from the blood into Di, life in the slayer. Much due to shot, often hate cold breath frequency. Deficiency and long in the pillow body is often pain ridden.......
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