Self massage eye fatigue

Date of publication:2011-12   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Yu Tianyuan, Wu Jiancong.   Pages´╝Ü61  

This book introduces the etiology, symptoms of eye fatigue and self massage method, the main content is divided into 6 chapters, including introduction and ocular anatomical structure, common cause and common symptoms, common techniques etc.. The book introduces 10 commonly used methods, 12 common points, the 10 step self massage method, and introduces 3 kinds of eye tea, 2 eye congee and matters needing attention with eye in the last chapter, comprehensive content.
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Yu Tianyuan, PhD, Professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, director of physicians, doctoral tutor, research area of manipulation in the treatment mechanism of peripheral nerve injury. Massage Professional Committee Deputy Secretary General of Chinese society of Chinese medicine massage, Beijing City Committee, State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine health professional committee of meridian conditioning National Cooperative group.
engaged in massage, orthopedics and traumatology of TCM and acupuncture teaching, research and clinical work.
take all 20 scientific research projects, published more than 30 papers; editor of 16 academic books. The research project has won the three prize of Beijing scientific and technological progress and more than 10 times. Editor of the textbook was named the Beijing higher education teaching materials. Beijing teaching masters, Beijing education innovation pacesetter honor.
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The first chapter summarizes and anatomical structure of
second chapter common cause and common symptoms of
third chapter common technique
fourth chapter common points
fifth chapter massage method
sixth chapter daily care and attention
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