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Phenological characteristics of twenty-four solar term reflects the nature of all living organisms are closely related with the solar term, throughout the ages, song health experts have paid great attention to solar term health, and the "principles of harmony between man and nature" concept of health as not to violate the day, go by the way. The life activity of human should adapt to the changes of yin and Yang four, from every spirit, diet, living, and maintenance, can make the human body vital Qi Sheng, sufficient gas, health and longevity. The occasion of the spring and summer, Yang Sheng long, things began to flourish, the body must comply with the spring and summer seasons change, care, maintenance own Yang; Qiu Dong, Yin hiding, everything collections, human should adapt to the characteristics of convergence, Yang Yin Sheng long, pay attention to maintenance, to make their own Yin, Yin Qi, Yin essence sufficient basic material accumulation, better life. Therefore, in accordance with the change of seasons four to Yin and Yang of the body is the fundamental principle of health.
the chart discusses in detail the characteristics of the twenty-four solar term and human, and we discuss it from the aspects of spirit and emotion, diet and exercise, solar term disease prevention, so that the reader can grasp the different solar term health method. This chart is equipped with CD, CD are described in detail in the twenty-four solar term health method, can make the reader to understand the health knowledge in the relaxed state.
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The copyright page: illustration: diet, enter the Xiaoman, rising temperatures, people often enjoy cool summer drink cold drink, but excessive can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. Diet should be light light diet, eat with clearing heat and eliminating dampness, nourishing effect of food, such as red adzuki beans, mung bean, coix seed, melon, cucumber, day lily, cress, water chestnut, black fungus, carrots, tomatoes, watermelon, yam, crucian carp, Grass Carp, duck, Jichi Gao, Liang Houwei fat greasy, wet to wet food, of course, can also be combined with medicated diet conditioning, can often drink some Shengmai Decoction with replenishing qi. Grain in ear is the year before and after June 6th, is the twenty-four solar term of ninth solar term. At this time the sun longitude 75 °. The most suitable for planting in solar term awned cereal crops, such as late Valley, millet, millet and other. Because of the hot weather, it is already summer. Health care methods of grain in ear season diet nursed back to health, family health history that the Xia Sanyue diet Yiqing fill. From the nutritional point of view, light diet has an irreplaceable role in health, such as vegetables, legumes can provide the necessary carbohydrate, protein, fat and mineral nutrients for the body and a lot of vitamins, vitamin is essential in human The new supersedes the old., and can prevent disease, prevent aging. Fruits and vegetables in the vitamin C, can inhibit the disease, promote the formation of antibodies, improve the body's resistance to disease, but also the deposition in the walls of blood vessels in the transfer of cholesterol to the liver into bile acids, which also have a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. The cellulose in vegetables on the human body to maintain smooth stool, reduce the absorption of toxins and prevent premature aging, prevent constipation caused by the occurrence of colorectal cancer is very important. In the summer, the human body The new supersedes the old. exuberant, sweat is easy to leak, wound fluid gas consumption when, should eat with Shu Qi, Shengjinzhike diet. The elderly because of body function decline, hot weather reduced secretion of digestive juice, curing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular in different degree, diet should clean up, with Qingshu antipyretic protecting stomach Yipi and with blood pressure, cholesterol food. Women in the menstrual period or postpartum period, although the hot weather, but also eat cold and cool the product, in case caused by other diseases. The living, it is necessary to get up early, the appropriate exposure to sunlight (avoid direct sunlight, avoid heat stroke), to comply with the Yang Chong Sheng, conducive to the movement of Qi and blood, spirit. Summer day night short, afternoon nap can help eliminate fatigue, beneficial to health. Grain in ear after, the noon day heat, people easy to sweat, clothes to wash ground. To avoid heat stroke, must often take a shower after ear, so that the skin loose, "Yang hot" easy to vent. Swimming is one of the best sports in the summer heat, but also is an aerobic exercise, can help the body heat, make people feel cool and comfortable, suitable for people of any age. Swimming can effectively prevent cervical disease, heart disease, enhance immunity, improve vital capacity. The summer solstice is the year before and after June 21st, is the twenty-four solar term of tenth solar term. At this time really enter the hot season, due to solar radiation onto the surface of the heat, still higher than the ground to air out much, so, during which the temperature continues to rise. In the hot summer, should adjust the breath, make the mind quiet, ideas such as can be imagined heart there is ice and snow, the weather will not feel very hot. That is to say, we should not disturb the mind is hot, the mood be agitated, that would make the body feel more hot weather. The ancient house health experts to reduce: whenever the eclipses, -- lose one's temper, a dangerous situation, flood, cold ISO thermal climate, should stop sexual life. The Yin and Yang disorder, yin and Yang of the human body is out of balance, false sex will cause endless trouble to future. In this season, to comply with the changes of yin and Yang in the ups and downs of nature, general appropriate sleep and wake up early, and use the break to make up for the night of sleep. The frail elderly persons should be early to bed and early to rise, to ensure 7 hours of sleep per day. Midsummer season, most people will have systemic symptoms were fatigue, headache and dizziness, serious person can affect daily life and work. Investigate its reason, is because of this season air temperature is high, the human body can only through perspiration to heat, so that the human body moisture loss, this time if not replenish moisture, will reduce blood volume, the brain will therefore insufficiency, causing headaches and dizziness. Also because the body sweating body surface blood vessels expand, more blood will flow to the surface, this redistribution of blood can make blood pressure low blood pressure is lower, resulting in dizziness. The summer solstice season climate is burning hot, the human digestive function is relatively weak, therefore, the diet should be light, not Feigan Atsumi, eat more grains, not too eat hot food, so as not to help the heat; cold fruit when not overdo sth., not eating, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach; Atsumi greasy products should be less, not more, in order to avoid the heat of wind, stimulate healing of the disease. Summer is the season of sweat, sweat more, is also more loss of salt, salt if myocardial ischemia, heart beat will appear. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, this time should eat sour, with solid table, eat a flavor to the bushing.
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Portable medical classic of the Yellow Emperor "The twenty-four solar term health chart "edited by Xu Yueying. As the saying goes "move in the winter, less trouble to a disease; winter lazy lazy, drink a bowl of medicine". Winter activities, exercise has a special meaning to the health. It is the season of indoor and outdoor sports can be divided into two kinds, can be jogging, Tai Chi, eight pieces of brocade, playing basketball and other sports, but it should be noted that the exercise intensity, should not be too fierce, avoid disturbance Yang, at the same time outdoor activities can not be too early, and after sunrise as well.
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