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The author in the long-term clinical practice, the integrated use of a variety of inspection method, the common disease, and signs, one by one observation, record, control, analysis, comparison and screening fast, accurate to one or several inspection method of each disease. After a long time, and gradually worked out. A set of "palmprint saw at a glance that rapid inspection method", covering the various clinical common diseases (such as breathing, digestion, circulation, metabolism and endocrine, nervous, urinary, blood, bone and joint, Department of gynaecology, otolaryngology, Department of Ophthalmology, skin system).
the diagnostic method, has the following characteristics:
(1) identifying pathological symbols is specific, accurate diagnosis rate is higher, some diseases using an inspection method can be, others require several diagnosis reference;
(2) general diseases, 1 to 2 minutes can make a diagnosis (; 3) on some diseases, can be "pre diagnosis,"
"nip in the bud", such as myoma of uterus, abdominal cyst, a lot of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer, clinical symptoms appear before a few years, it can be observed in pathological symbols;
(4) of the family hereditary diseases and more and more concern to the community mental disease, also can make the diagnosis of valuable. The book also introduced some new found the.
Catalogue of books

The TCM clinical common inspection method
the first chapter look form diagnosis (hand)
second chapter palmprint diagnosis
third chapter nails of holographic
fourth chapter nails form diagnosis
fifth chapter palm surface view
sixth chapter ear diagnosis
seventh chapter eye observation
eighth chapter lip, tongue diagnosis
the palmprint see at a glance, rapid inspection
the first chapter respiratory system disease.
A, acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis two

four emphysema, bronchial asthma.
Chapter excerpt

(a) lifeline from the index finger and thumb root line the middle line, for Jupiter and Mars Hill Hill the first line, down wrapped ball of the thumb, the centre of the palm, extending to the wrist band near. Also known as “ &rdquo, “ instinct; thenar parabolic &rdquo, “ ” pattern; etc.. Lifeline reflect people's state of health, fitness, vitality, passion etc.. (two) wisdom line began in the index finger near joint cavity edge, to the hypothenar direction cast line (parabolic the highest point in the centre of the palm), general check on the ring finger midline. Also known as “ knowledge line ”, “ &rdquo, “ genius line; the hypothenar parabola, ” “ human lines ” etc.. Wisdom line reflects people's intelligence, memory, thinking ability, strain capacity, creative, self-control, namely a person clever and sensible degree. The disease, which belongs to nervous and mental system, cardiovascular, followed by optic nerve. (three) feelings of the line began in the little finger below the inverse arc, parabola, across the upper part extends to the palm, index finger and middle finger below. Also known as “ &rdquo, “ direct line; line, ” “ distal transverse curved lines, ” “ jacquard ” etc.. Feelings of the line reflects the characteristics of human feelings, marriage pattern, as well as social skills, popularity is. Prompt patients, mostly cardiovascular, central nervous system, respiratory system, function, optic nerve. (four) the fate line began in the palm near the wrist, across the palm, direct finger. Also known as “ &rdquo, “ business line; the line ” etc.. The fate of the line reflects life of physical and mental health of the pattern, and job, career development trend, a prompts for chronic diseases, heart, lung function decline, energy decay. (five) health line begins with Venus mound (should not touch the lifeline), extending to the direction of the little oblique. Common in mental workers and the infirm. … …
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