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Small family therapy regimen wisdom as early as in the spring and Autumn period, TCM classics "Huang Di Nei Jing" in there on hand and visceral relationship records, such as "palm heat in the lung heat, heat, Foot Yangming disease; fish Luo blood, hand Yangming disease". "Huangdi Neijing" it points out the close relationship between the hand and the internal organs of the body. Because of the hand can reflect the function state of the internal organs of the body, so the hand diagnosis has become a part of Chinese medicine diagnosis indispensable. Wang Chao of the Tang Dynasty in the "water mirror map tactic" in the records according to observe the children finger medial superficial vein color and morphological changes of diagnosis. In the Ming Dynasty, the infantile index finger diagnosis method has been widely applied. Since the Qing Dynasty, hand to continue the development, clinical assistant diagnosis has become a very important part of. There was a study of 1200 outpatients who had a palmprint diagnosis coincidence rate survey, results show that the hand can determine 132 kinds of diseases, including 54 kinds of common diseases of the average rate in the 75%, especially on the stomach, bile, liver, spleen and heart related diseases, gynecology and pediatrics.Disease, diagnosis accuracy rate. Hand diagnosis is a traditional Chinese medicine discipline, equivalent to the palmprint and palm medicine. Palmprint and hand shape, color, skin texture, nails can be used to diagnose a disease. The "hand" should be referred in the research phase current as "palm diagnosis" or "palm medicine" or "hand diagnosis theory". When the body is in non health status, change hand type, color configuration, nails easily perceived by people, change palmprint is often ignored by people. Palmprint looks just a little grain, health information but reflected not less than the hand, nail. Always observe the palmprint changes, understand the physical health status, find out why human dynamic balance is destroyed, can prevent disease, can also adjust the busy work and life, so as to make our life more healthy, more happy. Hope all attach importance to healthy people, after reading this book, all for their own health feel pulse, as soon as possible health hazards, the body of symptomatic treatment, truly "your health, your control". Editor
Catalogue of books

1 palmprint measurements on scientific principles
palmprint health more thoroughly, health more secure
palmprint measuring health is not groundless, but according to

and palmprint is closely related to the change of the 6 channel
master hand of 17 important points.
the palm skin characteristics and function of

palmprint is closely related to measuring health of the 3 major advantages of
palmprint measuring health confusing concepts about
2 palmprint to measure health
four basic types of palmprint
palmprint change factor
five range and palmprint correspondence between
palm viscera reflection area
3 at hand
palmprint diagnosis diagnosis type
five and hand type
4 health
nail nail diagnosis at the role of
Nail diagnosis when diagnosis method
Nail inspection point
the nail color and the corresponding condition < br />5 according to the palmprint measuring health
common line and the corresponding conditions.
wisdom line
feelings of the line
Health line
the sun line
the line
interference lines
indulgence line
allergy line
Sydney line
liver > palmar branch
constipation line
germ line
Saturn line
common texture symbol table
palm texture signs and lesions of
lesions of
burst lesions of
forming lesions of

inflammatory lesions in chronic lesions of

critical disease relapse lesions.
malignant lesions.
dysfunction lesions of
congenital organic lesions of
old lesions symbol
other lesions in
6 according to the palm color healthy
palm color and health of the relationship between
palm color and corresponding symptoms.
Qi palm

heat blood stasis palm palm
liver palm
cold syndrome the pain syndrome palm
Supian palm
anemia palm
palm color and corresponding symptoms list
7 palmprint cure all diseases

cold migraine insomnia constipation diarrhea

cervical spondylosis bronchitis hypertension

hypotension anemia, neurasthenia.
children malnutrition of children enuresis

gastroptosis patients of chronic appendicitis

coronary heart disease chronic gastritis peptic ulcer

lung cancer, emphysema and chronic hepatitis
acute and chronic enteritis of esophageal carcinoma

asthma chronic pharyngitis, pneumonia

prostatitis stroke hemiplegia diabetic

palpitation myocardial insufficiency.

cystitis pulmonary tuberculosis decreased visual acuity of

brain atrophy hematuria accessory phlogistic @##@

hemorrhoids myocardial infarction of liver damage in
> mastitis anorexia in children

cholecystitis gallbladder polyps breast hyperplasia
hearing impairment.
cerebral hemorrhage Palmprint diagnosis is one of the components of TCM science. This book to understand the text and lifelike illustration of this article introduces the basic principle of knowledge and palmprint diagnosis Palmprint and hand type, a shape, the paper introduces the 50 kinds of palmprint diagnosis for common diseases, and offers massage therapy, cupping therapy and diet therapy disease. The book is concise and easy to learn, scientific and practical method, is the ideal reference books home people attending autonomy.
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