Learning from scratch scraping

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Chemical Industry Press   Author:Xue Yongge editor  

Xue Yongge, the founder of Chinese family of origin, Tai Chi massage, with [Tai Chi technique called the hands]. Department of Tai Chi Master Chen's eighteen generation successor Mr. Feng Zhiqiang's own pupils, Professor of Orthopaedics and traumatology dear disciple of Mr. Ge Changhai. In the inheritance of ancestral medical experience and at the same time division technique, financial Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Wu, medicine as a whole, create their own unique approach -- Tai Chi maneuver, and in the foot and back massage research and practice has accumulated rich experience.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of scraping therapy basic knowledge of
scraping therapy magic
commonly used acupoints by scraping scraping

scraping scraping technique essentials of pre prepared
scraping process determines the health effects of
after scraping vigilance matters
second chapter common pathologies of the scraping therapy

vomiting, stiff neck

hiccup heatstroke headache

cold cough hypertension
hypotension disease

diabetic diarrhea constipation

gout periarthritis of shoulder cervical spondylosis
lumbar disc herniation of lumbar
muscle strain
trigeminal neuralgia

paralysis sciatica irregular menstruation dysmenorrhea amenorrhea.

mastitis climacteric syndrome

impotence, spermatorrhea premature ejaculation
acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis

acne skin itching eczema

neurodermatitis @##@ urticaria "Practical family health care series: learning from scratch scraping" with straightaway language introduced the basic knowledge of commonly used acupoints, manipulation, scraping the method, how to perform a physical examination, scraping, and graphic combination in the form of detailed analysis of the scraping therapy 39 kinds of common diseases, clear structure, simple to learn, and has a strong practical, even without scraping experience can successfully complete the relevant operation.
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