Indigestion and constipation self massage

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Yu Tianyuan, pan [editor   Pages´╝Ü67  

Dr. Yu Tianyuan
, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Professor, chief physician, doctoral supervisor, research area of manipulation in the treatment mechanism of peripheral nerve injury. Massage Professional Committee Deputy Secretary General of Chinese society of Chinese medicine massage, Beijing City Committee, State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine health professional committee of meridian conditioning National Cooperative group.
engaged in massage, orthopedics and traumatology of TCM and acupuncture teaching, research and clinical work.
take all 20 scientific research projects, published more than 30 papers; editor of 16 academic books. The research project has won the three prize of Beijing scientific and technological progress, more than 1
0. Editor of the textbook was named the Beijing higher education teaching materials. Beijing teaching masters, Beijing education innovation pacesetter honor.
Catalogue of books

First chapter overview of
second chapter common cause and common symptoms.
A, indigestion, constipation
A, indigestion, constipation
Chapter third commonly used techniques.
A, palm method
three side polishing method, palm pushing
four and a method
six point method, palm vibration method
fourth chapter acupoints
the first section point positioning method.
A, bone length measurement
three landmarks, finger measurement
five, Zhongwan abdominal
seven, epigastrium Shenque
eight, Qihai, Guan yuan
nine and
eleven, the door beams at the
thirteen, cross channel
fifteen chapter door, door
sixteen, Pishu
seventeen, stomach Yu
nineteen, Dachangshu in core
twenty-one ditches, Neiguan
twenty-two, Liang Qiu
twenty-three, Zusanli, Shangjuxu
twenty-five, xiajuxu
twenty-seven, Bai Jie Xi
twenty-nine, Gongsun, Sanyinjiao
thirty, Yin Ling Quan
Thirty-one, Taixi
fifth chapter massage method.
A, palm and
two season, abdominal massage to help transport
three, pushing the abdomen
four, plucking large horizontal hole or the bands of
five, massage acupuncture points
six, palm vibrating abdomen
sixth chapter daily health care and the matters needing attention
the first daily health care.
A, indigestion dietotherapy party
three constipation, agreeable method
second day notice.
A, diet
three, the living
@##@ manipulation treatment This book introduces the pathogeny, symptom and method of indigestion and constipation self massage. The book is divided into 6 chapters, including introduction, common cause and common symptoms, commonly used gimmick, acupoints, massage, daily care and attention. Among them, introduces 6 kinds of commonly used gimmick, 28 common points, the 6 step self massage method, and introduces 3 kinds of dietotherapy porridge, 3 kinds of tea, traditional agreeable and daily matters needing attention in the last chapter. The book is comprehensive, popular language, concise, paper with a lot of clear images, with or without medical knowledge can understand, believe in self care for readers to a more comprehensive grasp of the spleen and stomach dysfunction in a relatively short period of time.
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