Common disease of acupotomy

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Tuberculosis is a chronic lung disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, sputum. Bacteria called infectious pulmonary tuberculosis. Bacteriological patient is to infect a source, mainly by the patient coughed out TB spread through the respiratory tract, in the human body resistance is low, easy to infection. The disease can affect all age, but young adults, more men than women. In recent years, the incidence is increased in the elderly. [] that the etiology and pathology of acupotomology, excessive fatigue, long bad mood can make resistance drops, electrophysiology function, body fluid metabolism retention, microcirculation, resulting in the lungs for the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the tuberculosis susceptible disease. [diagnosis] 1 clinical manifestations are generally long-term low-grade fever, afternoon or evening, the next day morning to normal. Fatigue, loss of appetite, night sweats, and weight loss. To cough without sputum or cough a few mucous sputum, secondary infection can have purulent sputum. Blood in the sputum or hemoptysis is pure, bright red. Indefinite position of chest pain, often with breathing, cough, is pleural involvement performance. Chronic progressive dyspnea and cyanosis. Pneumothorax and pleural effusions, can appear acute dyspnea. The 2 auxiliary examination (1) X-ray examination early was exudative flocculent fuzzy shadow, increased density of caseous change. Lymphangitis is visible when one or several self focus to the hilar and cord like shadows. Acute vascular disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis, visible double lung field distribution is uniform, density and size of miliary shadows. The secondary pulmonary tuberculosis complicated, or cloud floccule, or dot, patch nodular. Caseous lesions increased density and uneven.......
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The first chapter is a basic knowledge of Chinese medicine and Acupotomology related theories in two, needle knife treatment of disease principle three, the needle knife therapy indications, contraindications, exception handling and the matters needing attention four, needle knife needle method and surgical aseptic operation five, Acupotomy treatment methods, needling method and needling sensation six and needle knife specifications and applicable scope seven, Acupotomology commonly used manipulation in the second chapter of common disease in Department of internal medicine of acupotomy of chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis two three four and five chronic gastritis and cardiac spasm in six, seven peptic ulcer, eight chronic hepatitis, nine hyperthyroidism, third chronic prostatitis is a common surgical disease the needle knife therapy and gallbladder stone in two, chronic appendicitis in three, hemorrhoids, anal fissure in four five, ureteral calculi in six, chronic cystitis fourth chapter of common gynecological diseases of acupotomy therapy, functional sub officer two bleeding, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea in four of three chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, the fifth chapter of acupotomy is a common pediatric diseases, congenital torticollis in children, two genu varum three, children with congenital flexion contracture in four children with developmental dislocation of the hip in Chapter sixth, common in Department of Dermatology lame knife Therapy, herpes zoster in two, verruca vulgaris three, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, acne four five seventh chapter ent common lame acupotomy, neck blindness two, upper eyelid Shita Mi, allergic rhinitis four, sublingual cyst in eighth chapter common disease in neurology acupotomy, trigeminal neuralgia in two, facial spasm three, superior Clunial Nerve Injury in ninth chapter common soft tissue operation Acupotomy tenth chapter common bone and joint disease @##@ Acupotomy "Common disease of acupotomy" briefly introduces the basic knowledge of needle knife therapy; details of the Department of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, Department of Dermatology, surgery, neurology, injury of soft tissue and bone joint disease diagnosis, Acupotomy treatment method, and the manipulation treatment, prevention and cure. The content of user-friendly, convenient operation, scientific and practical, suitable for primary care doctors started learning reference.
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