• Huangdi Neijing twelve hour regimen 3

    "Brief introduction of aligning Health Remedy" after twelve hour regimen of 3: for irregular work and rest are internal content: Chinese pay attention to "prevention before disease". How to "control"? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a word, called "because day order", that is to follow the motion sequence "days" of their own to health, in general is "hair",,

  • Home health care massage

    "Family health care massage" for common diseases, chronic disease in people's life and intractable disease rehabilitation and daily health care, hairdressing, introduces some operation at home massage methods, these methods include guiding massage, routine, including folk acupuncture and bloodletting therapy; at the same time, according to the some,

  • Not the same as the practice of natural health law 100

    "Introduction to the practice of natural regimen 100 asked" content is not the same: when you practice completely natural health law is not the same, believe what relatives and friends will ask me: "do you use what skin care products, let oneself become so ruddy complexion?" "ask what you eat good food, let oneself become then slim,

  • The scientific method of healthy life

    "The scientific method of health life: vesicle big health" originated from the Central People's broadcasting station health lecture, "the scientific method of health life: vesicle big health" consists of five chapters, including nearly 150 points _, relates to Chinese disease prevention and health aspects, including senile disease prevention and control, main and collateral channels health, point,

  • From head to foot with the acupuncture point

    Health law bring back life to a patient, "from head to foot with the acupuncture point: bring back life to a patient's regimen (with chart 1)" content brief introduction: my therapy, acupoint is an important point, because of the point itself is the hub of Qi and blood. Therefore, the best choice of proper acupoint dredge main and collateral channels effect, often play four two dial one thousand jins role. So, my consulting room,,

  • Chinese foot practical handbook

    "Chinese foot practical manual" on foot care formula suitable for different needs, is convenient for personal care and professional operation, will enable beginners to enter from zero to a high level of a one-stop learning, can make a base lifting technology, growth for the expert, the establishment of a new basic reflex zone concept, improve the therapeutic effect of health, pass,

  • Reba person health talk

    "Reba person health private words" offer you: one, the fundamental reason why people and coping cannot be completely cured disease and sick after the road. Two, every member of the family care preferred 13 small family recipe. Three, a variety of two-way adjustment, let little exercise regimen twice the result with half the effort. Four, in the teacher child care experience,

  • The old Chinese medicine doctor 40 years health - gourd healthy life series

    The utility of human body main and collateral channels acupoints, "old traditional Chinese medicine doctor 40 years health" content introduction: health can be divided into two parts: one is to raise, one is born. Support is to pay attention to maintenance. The human body, is actually a system of a dynamic equilibrium. When the human intake of energy is lower than the energy consumption of the life activities of the human body, the body will naturally decrease. Conversely.

  • Wu Dazhen health essence set

    "Wu Dazhen set" health essence. Professor Wu Dazhen ten years nearly 1000 lectures of health, is a profound summary of traditional Chinese culture and a way of keeping good health, is broad and profound, but also popular and easy. The lecture is divided into habits of health, ecological health, physical health, emotional health and health, time for health workers,

  • Wisdom is not sick 4

    "Wisdom is not sick 4: I Ching in the therapy of the disease" is "the Chinese medicine health Juexue" series, the eleventh, it is the "medical Yi interlinked" traditional Chinese medicine doctor Luan 加芹 following the "wisdom is not sick 2" "not sick of wisdom -- Book 3 health manual" and a dedication to the public the self health care of. ,

  • Graphic health massage point

    Brief introduction of "graphic health massage point" content: every point we human are equivalent to blindly medicine, any kind of magic about them, are our ancestors used body tested. In this world, not what incurable disease, as long as you learn to self massage, can make your doctor. Every day just to,

  • Zhang Xiuqin minimalist scraping upgrade Premium Edition

    "Zhang Xiuqin minimalist scraping (upgrade Premium Edition)" interpreted language easy to understand complicated medical theory, teach you a simple, practical and effective prevention, care, treatment method. Now, you just need to try to locate something, they can step by step with "Zhang Xiuqin minimalist scraping (upgrade Premium Edition)" explanation of self,

  • Jinyuan four doctors modern health plan

    "The most interesting Health Prescription: introduction Jinyuan four famous modern health plan" content: unique health wisdom, achievement of healthy life. Four famous took turns on stage, viscera, Qi and blood, read on to talk about emotion, healthy, classical tradition culture on the shot scenes, the health experience for readers, let you instantly,

  • Delicious health nourishing cream

    "Delicious health nourishing cream" is a combination of the Millennium ancient wisdom and modern human health physical characteristics of perfect health book. "Delicious health nourishing cream" in Beijing, famous TCM doctor Tang Boxiang for a common modern subhealth, chronic diseases, gynecological diseases, pediatric diseases and cosmetic problems, put forward the "slow" new,

  • Me how to monastic yangshou

    Me one interpretation commentary, "Yang Shou: me how to order me about Taoism interpretation commentary" written in 2500, is China's oldest long literary works, many seemingly two syllable words, actually often is the two syllable words. For example, the "unknown", "famous", "no desire", "desire", "synonym" and so on are,

  • Zhou Yi Health Guide

    "Book of changes" content introduction Health Guide: ancient medical Yi interlinked, Chinese learn the essence of Yi, forming a unique Chinese medical theory. Traditional Chinese medicine is not instruct people how to wine and dine, but the current regimen was entered the circle -- the food when eating, the food for thousands of years the mission lost. Exercise.

  • Meridian massage book for children

    Meridian massage the children, "children of meridian massage book" in the content not only details the meridian acupoint massage and children common disease and classified treatment, also contains the children's daily health care and the four seasons health care massage method, really can cure and prevention; in form also has a large number of precision real demonstration figure, for parents,

  • Tell your secret spine health

    And soft wisdom and balance of the spine, "tell your health secret: introduction and soft and balanced wisdom": if you carefully listen, you will hear our body in a different language to speak to us, that language is the language of the body, when can you understand it, you know our body. Our body is a book,

  • The ailment does not ask for

    China Taiwan's most prestigious TCM Zhang Butao dear Chuan health protecting life collection, sales in Taiwan for fourteen years, the Jane was low, efficiency, by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, known as "Taiwan's most prestigious TCM doctors Chinese" Zhang 步桃 dear family physicians from health care Medical Encyclopedia the hot China Taiwan 14 years, influence in Southeast Asia etc. overseas Chinese circle of TCM classic the 6 health view 14 common,

  • Graphic foot care massage

    "Introduction to the graphic content:" foot care massage the soles of the feet is called "the human heart the second", not only brings reflection area all the body organs, more foot three yin and three yang meridians of foot 6 meridians, from the foot and terminating at the foot. So there are "bamboo from leaf litter, from the foot of old, the foot every day, so do not find." The,

  • Doctors keep life science application

    "Medical health with the" from "face to face life" of the special program "health plan in the spring", invited the famous Chinese medicine experts and medical person, teach you a simple massage and examination methods, to achieve self diagnosis, self health care, let you forever young and healthy. "Face to face life" is the Beijing tv,

  • Because is the son sit regimen

    "Because is the son sit regimen" leading the global boom in health. In nearly 100 years, Second Edition 30. Master Hong Yi, Rao Zongyi, Shen Changwen, Zhang Naiqi, Nan countless famous strongly recommended, lifelong practice authority health quest. "Because is the son sit regimen" is a famous modern health house, buddhist,

  • Face the truth

    Face the truth, "Tian Yuan for TCM series face the truth: folk medicine" detoxification "modern body" author Tian Yuan visit to Guangdong Xingning folk medicine Chen Shengzheng, the ancient Chinese medicine clinic after 40 years of reconstruction, surface can be known disease, general toxicity; the "excess is poison", face abnormality color, temperature, spot wart, blood, pox,

  • Their differentiation prescription

    "Their differentiation prescription" Introduction: at present social life exists in "medical treatment is difficult and expensive" problem, the old people to go to the hospital is difficult, expensive and difficult to cure the disease. In fact, many diseases in our daily life not intractable, this book introduces prescriptions by editors repeated screening, in order to effectively,

  • Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine health

    "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine health" content introduction: by the end of the first fixation, after cure, raise; practice simultaneously, harmonious "microclimate" human ", is the core idea of the" Yellow Emperor through health. Explain profound theories in simple language, easy to understand, easy to read "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine", "the biggest characteristic is through preserving the" Huang Di nei. Health first,

  • Health to keep the root

    "Health to raise root: longevity" Tongrentang expert Ma Bisheng author Professor Ma Bisheng is a famous medical experts, in their care in the elderly work for decades, accumulated a lot of valuable experience and methods of health, a variety of methods have been in clinical practice and generalization, is really stand the test, for the reader,

  • A light massage detoxification

    More than 30 kinds of pure green, high efficacy of external treatment to more than 50 sets of low risk of massage, external detoxification prescription Chinese most professional massage detoxification master summarizes 50 years of clinical experience teaches you to spend the least money, exercise at least heart, use the most secure method, the health to the end points of view: the wonderful illness is,

  • Huangdi Neijing Four Seasons Health Law

    Experts say the most intimate, the most authoritative health tips, health the most comprehensive approach, with 24 solar term as the main clue, close to nature, return to the traditional. Let you in the basic necessities of life, understand the essence of traditional Chinese culture, as a natural health care methods. Every five minutes, tips to teach you to health. ,

  • Harmonious health less sick

    Harmonious health less sick, "understand that till 40 years later: harmonious health less sick" brief introduction: a pure Chinese medicine through his way of telling you how to reduce damage to health method dislocation on the body, how to find suitable for their own health. The book provides many health method is simple and practical, the readers can choose. With time, you,

  • Graphic and ear symptomatic massage

    "Massage" graphic and ear symptomatic as illustrated, easy to learn practical and symptomatic treatment massage books, including foot massage knowledge can not know; foot massage steps simple; common disease to massage techniques massage; hundreds of steps demonstration graph. Tell readers how to use simple hand foot massage therapy,

  • Moxibustion health book

    Disease free longevity, Korean medicine family years of life experience of moxibustion, moxibustion a sincere sharing notes. A collection of China ancient moxibustion experience, including South Korea and new Japanese moxibustion clinical information, report the latest scientific including Japan, Korea, United States, Germany and other modern moxibustion. The author describes the interesting moxibustion health experience,

  • Who said that Chinese medicine doctor slow

    "Who says the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine from the" slow "emperor" to "the typhoid miscellaneous topics", from "Prescriptions" to "Compendium of Materia Medica", traditional Chinese medicine has passed from generation to generation, no matter in the Yin and Yang, viscera, main and collateral channels, diagnosis, therapy and clinical experience, has formed its own theoretical system characteristics. It includes human vientiane,,

  • Li Zhigang acupoint health.

    Li Zhigang acupoint health ", with an overall and clear understanding Li Zhigang acupoint health" health knowledge. Health care methods relative to point very much, such as massage, scraping, cupping, moxibustion, acupoint, acupuncture bloodletting, practical method to let the public can learn so much in the "Li Zhigang point" in health is not easy, and Zhigang,

  • Keep a good five zang organs do not fall ill

    "Keep a good five ill" the health "not deviate from the" health "Tao" -- the principle of "art" -- method. And a detailed description of the human body each organ nursed back to health, treatment of associated with each organ diseases. Thus, "raise a good five internal organs not sick" is a let you live more and more spiritual books, is a book,

  • Every day 108 times width of heart disease not to shun gas

    "Every 108 weeks, the heart is wide gas Shun disease not to" tells the story of 108 worship is a kind of let us find the real health. It with the proper body movement to pull the bone tendon pull, so the inner body immunity, natural healing ability into full play. In 108 weeks, we will not consciously put yourself in the most humble,

  • Health wine most raise a person

    "Health liquor most raise a person" content abstract: with the progress of human civilization, material and spiritual cultural life enriched, people begin to pay more attention to their own health and maintenance. Wine because of its human unique function is also more and more people pay attention to. Medicinal liquor to be accepted, because it is neither drinking wine,

  • 24 solar term regimen

    Get a break, the first one, according to the "five and six" view of a year is divided into wind, warm, hot, dry, cold rain, six seasons, and according to each season climate characteristics of the 4 solar term of the extracted the most accurate of the three in one health plan. Two, 24 kinds of ancestral diet recipe, such as elimination of five upset hot "six flavor Rehmannia gruel", help,

  • For small molecules of water, illnesses and health wisdom

    "Introduction to drink small molecules of water, illnesses and health wisdom": Lu Jiang honorary medical experts of World Medicine Health Council appointed invention of small molecule small molecules water treatment group water created by nuclear magnetic resonance detection, half width is 55, 82Hz, show that for the quality of small molecules of water. In 1993 December to 1,

  • Graphic head massage

    "Introduction to the graphic head health massaging" content: three minutes a day, health really relaxed! Traditional Chinese medicine believes that: the first is "the sun", "clean government", the viscera essence blood, Qing Yang of gas, both on the note in the head. As long as you learn to self head massage, can prevent the invasion of the pathogenic factors, prevention and treatment of diseases to health and longevity,

  • Wisdom is not sick 2

    "Wisdom is not sick 2" will tell us: A, 8 a new concept of health, give you the supreme courage to overcome the disease, keep healthy and harmonious body and mind share. Two, 13 types of health care works, 15 sets of special effects and compensation scheme, Peiyuan, let you and your loved ones, friends completely from the health worries,

  • The national intangible cultural heritage

    Eight bottles of soup treatment, "national intangible cultural heritage: introduction eight bottles of soup diagnosis" content: Spice Chinese medicine, medicine, Arabia medical have attached great importance to health care materials, oil, medicine oil is also popular in the world, into the thousands of households. "Hui spice drug therapy of the disease within the" let everyone learn to make myself at home with sweet medicine, sweet medicine and essential oils,

  • Acupuncture and acupoint 20

    Acupuncture and moxibustion and acupoints "20" is to introduce a system of universal book main and collateral channels acupoints and the clinical common diseases treated with acupuncture and moxibustion. The book consists of 20, according to the level of depth were about acupuncture treatment of main and collateral channels, acupoints, needling and moxibustion techniques and Department of internal medicine, pediatrics, ENT, gynecology, Department of Dermatology and 60 kind of common disease, frequently occurring disease. ,

  • Eight bottles of soup diagnosis

    "Soup bottle of magic eight up eight bottles of soup diagnosis: introduction to natural therapy" non drug content: eight bottles of soup diagnosis is a long history of health therapy Chinese hui. It originated in the Han and Tang Dynasties, then with a large number of Muslim ancestors came to Chinese, Islamic medicine culture has entered, they also learn the main and collateral channels theory of traditional Chinese medicine,,

  • The Ancient Chinese Literature Search health first.

    China sexual health has a long history, has a long history, extensive content, academic excellence, is a treasure of very precious human cultural garden, should be carefully summarizing and studying. In the history of ancient sages, China research on sexual health, has made brilliant achievements, and made an outstanding,

  • All God needle

    "All God needle" introduced more than 500 kinds of acupuncture of 146 common diseases treatment method, method in the book are each disease only pick one point, a point that the effect characteristics, related diseases not only provides a method of multiple treatments, each method is described in detail in clinical acupuncture positioning technology, operation, inspection method,

  • Watch that health

    "Watch that health" includes four parts, the first part is the diagnosis foundation, face location is introduced, the eye, ear, nose, tongue, lip ministry reflex zone and treating disease. The second part is a common disease diagnosis method, introduced nearly 80 kinds of common diseases in facial expression. The third part is a common symptom of surface,

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