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A, SAS statistical software package SAS (statistical analysis system) is a statistical analysis system, which is composed of America North Carolina Ra Leigh SAS software development company issued. This system has the information storage, retrieval, statistical analysis and document processing and other functions, but also for statistical graphics. The SAS software is written in PI or L and IBM assembly language. Two, the BMDP statistical software package BMDP (Biomedical computer programs) is the abbreviation of biomedical computer software package, it is American University of California developed and issued. The software package for medical statistics workers provide a description from the simple data, until the advanced statistical analysis method, complete function. The BMDP software is written by FORTRAN language, individual local using assembly language. Three, the SPSS statistical software package SPSS (statistical package for the Social Science) is a statistical package for social, it consists of America developed in Stanford University, Chicago SPSS software company. Statistical functions, including descriptive statistics, frequency table, table, variance analysis, regression analysis, multivariate analysis, the main methods of statistical analysis, has drawn the statistical graphics functions, it is written in the FORTRAN language. SAS, BMI) P, SPSS is the 3 large international statistical software package, is the largest users in the world 3 big statistical software. The software is composed of a plurality of subroutine. Four, the SYSTAT statistical software package SYSTAT (the system for Statistics) is a statistical system, which is an advanced statistical software package, published by SYSTAS company and issued America. The statistical method is complete, fast speed, high precision, the software small space occupation, large amount of data processing. Statistical methods including basic statistical part (such as a statistical chart, basic statistics, nonparametric statistical analysis) and advanced statistical methods (such as multivariate generalized linear model assumes MGI.H, factor analysis, cluster analysis, nonlinear estimation and time sequence etc.). Five, the GLIM statistical software package GI, IM (generalized linea, interactive model syStem) is a system of generalized linear model based statistical analysis software package, written in FORTRAN language, the GLIM Committee of the Royal Statistical Society Development and distribution. This system provided by the GLIM software is suitable for fitting generalized linear models, such as the general linear model, the logarithm linear model, LOglStic model, Probit model, multi reaction models, Poisson model etc.. It is easy to use, the user can give full play to the role of statistics, statistical ideas of their own, in addition to the statistical analysis to solve the practical data, is suitable for the study of statistical methods, so some people think, this is a particularly suitable for professional statisticians software package. Six, the MINITAB statistical software package MINITAB (MINITAB statistical software) is America Enterprise Drive State College statistics software designed for college students, graduate students and statistics package. At present, the beauty of statistics course, many university in the package with the teaching of statistics, such as the UK University of Edinburgh by MINITAB combined with statistical master's teaching. The software is easy to learn, use, simple commands, in addition to the basic statistical methods, there are multiple many analysis methods can be used, but also draw histogram? This small software, very suitable for teaching, basic statistics for different professional analysis. Seven, EPIINFO and EGRET software package EPIINFO (statistics program for epidemiology on microcomputers) and EGRET (eDide miological graphics, estimation and testing package) is American centers for disease control, WHO AIDS disease epidemiology and global control group jointly developed. The former software is disease data management software, a software is in the drawing, the estimation and testing of software. EPIINFO word processing, spreadsheet, establish the function questionnaire, proofreading, preliminary statistical analysis, and EGRET including Logistic regression, Cox regression, survival analysis methods of statistical analysis. Slide Write Plus eight, SLIDE software package, is by Advanced Graphics Software company in California, in twentieth Century 80 time metaphase USA developed an advanced drawing software, implemented on microcomputer. It has draw a variety of statistical graphics functions, such as general bar chart, double bar chart, percent bar chart, histogram, line drawing, circle diagram, scatter diagram, the regression line, also can be used as a preliminary statistical analysis. Nine, the STATPAL statistical software package called statistical package for microcomputers, is published by Marcel Dekker Ltd., American New York Statpal association. This is a small software, easy to use, implemented in the microcomputer, very suitable for the basic statistical analysis for experimental workers. Ten, the PEMS statistical software package PEMS (package for Encyclopaedia of Medical Statistics) is "Chinese Medical Encyclopedia -- software medical statistics package" version second, developed by the West China Medical University Department of health statistics. It "Chinese Medical Encyclopedia --" a Book of medical statistics based on reference, edited by Professor Yang Shuqin "Health Statistics" works ", edited by Professor Guo Zuchao of medical statistics method and the preparation of the" etc.. The first is the use of BASIC language, the statistical method of covering almost all the contents of these monographs, later in the first edition of the second version, written with TURBOC and TURBOBASIC language, named PEMS. Method is more complete, the result is more reliable, and joined the new statistical analysis methods, such as Logistic regression, Cox regression. The menu using the TURBO C window technology, according to the system stratification drop-down menu - easy to use, particularly suitable for teaching and grass-roots workers used for statistical analysis. Eleven, the SASD statistical software package SASD (package for statistical analysis of stochastic data) is a random data statistical analysis software package for distribution center, and developed by Chinese Academy of Sciences computing. This is a large, comprehensive, strong commonality of advanced statistical software package, the use of FORTRAN language, is the country's most influential statistical software package.......
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The first chapter first order in medical statistics in section second some basic concepts in section third, several main distribution section fourth statistical software package SAS second chapter overview of SAS 6.12 basic running environment of second SAS program section third establishes the SAS data set of fourth segment SAS6.04 display management system the third chapter measurement data statistics section second section position indicator third discrete degree of the index of the fourth section measurement data descriptive statistical procedures SAS the fourth chapter estimation of population mean and t test section estimation of population mean second day sample mean and the overall mean comparison test of T third paired t test fourth group t test fifth group two the homogeneity of variance test sixth t test procedures SAS the fifth chapter first introduction to the second day of variance analysis of single factor analysis of variance of third day average two two comparisons among the fourth day more than two groups of homogeneity of variance test fifth day randomized block design analysis of variance sixth Latin square design analysis of variance seventh factorial variance the eighth section of the analysis of variance analysis program SAS ninth balanced incomplete block design square difference On the tenth day the orthogonal experimental design analysis of variance covariance analysis the sixth chapter eleventh section linear correlation and regression, the first section outlines the second day correlation coefficient of linear regression equation is third section fourth section two linear regression equations between the fifth day point linear regression in section sixth, linear correlation and regression procedures SAS chapter seventh multiple regression and correlation section multiple linear regression of the basic concept of second multiple regression calculation section third standard partial regression coefficient and partial correlation coefficient fourth day fifth day multiple correlation coefficient and coefficient of determination sixth multivariate regression in medical applications in section seventh, multiple regression and correlation of the SAS program eighth chapter stepwise regression and the optimal subset regression stepwise regression analysis in section second, the first section the optimal subset regression in section third, stepwise regression and the optimal subset regression application example and the SAS program ninth chapter regression curve section second day exponential or logarithmic regression curve section third parabolic regression fourth S curve fitting the tenth chapter count data of statistical analysis of the eleventh chapter of nonparametric statistics twelfth chapter circular distribution statistical analysis of the data of thirteenth chapters the normal value range The fourteenth chapter discriminant analysis the fifteenth chapter cluster analysis the sixteenth chapter high-dimensional contingency analysis the seventeenth chapter risk analysis and Logistic regression survival analysis and Cox regression eighteenth chapter appendix a practice question in Appendix two appendix three examples of statistical tables in the data file appendix four English Chinese statistics vocabulary appendix five reference @##@ contingency table The author has long been engaged in medical statistics teaching, has accumulated rich experience, and have achieved fruitful results in application. The contents of the book covers the main contents of the 3 disciplines and latest achievements, refining the text expounds briefly, explain profound theories in simple language, theory with practice, strong operability. The precise structure, each chapter chapter contact each other, but also for the separate articles, see. The data in the data file used by the book examples are listed in the book, please refer to appendix three, practice the data in the data file with the title can refer to appendix a rear part. Their main readers of this book is to medical researchers, medical colleges, medical graduate students, undergraduate students, as well as other relevant personnel, curriculum materials can be used as medical colleges and universities graduate medical statistics.
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Order in clinical practice and laboratory research, people often face some urgent need to explore, to clarify the issue, such as a drug or therapy for the treatment of a disease is effective? Or the comparison of two kinds of drugs in the treatment of a disease curative effect has the difference? Which is better? Again, a disease or epidemic may involve a variety of factors, which of these factors is about? What is not? What? What is time? Etc.. All genuine knowledge comes from practice, to clarify these issues, we must first practice, but how to practice? How to get the exact and the necessary information from the practice? How about these data scientific analysis, to get the reliable judgments and conclusions? This has become an important issue, a medical statistics is a important tool to solve the above problems. Since the living there are individual differences, human societies have added to the internal and external factors affecting complex, therefore medical phenomenon always changing, the causal relationships between the perplexing. A result that people see happen often is the comprehensive result of many factors acting, but usually not caused by one factor alone, for medical phenomenon comprehensive effect of these factors, to explore and clarify the inevitable rule, must use multivariate statistical analysis method, but its calculation method of complex, large amount of computation, an awe inspiring. In recent years, with the help of computer of the powerful calculation tool, especially convenient operation, statistical software package has excellent function, so that the deep development and wide application of medical statistics be a tiger with wings added, thus creating a new situation in the field of medical research. In recent years, the development of medical science, make a spurt of progress, people's understanding of medical law also gradually discard the false and retain the true, from the shallower to the deeper, from the outside to the inside, from the phenomenon and essence, individual, local and extended to the whole of medical statistics, which plays an important role in. Therefore, as a medical research of high-level professional personnel, master the necessary medical knowledge of statistics and statistical software packages use skill, has become an indispensable, this is over the years my school in the cultivation of postgraduates has always attached great importance to and strengthen the important background of medical statistics teaching. The author has long been engaged in medical statistics teaching, has accumulated rich experience, and have achieved fruitful results in application. This book is the author of many years for graduate students, after repeated summary, modify, add, update, and writing. The contents of the book covers the main contents of the 3 disciplines and latest achievements, refining the text expounds briefly, explain profound theories in simple language, theory with practice, strong operability. The precise structure, links both between each chapter, and is convenient for the separate articles, see. This book is suitable for each professional medical raw materials. In addition, for all levels of personnel engaged in medical research, this book is also the essential tool. That book is available will be popular among readers. Shi Bingzhang 2002 February
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