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Date of publication:2001-1   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Fang Ping   Pages:192   Words:280000  
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The first chapter is the introduction section of literature and literature retrieval section second literature retrieval section fifth remote database retrieval second chapter unified library using the first Library Shelving and directory query second reference books and the third chapter of sci-tech periodicals and medical journal first periodical overview section second electronic journal section third introduction index fourth core journals appendix manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals require language section fourth CD Database Retrieval Tools and databases in section third (Book) the fourth chapter literature America "medical index" and MEDLINE database retrieval section American "medical index" and MEDLINE database retrieval section second "medical subject headings" and subject index to schedule a MeSH category list the main category of schedule two MeSH subheadings using range third MEDLINE CD ROM database retrieval section fourth Internet search MEDLINE schedule MeSH subheadings extended table fifth chapters other important medical literature retrieval system, the first festival of Holland "Medical Digest" appendix EM fascicle series second USA "Biological Abstracts" appendix Major concept headings scale section third USA "Chemical Abstracts" section Fourth "medical center" Japanese magazine sixth chapter Chinese medical literature retrieval the first section mainly printing retrieval section second "Chinese biomedical literature databases" section third Chinese Medical Journal Full-text Database chapter seventh special literature retrieval section medical patent document retrieval section second medical conference prediction and document search eighth chapter internet medical information resources section and the Internet and the web second web search tool and its application in section third, the online medical information resource references appendix a Pinyin and the Wade system initial consonant, vowel table appendix two Latin letters and Japanese character transliteration table appendix three Russian - English letters transliteration table book site index book important concepts @##@ index This book is one of the medical institutions of higher learning for courses in twenty-first Century seven year clinical medical specialty textbook series, can also be used for the five years of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Five years of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Five years of student use in the focus of literature and literature retrieval, basic knowledge and basic skills training at the same time, according to the teaching hours to adjust the elective content. The book has 8 chapters and 27 sections, chapters and at the end of the book has some important practical and informative, and compilation of the index, after each chapter lists some questions, generally after reading materials, thinking and basic skills training is not difficult to answer, the editor to this to inspire students interest in learning. The cognitive law book in the design content and structure frame with special consideration to clinical medicine and scientific research for the information of the unique needs and students in the learning process. In the conclusion of this course involves the important concepts, such as literature, literature retrieval, retrieval language, database retrieval, remote database retrieval for elucidating this be concise and to the point, for the first time to set foot in the field of medical students learn this course, is the basis for later chapters.
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