Biomedical Engineering

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This book is one of the ordinary higher education "eleven five" national planning materials. This book system, comprehensive introduction to biomedical engineering related background, basic theory, application, and development of frontier dynamic. It consists of 3 parts and 18 chapters, respectively is cited, Bioelectromagnetics, biomechanics, medical ultrasonic principle, biomedical photonics, bio technology, biomedical sensor technology, biomedical signal processing, medical imaging, electrophysiological diagnosis and monitoring technology, clinical biochemistry inspection technology, radiation therapy, directed energy surgical techniques, physical therapy and rehabilitation, hospital digital information technology, biological materials, gene chip and data analysis of MEMS technology application in biomedical engineering, biological informatics.
the book is suitable for ordinary institutions of higher learning in medical, biological sciences, biomedical engineering and other related professional teaching, but also can be used as reference for engineering and technical personnel.
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The introduction of

based biomedical engineering of the basic theory of
the first chapter biological electromagnetism
the first section outlines the
third biological phenomena of electromagnetic wave in the medical application of
Fourth biological effect of microwave
fifth millimeter wave biological effect of
sixth biology magnetic phenomena of
seventh bioelectromagnetic dosimetry and electromagnetic radiation safety standards
eighth biological electromagnetic hot spots in the
second chapter biomechanical
the first section outlines the
second soft tissue mechanical properties of
third mechanical properties of bone
Fourth blood flow properties of
fifth heart, arterial and venous hemodynamics in
third chapter of medical ultrasonic principle of
the first section provides an overview of
second section of medical ultrasound physical basis of
third medical ultrasonic transducer ultrasonic medical physics based
Fourth chapter biomedical photonics
the first section outlines the
second day light and substance
third sections of biological systems ultra weak photon emission
Fourth festival of light propagation in biological tissues
fifth basic laws of bowel Light tissue interaction principle and application of
sixth biomedical research in optical imaging technology
seventh spectroscopy technology and its application in biomedicine
fifth chapter biotechnology
the first section outlines the
second biological basis of
third genomic biology technology
Fourth proteome biotechnology
fifth pharmaceutical biotechnology
sixth nano biotechnology
Application of biomedical engineering application technology of
sixth chapter biomedical sensor technology
the first section outlines the < br > second physical sensor
third chemical sensor
Fourth biosensor
seventh chapter biomedical signal processing
> second biomedical signal characteristics of
third biomedical signal extraction and characteristics of
Fourth biomedical signal processing method of commonly used
fifth modern biomedical signal processing method of
sixth biomedical signal parameter model analysis of
eighth chapter of modern medical imaging technology
the first section provides an overview of
second projection X ray Imaging
third X ray computer tomography
Fourth ultrasonic imaging system
fifth radioactive comb - imaging system
sixth magnetic resonance imaging system
seventh medical image for the future development of
ninth chapter electrophysiological diagnosis and monitoring technology of
the first section provides an overview of
second ECG analysis and diagnosis technology of
third EEG analysis and diagnosis technology of
Fourth EMG detection and application of
fifth knots power detection and diagnosis of
sixth gastric electrical detection and diagnosis of
tenth chapter development of clinical biochemical test technology of
eleventh chapter radiotherapy technique
twelfth chapter directed energy of surgical treatment for
thirteenth chapter physiotherapy and rehabilitation
the development trend of biomedical engineering trends of
fourteenth chapter hospital digital information technology -
fifteenth biological material
sixteenth chapter gene chip and data analysis of
seventeenth chapter MEMS technology application in biomedical engineering
eighteenth chapter introduction of bioinformatics
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: modern health view changed people, especially long-term medical circles only attach importance to healthy body factors, while ignoring the one-sided view of psychological and social factors and health. The most common form of expression is: in the medical work, although the treatment of body disease, regardless of which brings to the patient of pain in mind and cause social consequences; only pay attention to drug and physical therapy, but ignore psychological and social treatment; in the rehabilitation process of patients, only pay attention to physical rehabilitation, and despise mental health; in preventive medicine, only attach importance to physical health, mental health and care. The concept of health has characteristics and must be adapted to the times, but it is not immutable and frozen, but in the constant change. With the development of science and technology, biology and improve social environment, living environment, the concept of health will continue to add new meaning. Two what is biomedical engineering, biomedical engineering is the use of modern naturalThe principle and method of science and engineering, from the engineering point of view, the multi-level study organisms especially human body structure, function and other biological phenomena, research for preventing and curing disease, body function and health care of artificial materials, products, equipment and systems engineering discipline. Engineering is based on Natural Science (especially physics, also relates to chemical and biological applications of science and Technology) based on the principle of medicine; and the Life Sciences (can also be viewed as generalized Biological Sciences) in practical application (prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease) a sector based, it is different from the general and basic natural science, is also different from the engineering and technical science in general, is an independent branch of science. Biomedical engineering is a modern engineering technology and Life Sciences (especially medicine) combined with biomedical applications of science and technology, highly integrated, that is to say, it is by applying theories and methods in engineering, research, explain, define and solve related problems of biological medicine is a science. America National Institutes of Health (NIH) related terminology expert group definition of biomedical engineering is: "biomedical engineering is a combination of physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science and engineering, engaged in biology, medical, behavioral or health research; put forward the basic concept, produced from the molecular level to the organ level knowledge, the development of innovative biological products, materials, processing methods, implants, instruments and information method for rehabilitation, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, the patient, improving the health of purpose."
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"Biomedical Engineering" was listed as the ordinary higher education "level planning eleven five" national curriculum. The system, a comprehensive introduction to biomedical engineering related background, basic theory, application, and development of frontier dynamic.
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