• Biomedical data mining

    "Biomedical data mining" the theory and practice of combining data mining, emphatically introduces the basic concepts of data mining and its various practical application in the biomedical field, aims to familiarize the reader with the rational use of this method, to solve practical problems of basic medical research and clinical. Biomedical science.

  • Medical statistics and software package

    Medical statistics and software package, He Qingbo edited, Shanghai science and technology press,

  • Toxicology tutorials

    This book is the teaching of a toxicology medical colleges, including the principles of toxicology, toxicology, toxicology on target organs in several parts, discusses in detail the relevant knowledge and theory of toxicology, the book suitable for medical students to learn to use. ,

  • China medical history

    "China medical history (Second Edition) (Revised Edition)" the main content includes: the origin of ancient medicine - twenty-first Century BC, health care, shelter, clothing, use of fire, guidance, marriage, medical knowledge, medicine, acupuncture, acupuncture, moxibustion, external treatment, several other kinds of medicine, "on the origin of medicine due to the saints,

  • Medical statistics

    "University textbook" Twelfth Five Year Plan "planning materials, the textbook of medical colleges and Universities: Medical Statistics (Fourth Edition)" for the planning of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Teaching Material Construction Expert Committee planning materials, and National Textbook of medical colleges and universities, is according to the Ministry of education requirements for the course of higher medical colleges and universities teaching materials, by all,

  • The utility of Medical Informatics

    This book introduces the basic theory and knowledge of medical informatics, including the basic concept of medical informatics, medical data storage, processing and exchange, the standardization of medical information standard and transmission format, clinical characteristics and sharing of information. Medical information system at home and abroad have been and are being developed, including a hospital,

  • A concise history of Chinese Medicine

    "Concise history of Chinese medicine (Second Edition)" can be used as medical institutions especially western institutions 20 ~ 30 hours "history of medicine" teaching material, can be used as a medical professional subject teachers, doctors and other medical personnel and medical education management and researchers understand the medical history and the history of the discipline of reference book,,

  • The quality of life and

    On the quality of higher education of Chinese medicine security, "quality and life: on the quality of higher education of Chinese medicine security" in accordance with the specific requirements of the basic trend of the development of higher education in China and the local government, and the particularity of higher education of Chinese medicine, according to the quality goal of security personnel training of Chinese medicine, human, financial, material support, teaching management education, education,

  • Simple food toxicology

    "Concise food toxicology" consists of twelve chapters, systematically introduces the basic concept, development of toxicology, xenobiotics in vivo absorption, distribution, excretion, transformation and the basic knowledge of xenobiotics in research methods in vivo process; and a variety of toxic effects and their influences the effect of host and ring,

  • Health management

    "Health management, health management (Second Edition)" tells the story: the health management has developed for 30 years in our country. Over the past thirty years, along with the teaching and research work in depth, subject and constantly enrich and develop, especially the related disciplines cross each other, penetration, impact, health management, and gradually developed into,

  • Medical science information retrieval

    "Central South University project materials, medical science information retrieval" based on the biomedical field, specialty oriented medical information, is a comprehensive system of medical science and technology information retrieval and using the basic principles and basic theory, technical methods and comprehensive utilization of the professional teaching materials, content involves information retrieval technology, retrieval method,,

  • Traditional Chinese medicine literature

    "Chinese Literature (Second Edition)" is a systematic introduction of the literature theory and application of knowledge teaching, its content has been revised and updated comprehensive based on the first editions of textbooks, including traditional Chinese medicine literature based knowledge, ancient literature, modern literature, foreign literature, network literature and literature practice etc.. The book,

  • Medical psychology

    "Medical psychology" can be divided into five parts: the first part introduces the general situation of medical psychology, as a brief history, the new medical model, medical psychology development of science; the second part introduces the psychological phenomenon and essence, mental processes and personality of individual psychology, as well as a body and the group mental health; the third part to medicine,

  • Counseling learning medical statistics

    Counseling learning medicine mathematical statistic, "higher education" 1025 "planning materials, the national medical colleges and universities planning: counseling learning medical statistics (Third Edition)" statistical treatment focuses on theoretical knowledge summary and all kinds of exercises analysis method, all kinds of medicine practical problems. The book is given in each chapter of the textbook content, basic,

  • Medical literature retrieval

    Medical literature retrieval, this book is one of the medical institutions of higher learning for courses in twenty-first Century seven year clinical medical specialty textbook series, can also be used for the five years of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Five years of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Five years of student use in the focus of literature and literature retrieval, basic knowledge and basic skills training at the same time,,

  • Medical Informatics

    "Medical Informatics" based on the theory and practice in medical informatics, based on the characteristics of the professional and the needs of teaching, medical, information science, information technology and information management and other disciplines as the foundation, describes the composition of medical information and its role in medical development; basic concept, medical information theory, technology,

  • Medical statistics

    The global minimum essential requirements in medical education and undergraduate medical professional education of our country basic requirements as the base, focus on training students' innovation consciousness, innovation ability and critical thinking, emphasizes the relation with clinic, include the national qualification examination of knowledge. In order to achieve not only can avoid the various levels,

  • Medical foundation of special education

    The main contents of "basic medical" special education include: introduction, special children and genetics, visual impairment, hearing impairment of basic medicine medical foundation. The individuals with disabilities education is the United Nations an important indicator to measure the national human rights to improve the situation of the A, an important measure to resolve livelihood issues is also a country, but also,

  • Medical psychology

    "Medical psychology" has long been engaged in medical psychology, health psychology, clinical psychology, prevent teaching medical and psychiatric teaching and scientific research in higher medical colleges to write. The book to four psychological theory (theory of psychoanalysis, behaviorism, humanism theory and cognitive theory as guidance, focus on),

  • Histology and Embryology

    Histology and embryology,,

  • Medical Science Foundation

    "Medicine" consists of three sections and seventeen chapters, the first chapter anatomic basis, mainly introduces the human anatomy structure and morphology, highlights the close relationship with drug evaluation of visceral anatomy and morphology of content. Second physiological basis, in addition to the basic human physiological functions, key process,

  • The mathematical model and software application practice of Medicine

    "Medical model and software application" is "eleven five" science education project innovation teaching material, the book is divided into 6 chapters, including basic knowledge of medical model, medical data processing mathematical method and experiment, the biological application of mathematical model and calculation of sub bioinformatics, medical application of mathematical model,

  • Biomedical Engineering

    "Biomedical Engineering" is divided into 18 chapters, respectively is the Bioelectromagnetics, biomechanics, principle, medical ultrasonic biomedical Guang Zixue, biotechnology, biomedical sensor technology, biomedical signal processing, modern medical technology, electrophysiological diagnosis and monitoring technology of radiotherapy technology, directional energy surgical treatment,

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