The Secretary

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Since 1994, the Ministry of labor and social security office occupation skill identification center, teaching materials and China labour and Social Security Publishing House Organization experts, according to "the people's Republic of China occupation skill appraisal standard", the publication of the occupation skill appraisal occupation skill appraisal materials and matched guide 200, authoritative textbook as the pre examination training by the country at all levels, training, appraisal institutions welcome, effectively promoted the development of occupation skill appraisal work. The Ministry of labor and social security have formulated and promulgated the national occupation standards from 2000. At the same time, the economic and social development, technology, enterprises put forward higher requirements on the quality of the labor force. In order to adapt to the new situation, to provide quality services for all levels of training, appraisal department and the vast majority of trainees, teaching office organized relevant experts, technical staff and occupation training management personnel, teachers, according to the national occupation standard and enterprise demand for all kinds of talents, developed training occupation skill identification materials. Newly written material has the following main features: in the preparation principle, giving prominence to the occupation ability as the core. Textbooks through "to the occupation standard as the basis, to the enterprise demand as the guidance, to occupation ability as the core" concept, according to the national occupation standard, combined with the actual business, reflect the post demand, highlighting the new knowledge, new technology, new technology, new method, pay attention to occupation ability. Any occupation post work required knowledge and skills, are introduced. In the use of functions, pay attention to training and certification services. According to the actual situation of occupation development and training needs, teaching materials to reflect the occupation training rules, reflecting the basic requirements for assessment of occupation skill appraisal, meet the need of training object to participate in all kinds of examinations.

The book published by the Ministry of labor and social security office organized the preparation of teaching materials. Teaching with "national occupation standard secretary" as the basis, closely around "to the enterprise demand as the guidance, to occupation ability as the core
" the idea of compiling, sought to highlight the characteristics of occupation skill training, to meet the needs of occupation skill training and evaluation.
this text introduces Secretary (national occupation qualification level three) new practical knowledge and technology requirements of the master. The book is divided into seven modules, the main contents include: the reception and etiquette, public relations and business communication, office management, conference management, document writing and processing, information management, document management. Each unit is arranged on the unit test questions and answers, the end of the book provides a theoretical knowledge and practical skills examination papers, offer reader reference use consolidated, test learning effect.
this textbook is a secretary (national occupation qualification level three) occupation skill training and evaluation, is also available for related personnel to participate in on-the-job training, post training in the use of.
Catalogue of books

First unit
the first festival reception and etiquette etiquette concerning foreign affairs and welcoming ceremony
A, international etiquette
two, foreign reception principle
four foreign-related protocol sequence, foreign-related protocol
second day ceremony foreign meetings, talks and visits to
A, international meeting,
two, talks foreign visit
A, foreign foreign banquet dinner of the principles and points for attention of
three Western-style food etiquette, reception etiquette
Fourth festival gifts, gifts.
a taboo, the customs and the matters needing attention
gift unit test
unit test answers

second unit of business communication and public relations
the first public relations survey and planning
A, public relations, public relations planning
second day public relations, implementation and evaluation of
A, public relations, public relations, the implementation of
two detection and evaluation of
the third section special activities of public relations
A, image display
three news conference, celebration
five public welfare activities, emergency
six, public relationship Department of advertising
speech activity unit test unit test questions.

third unit office affairs management
section office of environmental management.
A, choose office mode
two, reasonable office layout
second section office affairs and management of
A, office procedures management of
three inspectors work, formulate the work plan.
five, undertake periodic office work target management
third emergency prevention and response to emergencies.
A, meaning and type
three incident prevention, emergency
four, emergency response methods: incident rehabilitation
fourth section office supplies and equipment management.
A, obtain the right to the use of the office equipment
two, office supplies procurement budget
government procurement unit test unit test questions.

fourth unit conference management of
section ahead of the meeting, to formulate the
a preparatory scheme of
two, draft meeting emergency plan
four, check the remote conference preparatory meeting on condition of
Article The two section will be in service
A, propulsion conference process
three meetings in the use of funds, will burst events in
third day after the implementation of the
A, a summary of the meeting
two, meeting to review the

unit test unit test answers

fifth unit instrument writing and processing of
the first document writing,
two decision, notice
four bulletin, please approval, review the letter
six plan, summary, report
seven > eight, leadership speech
, free market report
eleven tender, the tender
second day send text processing.
A, documents audit
two, instruments to do
four, documents to document press
unit test unit test questions.

the sixth unit information management
the first section information development.
A, information development based
two, information development in the form of
three, information development method
five, information written information development requirements.
second section information by
A, information utilization And characteristics of
three ways of using information, tracking card and document log using
four, information utilization requirements
third information feedback
A, information feedback based
two, information feedback in the form of
three, information feedback, the contents and the methods of
four the requirements of information feedback,

unit test unit test answers

seventh unit document management
the first use of archives, and archives.
a meaning and requirement of
two, archives using service mode
three, the utilization of archives work program
second file reference
A, file reference meaning and meaning of compiling
two, file reference type
three, bream write file reference work program, file
fourReference bream
third writing requirements of electronic documents and records.
A, the electronic file of the meaning and characteristics of
two, electronic files of the advantages and disadvantages of
four types of electronic documents, electronic records management requirements of
five, electronic records management work program
unit test unit test questions.

theoretical knowledge examination papers (a)
the theoretical knowledge examination papers (two)
the theoretical knowledge examination papers in (a).
the theoretical knowledge examination papers (two) examination papers answer
skills (a) operation skills examination papers (
skills examination papers (a) examination papers.
skills (two) the answer
Chapter excerpt

3 writing (1) title. Three elements generally use the standard complete title, namely "the organ + reasons + language". If the decision at the meeting, below the title can add parentheses indicate the decision conference name and time. (2) date. Date determined two kinds of writing, is a mark at the end of the lower right, with the general document. One is the standard under the heading with parentheses, as follows: the decision of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on strengthening the population and family planning work to stabilize the low fertility level (March 2, 2000) (3) text. The decision, decided why decisions, decided to request the three parts. 1) decided to reason. The general summary of your decisions based on the purpose, significance, and make a decision situation, task background condition, followed by "made decision" Chaintech language, the transition to determine content. 2) decisions. Determine the types, content of the decision will be different matters. ① guiding decisions generally matters more, long. The content should be the focus of that work arrangement, policy requirements, working principles, some decision needs to further elaborate the significance, principles and practices; the provisions of decisions, principles, measures, often uses the structure mode of a list of tasks; as, to principles, methods, measures, requirements should be divided or segmented statement. The punishment decision. Need to specify a specific way to honor or the decision of the parties and the handling opinions on issues related to etc.. The matters decided. Need to specify the arrangements, disposal, such as the revision of regulations, important layout, organization and personnel adjustment etc..
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"The Secretary (national occupation qualification level 3)" is the Secretary (national occupation qualification level three) occupation skill training and evaluation, is also available for related personnel to participate in on-the-job training, post training in the use of.
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