Pest control.

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"Pest control officer (primary)" to "the national occupation standard -- pest control officer", the content, the occupation activity guidance, to occupation ability as the core, highlighting the occupation training characteristics; the structure, the pest control agent occupation activities in the field, in accordance with the modular approach, the rodent control controlling the cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, control, termite control, pest control and other content to write. "Pest control officer (primary)" is suitable for the primary pest control technician training, occupation skill appraisal is recommended guidance books.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter rodent control
first day rodent identification
second day rodent infestation survey
third rodent
Fourth to assess the effect of
this chapter questions
second chapter of cockroach control in
first cockroaches recognition
second cockroaches Harm Investigation
third mosquitocide
Fourth to assess the effect of
this chapter questions
third chapter of fly control
first flies recognition
second flies abuse in
Fourth flies to the effect evaluation
this chapter thought questions
fourth chapter mosquito control
first mosquito identification
second mosquito invasion situation of
third mosquito
Fourth to assess the effect of
this chapter questions
fifth chapter termite imitation
first termites recognize
second termites survey
third termite
Fourth day evaluation
this chapter questions
sixth chapters other pest control
first fleas, mites, ants recognition
second fleas, mites, ants invasion situation investigation
this chapter questions
reference > third @##@ assessment fleas, mites, ants and
fourth section effect According to the national occupation standard book "-- pest control officer" requirements, by China employment training technical instruction center standard, textbooks, item bank in accordance with the principle of convergence of tissue preparation, is the occupation skill appraisal recommended guidance books.
the book introduces the primary pest control personnel should master the skills and knowledge, relates to the rodent control, cockroaches, flies, prevention and control of mosquito control, termite control, pest control and other content.
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