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Fu Sujie, editor of the "valley of Gynecology of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine professional training for rural doctors by)" is traditional Chinese medicine specialized compulsory clinical course, is a subject of the gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine basic theory and skill, plays an important role in the clinical disciplines. This text mainly for rural doctors of traditional Chinese medicine professional training. The textbooks in rural job, on-the-job training of professionals of Chinese medicine as the focus, to improve the rural doctors of traditional Chinese medicine basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills for the purpose, highlight the practical, focused on the training of clinical competence, make rural doctors through the course of learning, to master basic knowledge of physiology, pathology, women and in the treatment of gynecological diseases and prevention, improve their overall quality and level of service, becomes the Chinese medicine personnel at the grass-roots level in rural areas with, better for the grass roots service.
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The first chapter introduction

section of TCM gynecology definition and scope of
second section of Gynecology of TCM development.
A, Xia, Shang, Zhou and the spring and autumn and the Warring States period, the Qin and Han Dynasties.
four Jin and Sui Dynasty, the Tang and Song Dynasties,
five, Jin Yuan period
six, Ming and Qing and the Republic of
second chapter of modern female reproductive organs and physiological characteristics of
the first female reproductive organs.
A, uterus, cellular network, cellular network
two, vagina, vulva, door, Yumen
second women _ physiological characteristics of
two >, menstruation, leucorrhea
four pregnancy, birth
third chapter gynecological disease etiology and pathogenesis of
the first section causes
A, sex factor
three emotional factors, lifestyle factors, physical factors.
second disease
A, viscera function disorder of
three, Qi Chong and Ren (DU) damage
Fourth chapter gynecological disease diagnosis.
the first section Methods
A, the inquiry
three inspection, auscultation, palpation
a gynecological examination and auxiliary examination of two
common gynecological symptoms in differential diagnosis of
second key points of differentiation of
TCM gynecology medical record writing format.
A, medical records format and content of
two, outpatient medical record writing format
fifth chapter gynecological disease treatment summary
section of internal treatment.
A, Zishen kidney
three, Jian Yanggan Shugan spleen and stomach, regulating qi and blood four > five, insecticide detoxification
second external
two, fumigation, irrigation
three, nano drug method
five sticking therapy, hot compress
seven intrauterine injection method, anal import method
nine drug iontophoresis, acupuncture therapy, interventional therapy
ten > of pregnancy avoid taking song
sixth chapter prevention and health,
A, menstrual health
three, pregnancy health. The puerperium health
five lactation health, menopause and old age health
seventh chapter menstrual disease.
the first menstruation
second day menstrual
third irregular menstrual cycle
fourth months after
fifth menstruation
sixth day menstrual extension
seventh intermenstrual bleeding
with amenorrhea polycystic ovary syndrome
ninth and
of dysfunctional uterine bleeding of
a dysmenorrhea with endometriosis.
eleventh day menstrual syndromes before and after
A, the
two breast distending pain, menstrual fever
four retrograde menstruation, menstrual port mi
twelfth day menstrual diarrhea is the syndromes before and after
eighth chapter leukorrhagia

A: vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, monilial
two vaginitis
two atrophic vaginitis of pelvic inflammatory disease.
ninth chapter
the first day of pregnancy pregnancy disease Evil resistance
second abdominal pain in pregnancy
third ectopic pregnancy
fourth day fetal leakage, fetal movement disturbed
of abortion, miscarriage, fetal
slide section fifth fetal wilt not
sixth sub full
seventh sub swollen
eighth < br > ninth sub halo
preeclampsia of hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy
tenth sub Lin
eleventh pregnancy retention of urine
tenth chapter postpartum disease
first day postpartum fainting

second section of postpartum hemorrhage, puerperal convulsion
third day postpartum abdominal pain
fourth day postpartum fever of puerperal infection of

the fifth section
of lochia uterine redintegration incomplete
sixth day postpartum body pain.
seventh day postpartum constipation
eighth day postpartum micturition abnormal
ninth lack of milk
tenth day postpartum galactorrhea
eleventh chapter miscellaneous gynecological diseases.
the first breakdown breakdown
a uterine fibroids
attached two ovarian tumor
second infertile
third Yin Yang
Fourth uterine prolapse
fifth hysteria
twelfth chapter physiology of the female reproductive system of
the first female anatomy of the reproductive system.
A, genital
three internal genitalia, female pelvis and pelvis at the end of the bone
second of female reproductive system of physiological
A, women's life stages of the physiological characteristics of
two, ovarian cyclical changes and hormone
three, uterus and other parts of the periodic change of genital
four, sex hormone regulation of
thirteenth chapter physiology of pregnancy and prenatal examination
first pregnancy physiology
A, fertilization and implantation of
two, a fetus. The formation and function of
second day fetal maternal changes.
A, changes of reproductive system of
three breast changes, circulation and the change of blood system
five changes in the urinary system, respiratory system, changes of
six changes of digestive system of
seven, other aspects of the change of
third day pregnancy diagnosis.
two, early pregnancy diagnosis in late pregnancy diagnosis,
Fourth prenatal examination.
A, prenatal examination time
two, first check the contents of the
three, obstetric examination
five, visit the prenatal care during pregnancy symptoms and treatment of
fifth health guidance section normal delivery.
two decision factors of delivery, delivery mechanism
three, delivery of clinical course and treatment of
sixth normal puerperal clinical manifestation and processing of
A, puerperium clinical manifestations of
fourteenth chapter plan for health education
the first quarter growth method of contraception, contraceptive
a tool
three pill, other methods of contraception.
second tubal sterilization.
A, transabdominal tubal ligation
two, laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery
third contraceptive failure remedial measures
A, drug abortion
three, artificial abortion of midtrimester induction of labor
appendix gynecological prescriptions pregnancy
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