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This book mainly includes Chinese traditional surgery, gynecology, pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese orthopedics 4 parts. Each part is divided into two parts, the first part is the pandect, mainly introduces the definition, category, a brief history of the development of various disciplines, each discipline disease etiology and pathogenesis, syndrome differentiation, treatment and nursing program; next to the theory, mainly introduces the subject of Chinese medicine treatment of the most distinctive disease treatment content.
"clinical medicine" informative, prominent clinical features of Chinese medicine, strong practicability, is suitable for teaching the "Western learning".
the book despite repeated discussion changes, but inevitably there are some problems or deficiencies, hope the majority of teachers and students to give valuable advice to a second edition revised.
Catalogue of books

The first part of Chinese traditional surgery in general

second chapters the first chapter is the introduction of Chinese traditional surgery, disease named principle
third chapter Chinese surgical disease etiology and pathogenesis of
the first etiological factors of
second the pathogenesis of
fourth chapter of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment of surgical diseases.
the first festival diseases disease differentiation and syndrome differentiation of TCM surgery.
second TCM surgical therapies.
fifth chapter Chinese surgical nursing
the sixth chapter each on
first boil, boil, carbuncle, hair, carbuncle
third day walk Huang erysipelas and invagination.
the fourth section sinus
seventh chapter of breast disease.
the first section
second mastitis Rubi
eighth chapter of male urinary tract diseases.
the first festival of chronic prostatitis
second urolithiasis
third sub carbuncle
ninth chapter of peripheral vascular disease.
the first section superficial thrombophlebitis.
second experience in
appendix a common surgical prescription, Chinese medicine
tenth chapter skin diseases
the first snake strand sore
second wet sores
third psoriasis
section fourth white Ge
fifth alopecia areata
appendix two Department of Dermatology, Chinese medicine prescriptions.
eleventh chapter anorectal diseases.
the first section
second hemorrhoids perianal abscess.
Fourth anal fissure anal fistula.
fifth lock anal hemorrhoids
sixth rectocele
appendix three anorectal disease prescription index
Second Department of Gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine
the first part
the first chapter is the introduction of
second chapter TCM gynecological disease etiology and pathogenesis of
the first section causes
second pathogenesis
Third chapters in gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation.
Article a dialectical point
second festival of common gynecological diseases, treatment of
the fourth chapter of gynecological diseases in TCM Prevention and health,
the theory of various
fifth chapter menstrual disease.
the first menstruation
second day menstrual
third irregular menstrual cycle
Fourth menorrhagia hypomenorrhea.
seventh amenorrhea and
the eighth section dysmenorrhea
sixth chapter leukorrhagia
seventh chapter pregnancy disease
the first evil resistance
second threatened abortion and an
third sliding tire
Fourth ISO A pregnant
fifth joint swelling in pregnancy
eighth chapter postpartum disease
first day postpartum fainting
second day postpartum fever
third day postpartum body pain.
fourth day Postpartum Lochiorrhea.
ninth chapter miscellaneous gynecological diseases.
the first section
second section scar stasis infertility.
appendix gynecological disease prescription the index
Third Department of Pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine
the first part
the first chapter is the introduction of
second chapter pediatric disease of TCM etiology and pathogenesis of
third chapter of syndrome differentiation and treatment overview
section diagnosis summary
second day treatment summary
the pediatric medicine common disease.
fourth chapter pulmonary system
the first cold disease.
second cough
third pneumonia cough asthma.
fifth chapter spleen disease
the first section anorexia
second stagnation of
sixth chapter diarrhea heart system disease.
the first festival of viral myocarditis.
second Tourette syndrome
seventh chapter kidney disease
the first acute glomerular nephritis.
Second nephrotic syndrome

eighth chapter third section enuresis disease
first purple From
third day fetal hidrosis yellow
appendix a pediatric prescriptions index
appendix two commonly used Chinese Medicine Pediatrics index
Fourth Department of Orthopaedics and traumatology of Chinese medicine.
the first part
the first chapter is the introduction of
second chapter injury etiology and pathology.
the first festival etiology
second day injury pathogenesis.
third chapter of TCM orthopaedics treatment summary
the first section checking method for the
second methods in the treatment of
the theory of various
fourth chapter fracture
section fracture of upper limb fractures.
third fracture of lower limb
Fourth spinal fractures
the fifth section of pelvic fracture dislocation of
fifth chapter
the first shoulder joint dislocation of elbow joint
second festival de live
section third children with subluxation of radial head dislocation of hip joint
sixth chapter tendon injury.
the first cervical vertebra pain
second periarthritis of shoulder
third lumbar disc herniation
seventh chapter bone
the first section aseptic necrosis of femoral head.
second osteoarthritis
third osteoporosis with
Record a department of orthopedics disease commonly used formula index
appendix two commonly used Chinese Medicine Department of orthopedics disease index
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Western learning Chinese medicine (hereinafter referred to as the "Western learning") training materials according to the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine on the "Western learning" training the spirit of the document, in the planning of Jilin Province Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, prepared and organized by Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine science and technology Literature Publishing House published a series of training materials. This set of textbooks for a total of 4, specific for: "Chinese classical bibliography of readings", "acupuncture and massage", "Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine", "clinical medicine", western institutions for all levels of Jilin Province Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and the comprehensive hospital graduation learning Chinese medicine physician use.
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