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Liu Hongyan, Su Ying editor of "Chinese Classic Readings" by the "Huang Di Nei Jing", "Treatise on the" selected readings, "Golden Chamber" selected readings, febrile diseases is composed of 4 parts, in the preparation of bodies is not unified, the training object features, combined with clinical practice, tries to use plain language, appropriate levels of detail interpretation of the original historical background, core thought essence, the key to academic view clearly, the method of TCM theoretical connotation, its unique representative of Oriental Science and system science advanced theory stated.
the "Chinese Classic Readings" will tell us that many of the world's problems are not the answer is unique, understanding of the human body and walk, may be the same. Want to write the textbooks for learning Chinese medicine, western medicine plays a role of bridge.
Catalogue of books

The first part of the "Yellow Emperor" of the introduction of

the first chapter "via" into the book with the evolution of
the first section "Nei Jing" in a Book
second day "after" the evolution of
third Festival "during the" note and the note
second chapter "after" the formation of the theoretical system and the basic content of
the first section "via" the formation of the theory of
second day "after" the basic content of the theoretical system of
third chapter "Nei Jing" theory of academic characteristics and academic value of
the first section "Nei Jing" theory of academic characteristics
second festival "Nei Jing" theory academic value.
fourth chapter learning "via"
the original method of
Q - ancient naive theory first (excerpt)
Q - gas adjustment of God is great article second (excerpt)
Q - angry through day on the article third (excerpt)
Q - yin and Yang should be like unto the fifth (excerpt)
Q - Ling LAN secret code article eighth (excerpt)
Q - section six Zangxiang theory article ninth (excerpt)
Q - five pool formation article tenth (excerpt)
Q - five Tibetan different articles eleventh (excerpt)
Q - soup Liquid mash wine on the article fourteenth (excerpt)
Q - pulse to microscopic theory of article seventeenth (excerpt)
Q - ping people weather on the article eighteenth (excerpt)
Q - channels don't order twenty-first (excerpt)
Q - heat from article thirty-first (excerpt)
Q - cough and article thirty-eighth
Q - lifting pain from article thirty-ninth (excerpt)
Q - Bi Yu article forty-third (excerpt)
Q - fistula from article forty-fourth (excerpt)
Q - five. Seventieth (excerpts) from
Q - to really big Yu article seventy-fourth (excerpt)
Lingshu the God eighth (excerpt)
Lingshu meridian tenth (excerpt)
Lingshu, camp hygiene eighteenth (excerpt)
Lingshu, will air thirtieth (excerpt)
Lingshu · Hai Yu thirty-third (excerpt)
Lingshu the Tibet forty-seventh (excerpt)
Lingshu. Age fifty-fourth (excerpt)
Lingshu, water swelling fifty-seventh (excerpt)
Lingshu, diseases was sixty-sixth (excerpt)
Lingshu, confused order eightieth (excerpt)
second part "Treatise on the" selected readings of
the introduction of
the first chapter "Treatise on the" main content and academic value of
the first section "the injury Cold on the main content of
"section second" Treatise on the "academic value of
second chapter" Treatise on the "author and book background
the first section" Treatise on the "author
second festival" Treatise on the "into the book with the evolution of
third chapter" Treatise on the "academic origin and achievement of
the first festival" Treatise on the "academic origin
second festival" Treatise on the "academic achievement
fourth chapter typhoid meaning," Treatise on differentiation and treatment of typhoid
the first festival meaning
second "Treatise on the" dialectical method
third Festival "Treatise on the" therapy.
the the
the first chapter Taiyang disease syndrome differentiation of

first solar disease treatment program
second solar disease the card
third solar surface depression light card
fourth day sun lesions
second chapter Yangming disease syndrome differentiation and treatment of < br >
section Yangming disease differentiation program
second Yangming disease the card
third section of Yangming disease syndrome
third chapter shaoyang disease syndrome differentiation of

section shaoyang disease treatment program
second shaoyang disease this credit (Minor Bupleurum Decoction syndrome)
Third Shaoyang disease and variable C
fourth chapter Taiyin disease syndrome differentiation of

section Taiyin disease treatment program
second Taiyin disease the card
third Taiyin disease and complications
Fourth Taiyin disease prognosis of
fifth chapter Shaoyin disease syndrome differentiation of

the first section Shaoyin disease treatment program
second Shaoyin disease the card
third Shaoyin and yuan /
Fourth sore throat /
sixth chapter of Jueyin disease syndrome differentiation of

first Jue yin disease treatment program
second Jue yin disease syndrome of intermingled heat and cold
third day syncope syndrome differentiation and treatment
Fourth damp heat diarrhea syndrome
Chapter seventh cholera treatment based on syndrome differentiation of

the first cholera
second Poria five powder and Lizhong pill of flexibility in the use of
eighth chapter Yin and Yang Yi taxation relapse disease syndrome differentiation of

the first section illness beginning more treatment and nursing care of
second day difference after treatment
third day difference disease after disease diet
third part "synopsis of the Golden Chamber" in the introduction to the

the dampness of Lily disease
Lijie disease

blood arthralgia
cough asthenia disease on
chest stuffiness
cold hernia disease
liver disease, kidney disease.
phlegm disease

water disease of diabetes.
hematemesis rhinorrhagia under the blood disease

fourth woman disease of epidemic febrile disease.
the first part
the first chapter of warm disease characteristics and classification of
second chapters of the etiological factor and pathogenesis of
third chapter of disease differentiation.
fourth chapter of epidemic febrile disease diagnosis commonly used method of
fifth chapter treatment of seasonal febrile disease.
sixth chapter wind warm syndrome
seventh chapter spring epidemic febrile disease.
ninth chapter chapter summer febrile disease summer heat dampness
tenth chapter wet temperature
eleventh chapter latent summer heat disease
twelfth chapter warm dryness disease
thirteenth chapter big blast
fourteenth chapter scarlet fever
the first chapter on the
heat type of syndrome and treatment of epidemic febrile disease mainly
second chapter of damp heat type of epidemic febrile disease mainly treatment

readings Ye Xiangyan "exogenous hyperthermia"
Wu Jutong "doctrine of seasonal febrile disease"
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Western learning Chinese medicine (hereinafter referred to as the "Western learning") training materials according to the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine on the "Western learning" training the spirit of the document, in the planning of Jilin Province Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, prepared and organized by Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine science and technology Literature Publishing House published a series of training materials. This set of textbooks for a total of 4, specific for: "Chinese classical bibliography of readings", "acupuncture and massage", "Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine", "clinical medicine", western institutions for all levels of Jilin Province Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and the comprehensive hospital graduation learning Chinese medicine physician use. "Chinese Classic Readings" by Liu Hongyan, Su Ying.
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