Aged care workers in vocational skills training tutorial

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The "national civil administration continuing education series of training materials: aged care workers in vocational skills training tutorial" in accordance with the "nursing member national occupational standards" and the nursing professional requirements, including nurses occupational ethics and the relevant laws and regulations, the elderly care, elderly care, rehabilitation nursing care for elderly, the elderly psychological nursing, the management team of old-age care institutions and nurses the establishment of learning organizations etc..
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The introduction of
the first chapter endowment nurse professional ethics and laws and regulations related to
the first day endowment nurse professional ethics and code of conduct.
second day endowment nursing related laws and regulations of
second chapter the elderly care
the first diet of the elderly care
second excretion of the elderly care
third day old sleep care
fourth day old people clean care
fifth day old people security protection of
third chapter elderly care technology
the first cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, aseptic technique and the isolation of
second day old administration of
third elderly and application of
fourth common diseases in the elderly
fifth day care the elderly first aid technique
sixth elderly people living environment design
fourth chapter rehabilitation nursing care for elderly
the first day the elderly rehabilitation exercise
second elderly AIDS
fifth chapter elderly mental nursing of
the first day the elderly psychological characteristics of
second festival the elderly psychological nursing method of
sixth chapter old-age care institutions management team
the first old-age care institutions and overview of
Second Site management
seventh chapter nursing member
third aged care team training class leader management mechanism in care of learning organization to establish
the first day learning organization and establishment of
second lifelong learning idea
third nurses training
fourth day endowment the nurse's technical director
fifth day endowment nursing techniques and technology innovation
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: second excretion of the elderly care, old people micturition unusual care (a) features of the aged, abnormal urination characteristics of 1 elderly urinary renal units changed with age, the individual to the old age, renal unit can be reduced to half the adult period; by the aging of renal vascular and glomerular filtration rate only adult 2 / 3; tubular reabsorption capacity decreased, renal function has decreased, leading to dilute urine and urine increased. Elderly people are the most obvious ureter, bladder, urethra is the change of the muscle tension reduction, reduction of bladder capacity. Male 50 year old began after prostate hypertrophy, and hinder the micturition, make bladder emptying capacity decreased, urine margin increases, causing urinary tract infection increased the chances of. Old woman is due to decreased hormone secretion, vaginal atrophy, perineal and pelvic muscle tension decreased, the phenomenon of urinary incontinence increased. 2 Influence Factors of paruria (1) the effects of age and gender factors. The elderly decreased due to bladder muscle tension, occurrence frequent micturition phenomenon. Elderly men can also be caused by hyperplasia of prostate and urethra, cause drops of urine and urination difficulties. Elderly women can also be due to bladder sphincter and pelvic muscle tension decreased urinary incontinence and voiding dysfunction. (2) effects of diet and climatic factors. Water intake directly affect the amount of urine, in general, the more water intake, urine volume discharge is more. Intake of coffee, tea, liquor and beverages have a diuretic effect, increase the urine volume, increased frequency of urination. Intake of salt containing beverage or food will cause the retention of water and sodium, which reduce the amount of urine. If the moisture content of fruits and vegetables increased fluid intake, so that an increase in urine output. Hot summer, sweat volume, plasma crystal osmotic pressure, can cause increased secretion of antidiuretic hormone, promote the reabsorption function of kidney, resulting in concentrated urine and urine volume decreased. The winter cold, the body peripheral vasoconstriction, circulating blood volume increased, the secretion of reflex inhibit anti diuretic hormone, increase the urine volume. (3) the influence of psychological factors. Individuals in anxious or nervous stress situation, can appear frequent micturition, urgency of urination, may also appear the phenomenon of urinary retention. Conditioned reflex body built will also affect micturition process, any hearing, visual or somatosensory stimulation, can cause micturition reflex inhibition or enhancement. If some people heard the sound of running water to urinate. (4) effects of treatment and examination of factors. Surgical, trauma can cause the loss of blood or fluid, if the fluid is insufficient, the body in a dry state, reduce the amount of urine. Certain drugs directly affect micturition, such as diuretics increase urine volume, analgesic, sedative effect of nerve conduction and the disturbance of micturition. Disease, nervous system injury and disease, the nerve conduction and voiding micturition reflex in conscious control disorders, urinary incontinence; renal lesions to the production of urine, oliguria or anuria; urinary system tumors, stones or strictures can cause dysuria, urinary retention.
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The "national civil administration continuing education series of training materials: aged care workers in vocational skills training tutorial" Editors: in order to implement the "Zhejiang Provincial People's government office notice on promoting the development of pension services" (government of Zhejiang No. [2006]84) spirit, improve endowment nursing personnel's occupational ethics, business skills and service level, promote the old-age nursing team construction, the relevant documents according to the requirements of relevant state departments, we jointly with the labour and Social Security Department of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, Elderly Services Association, organization engaged in elderly nursing research teaching, management and clinical nurse specialists in the preparation of the "national civil administration continuing education series of training materials: aged care workers in vocational skills training tutorial".
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