The utility of Andrology

Date of publication:2006-3   Press: Version first (March 1, 2006)   Author:Chen Zaixian   Pages:464   Words:692000  

Book Co written by male science and expert of Department of Urology, introduced the technique in diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of male scientific theory and basis of andrology. It consists of 3 parts and 23 chapters, including basic knowledge of male genital, male sexual function, male disease diagnosis; prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, infertility, sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases, endocrine disorders, mental illness, and reproductive system tumor, trauma, congenital malformation and male common disease etiology the pathology, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and treatment; and introduces the operation technology, scrotal, penis, urethral prostate, testis, epididymis and other. Based on the summary of his own clinical experience, and referring to the latest domestic and foreign literature, novel content, strong practicability, reflect the latest progress of male science, reference reading for physicians, male science related clinical physicians and medical students.
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The first male scientific basis. The first chapter male genital section of male genital anatomical structure and function of second male reproductive cell Pu Jun Wu Xiaohou third semen biochemistry Pu Jun Wu Xiaohou fourth semen coagulation and liquefaction Pu Jun Wu Xiaohou fifth sperm antigen Pu army Wu Xiaohou chapter second male sexual function section second section third male sexual physiology androgen section fourth male ejaculation physiology of sexual response cycle in Chapter third, the male reproductive system disease diagnosis first day male reproductive system diseases are common symptoms of second day third day fourth day history physical examination laboratory fifth imaging section sixth special inspection section seventh urodynamic examination eighth biopsy of second male common diseases in fourth chapter the first section of prostate inflammation acute bacterial prostatitis chronic bacterial prostatitis and second day third day fourth chronic non bacterial prostatitis prostate painful chapter fifth benign prostatic section benign prostate hyperplasia etiology second benign prostatic hyperplasia tissues In sixth chapter fifth section of male infertility diagnosis of prostatic hyperplasia clinical manifestations of fourth day third Festival hyperplasia of prostate hyperplasia of prostate...... The seventh chapter and eighth chapter of male sexual dysfunction male sexual infectious diseases in the ninth chapter the male reproductive system of nonspecific infection in tenth chapter, eleventh chapter of the male reproductive system tumors in male reproductive system injury in twelfth chapter of the male reproductive system of congenital malformation in Chapter thirteenth, the male reproductive system and other diseases in Fourteenth chapter male sub endocrine diseases fifteenth chapter male sexual mental disease sixteenth chapter male fertility fertility regulation the seventeenth chapter male clinical diseases of TCM diagnosis and treatment of third male scientific operation the eighteenth chapter male erectile dysfunction, prostate and urinary tract operation nineteenth chapter twentieth chapter twenty-first chapter penis operation operation of testis and epididymis operation Chen twenty-second chapter male reproductive system of congenital deformity of the twenty-third chapter of robot assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
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