Spinal related disease

Date of publication:1998-6   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Dong Fuhui   Pages:333   Words:443000  

Spinal related disease, is starting from the spine mechanics point of view in modern medical science, a new discipline research on the relationship between spinal and disease. This China orthopedics Research Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, Professor Dong Fuhui Zhang Changjiang led a group of experts and scholars, after nearly 30 years of research, and writing a book on the basis of clinical practice in. The book was published in 1998, 2006 revision. This revision in addition to the increase in disease, but also enrich the related content. The book has 20 chapters, about 40 words, 100 illustrations, the paper introduces the 63 kinds of common diseases and related to the spine, subjects involved inside and outside, women, features, etc.. This book mainly for clinical utility, engaged in the clinical medical staff, especially the orthopedic doctors use and reference.
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The first chapter is introduction chapter second spinal anatomy first vertebra and its attachments second vertebrae. Ask connection third spinal physiological curvature of the spinal cord in fourth day fifth day sixth day of spinal nerve sympathetic chapter third spinal biomechanics section of spinal biomechanics characteristics of second spinal motion third spinal injury biomechanics chapter fourth pathological first section second section fifth chapter etiology pathology clinical manifestations of cervical spine injury in the first section the clinical manifestations of thoracic spinal cord injuries second clinical manifestations of third section of lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint injury of I clinical manifestations of sixth chapter Inspection Section 1 general inspection section second X-ray examination third day special inspection section fourth CT and MRI examination in seventh chapter treatment of the first section manipulation in the treatment of second drugs in the treatment of acupuncture in the treatment of fourth day third day fifth day closure and physical therapy of point injection therapy sixth traction therapy seventh operation treatment of the eighth chapter Department of ophthalmology disease of cervical dysopia ametropia ptosis chapter ninth otolaryngology diseases associated with tinnitus and deafness dysosmia aphonia hiccup pharyngeal foreign body sensation dysphagia, allergic rhinitis, chronic Pharyngitis hypoglossal nerve palsy Meniere's disease tenth chapters on nervous system diseases of trigeminal neuralgia headache migraine vertigo Horner syndrome angioneurotic edema after traumatic brain injury syndrome facial paralysis sleep disorder schizophrenia syncope and epilepsy small abnormal tremor disease of cervical nervous system syndrome of shoulder arm pain syndrome of cervical spinal cord transection syndrome type syringomyelia syndrome anterior root compression syndrome of lateral medullary syndrome eleventh chapter respiratory diseases asthma twelfth chapter circulatory system related diseases of cervical type cervical arrhythmia of coronary heart disease blood pressure abnormal chest pain Raynaud disease pulseless disease chapter thirteenth digestive system diseases chronic gastritis and acute gastritis, stomach duodenal ulcer acute abdominal pain diarrhea irritable bowel syndrome patients with functional constipation and chronic nonspecific ulcerative colitis cholecystitis hiccup gastroptosis chapter fourteenth endocrine system diseases associated with simple goiter hyperthyroidism diabetes chapter fifteenth urogenital system diseases of male infertility and sexual dysfunction, abnormal urination chapter sixteenth gynecological diseases related to dysmenorrhea infertility and menstrual disorders seventeenth chapter motion system related diseases. Cervical ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament paralysis periarthritis of shoulder tennis elbow pain pain eighteenth chapter related disease fever leukopenia neurodermatitis cervical spondylosis common tenderness points (response) the nineteenth chapter acupoint massage section fourteen is commonly used in Department of traumatology department of Traumatology common experience point second day point (point) the twentieth chapter orthopedics commonly used in herbal medicine the first section injury 科内治 medication Second Department of Traumatology external application reference
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