Peripheral vascular disease. 400 prescriptions

Date of publication:2006-4   Press: Science and Technology Literature Press   Author:Xu Sanwen Wang Xuedong   Pages:506   Words:328000  

This book is a systematic summary of the past 10 years the use of Chinese medicine or integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine clinical reference book for treatment of peripheral vascular disease. Book through carefully selected, refining, compiled a total of 400 new law first, mostly through large cases verification, ideal effect. The book reflects the country for nearly 10 years, Chinese medicine and combination of Chinese and Western medicine and the latest progress of the latest achievements in the treatment of peripheral Wuguan disease made, has a strong practical value. The available clinical, scientific research, teaching staff and related with reference.
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A, thromboangiitis obliterans 1 Tongluo pill 2 Tongmai Decoction 3 Tongluo Decoction 4 thrombolysis Decoction 5 Yitong soup 6 Bazhen decoction 7 Tongmai Decoction of 8 four wonderful Yongan Decoction of Radix Astragali were 9 soup 10 thrombolysis Tongmai Decoction of clearing heat and removing dampness soup 11 12 movable Dingtong Decoction 13 Dan long Tongmai Decoction of 14 huolou Tongmai Decoction of 15 modified Qingying Decoction 16 Danshen Tongmai Decoction 17 streaky five vine soup 18 Qishen to grass soup 19 five insects Tongmai Decoction of 20 modified Yanghe Decoction 21 beneficial blood Tongmai Decoction of Tongmai Decoction 22 23 Holly Tongmai Decoction 24 wet by Tongmai Decoction of 25 Taohong Siwu Decoction 26 Qingjie Tongluo Decoction of 27 Huoxue Tongmai Decoction 28 Wenyangtongmai Decoction 29 Qifu Ma GUI Tang 30 Fumai Decoction 31 yellow soup 32 Xuefu Zhuyu Decoction of 33 four and 34 35 stage of Yanghe Decoction Treatment of type three and 36 type four and 37 type five and 38 temperature 通熏 wash 39 three insects. Shengmai Powder 40 closing more carbuncle scattered 41 earthworm leaching powder 42 Chinese medicine electrophoresis 43 integrated needle puncture...... Two, arteriosclerosis obliterans, three Takayasu arteritis, four nodular Wuguan inflammation five, diabetic acromelic gangrene six, Raynaud's disease seven, erythromelalgia square eight, superficial thrombophlebitis nine, deep venous thrombosis of lower extremity varicose veins, ten party eleven, Fang Shisan, twelve, of erysipelas vascular tumor fourteen, other peripheral vascular disease
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