Clinical guidelines for organ transplantation

Date of publication:1999-7   Press: Science Press   Author:Chen Zhonghua   Pages´╝Ü562  
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The first chapter transplantation immunology second chapter third chapter for HLA detection technology, the selection principle of the fourth chapter of organ transplantation access and preservation of the fifth chapter of peri operation monitoring and the general treatment of the sixth chapter and seventh chapter immunosuppressants used detection technique of the eighth chapter transplant pathology chapter ninth renal transplant ethics guidelines and international regulations chapter tenth heart transplantation the eleventh chapter lung transplantation in twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter fourteenth liver transplantation of kidney transplantation of pancreas transplantation in fifteenth Chapter Chapter Chapter sixteenth small intestine transplantation of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation of corneal transplantation seventeenth chapter eighteenth chapter combined heart lung transplantation, the nineteenth chapter liver Yin transplantation twentieth chapter pancreatic transplantation combined liver and intestinal transplantation twenty-first chapter twenty-second chapter abdominal multivisceral transplantation in twenty-third chapter organ transplantation the twenty-fourth chapter after thrombotic complications after renal transplantation, cardiovascular system disease chapter twenty-fifth coronary heart disease on transplantation effect and preoperative evaluation of chapter twenty-sixth renal transplant recipients pregnancy management chapter twenty-seventh living donor kidney transplantation "immune privileged organ" issues and clinical guide to the twenty-eighth chapter liver transplantation during peri operation treatment of the jaundice The twenty-nine chapter @##@ transfusion in organ transplantation This book describes the system detection technique of immunology, organ transplantation; elaborated the whole body each organ transplantation preoperative preparation, operation method, postoperative routine clinical application of immunosuppressant treatment and postoperative complications and treatment method; discussion on organ transplantation. This is a book about organ transplantation clinical practical manual, clinical work on organ transplantation has certain guidance functions, is an ideal reference book for clinicians.
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