China surgery Yearbook

Date of publication:2005-6   Press: Shanghai Second Military Medical University press   Author:Zhong Jianping   Pages:550   Words:1185000  

This volume is a compilation of Yearbook 12008 papers of 135 medical journals from November to 2003, according to the 2002 October China published published and become, selected from 30% - 40% representative papers a year review, selected excellent papers and about 6% of the written words selected. This volume timely, comprehensive, accurately reflects the progress in our surgical professional basic and clinical during this period, also included the new theory, new technology, new experience and rare case. Its content is rich, full and accurate data, is a practical reference book, information intensive. Reading is suitable for basic and clinical medicine of the medical science and technology workers, medical college students and graduate students, especially for reference to surgeons.
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Surgery and trauma surgery plastic surgery tumor basic anesthesia for organ transplantation thyroid, parathyroid and breast abdominal wall and peritoneal laparoscopic Nissen surgery surgery of liver bile duct surgery for pancreatic surgery, surgery of the spleen in portal hypertension stomach, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, appendix, colon, rectum, anal vein, artery, cardiac surgery department of urology department of Neurosurgery Department of thoracic surgery lymphatic Department of orthopedics appendix a volume Yearbook cited journals appendix two Wen Xuanwen Title keyword index
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