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Date of publication:2006-7   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:(United States) John B Mckinley  
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The first first chapters of the history of the development of arthroscopy in second chapter Ethics (Festival) research methods. The third chapter arthroscopic operation environment, anesthesia and case turnover fourth chapter arthroscopic instruments second basic science fifth chapter structure and function of the sixth chapter of cartilage repair and regeneration of the seventh chapter joint proprioception joint; multidisciplinary research third arthroscopic anatomy the eighth chapter of the shoulder joint anatomy and biomechanics of the knee joint in ninth chapter tenth chapter eleventh chapter of ankle joint elbow and wrist fourth knee arthroscopy: Chapter twelfth basic equipment technology chapter thirteenth arthroscopic meniscectomy arthroscopic meniscal repair fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter sixteenth chapter implantable device repair of meniscus meniscus replacement: allograft and collagen scaffold seventeenth chapter eighteenth chapter of articular cartilage of patellofemoral disorders: diagnosis and treatment of the nineteenth chapter of articular surface complex injury in the twentieth chapter the twenty-first chapter degenerative arthritis of knee arthroscopy synovectomy in Chapter twenty-second, chapter twenty-third joint anterior cruciate ligament injury and fibrosis of arthroscopic operation the twenty-fourth chapter anti cruciate ligament injury arthroscopic operation in Chapter twenty-fifth, fracture of the knee joint Physical examination and diagnostic methods of history, mirror operation fifth shoulder joint shoulder twenty-sixth chapter twenty-seventh chapter shoulder arthroscopy: indications and technical provisions chapter twenty-eighth endoscopic ligation in twenty-ninth chapter, thirtieth chapter of SLAP damage in the pathophysiology of shoulder instability thirty-first chapter forward, backward, I and small unstable arthroscopic repair the thirty-second chapter arthroscopic acromioplasty and distal clavicle resection in thirty-third chapter of rotator cuff tear arthroscopic operation the thirty-fourth chapter adhesions arthroscopic operation the thirty-fifth chapter after trauma and operation after the shoulder joint stiffness of chapter 36A of the throwing shoulder: two views of two chapter 36B throwing shoulder: two views of two chapter thirty-seventh joint capsule thermal suture the thirty-eighth chapter: the basic theory of the joint capsule thermal suture: indications, operation techniques and results in the thirty-ninth chapter the joint capsule thermal suture: the complications in fortieth chapter shoulder arthroscopic treatment for fracture of the forty-first chapter of shoulder arthritis and synovitis arthroscopy in the treatment of sixth elbow elbow arthroscopy in forty-second chapters: introduction, indications, complications and results in the forty-third chapter elbow arthroscopy: supine technology chapter forty-fourth elbow arthroscopy: normal endoscopic anatomy and prone position technology chapter forty-fifth joint Endoscopic excision of radial head...... Seventh wrist eighth hip ninth foot and ankle tenth index @##@ spine We compiled "version third arthroscopic surgery" is to want to readers outside science once again into the arthroscopy, sharing the latest academic development; and to make it become a new version of the textbook, in order to provide covering the arthroscopic technique outline various operation modes for the doctor working in the Department of Orthopedics; show the most cutting-edge technology to the operation., rather than simply introduce restrictions and fetters, to meet the needs of the patients according to the need to choose the operation methods of requirements. This book will make a doctor working in the Department of orthopedics of the necessary skills, become the arthroscopy doctors experienced. The contents of this book may be beyond the reach of medical students learn, but to the Department of orthopedics hospital doctor, the help is irreplaceable, will enable them to gain experience of operation under arthroscopy in training courses. Any kind of operation skill in patients before are required to go through serious practice, and practice in a variety of ways, such as body simulation training, or learning center in specialized department of orthopedics learning, or through the experimental model and simulation exercises, after a short-term training before operation will be put into clinical practice.
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