A chest X-ray diagnostic guide

Date of publication:2006-7   Press: People's Medical Publishing Department   Author:Feng Weihua   Pages:125   Words:95000  

Excellent on chest X diagnosis of practical handbook; introduces the pathological basis of chest X-ray findings, explanation and interpretation standards; illustrations, concise and easy to understand, with more than 50 pieces of high quality images, the chest X diagnosis technology as an intuitive interpretation; is the summing up of the author for many years rich clinical experience and teaching experience, have very strong practicability; suitable for radiologists, respiratory department of internal medicine physicians, cardiothoracic surgeons and medical college undergraduate and graduate students.
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The first chapter is a brief introduction to the chest examination technology chapter second chest X-ray anatomy of the third chapter of chest radiographic features of the fourth chapter website cardiovascular disease common pulmonary diseases and fifth chapter references Appendix 1 chest radiographic features of etiology and differential diagnosis of Appendix 2 Appendix 3 chest radiology related syndrome
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  •   A chest X-ray diagnostic guidelines help
  •   For imaging, entry-level doctors use
  •   Easy to understand, a very good paper, suitable for beginners
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  •   OK, the picture is a little less.
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  •   That's right. Very practical
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  •   Good a booklet, convenient carrying, simple.
  •   Printing is also good, director of recommendation are enough time to look at
  •   Very good benefit
  •   The utility is a pocket type chest radiographic (X-ray) tool, beautifully illustrated. If there is a chest CT concise manual like better.
  •   Delivery soon, printing quality, integrity of the book very satisfied. The utility is a pocket type chest radiographic (X-ray) tool, beautifully illustrated.
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