• Minimally invasive spinal surgery study

    The book is divided into seven chapters, focuses on endoscopy, surgery, minimally invasive spinal percutaneous puncture technology and navigation technology. The posterior endoscopic (MED) nearly 5 years of rapid development, indications and clinical results are extended, description. The thoracoscopic and laparoscopic treatment of anterior spinal diseases, particularly in the treatment of spine,

  • Don't let the fracture of regret

    Don't let the fracture of regret, regret: "don't let the fracture fracture rehabilitation guide" content brief introduction: from "don't let the fracture of regret: fracture rehabilitation guide", you can find a specific, detailed answers. Based on the simple, plain language, illustrated in the form of the fracture of the general knowledge and rehabilitation exercise prescription to you,

  • Operation and technique of surgical operation

    "Operation and technique" joint surgical operation case discussion method comprehensively introduces the operation mode of fracture treatment department of orthopedics Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital trauma in recent years by the. Readers can through the Book Master fracture therapy clinical common, new operation can be carried out in recent years, a comprehensive understanding of the. The graphic,

  • The utility of hernia surgery operation skills

    The utility of hernia surgery operation skills, ISBN:9787530436110, author: Chen Jie,

  • Surgery

    "National Higher School of medical adult education college or starting point for undergraduate textbook (for clinical preventive oral care test images and other professional) ยท surgery" is about the introduction of "surgery" teaching books, to highlight the practical features of the book, in combination with clinical practice, to avoid repeated, pruning techniques and methods of old, supplement,

  • The surgical operation of standardized operation and cooperation

    The book consists of 38 chapters, systematically introduces the operation method of cardiothoracic surgery disease surgical operation specification. And the indication, contraindication, anesthesia methods and postures, operation steps and coordination, attention, postoperative management of clinical skills of operation are explained in detail. The book highlights the operation steps, operation decomposition,

  • A special clinic tratch cervical spondylosis

    "A special clinic tratch cervical vertebra disease" in western medicine from two aspects, respectively expounds the cause of disease, cervical spondylosis cervical anatomy, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of cervical disease, all kinds of treatment methods, especially introduces the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine special clinic tratch experience and test case. "A special clinic tratch cervical spondylosis" method of Western medicine in the treatment of cervical spondylosis and,

  • Traumatology

    "Trauma" since 1988 since the advent of the American, every four years, and has been continuously published version, version five, because of its rich content, and constantly bring forth the new through the old, and embodies the latest development in the field of trauma surgery, has the very high academic level and practical value, has become the trauma surgery of the world within the,

  • Surgical reconstruction of spinal function

    This book is from the world of spinal function reconstruction Institute (SAS) organized the international authoritative expert group to prepare the frontier of academic works, is divided into 97 chapters. The author first lessons from previous clinical work and retention and motor functional recovery of spinal segments of technology, a unique method of writing fascinating, systematically introduce,

  • Surgical disease diagnosis and treatment flow

    This book focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of surgery process, involving more than 80 kinds of diseases. The book from the doctor patient contact angle, the treatment process of each kind of disease is clearly stated, from history to the auxiliary examination physical examination, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, the treatment project, each step is provided for doctors,

  • Modern surgical critical care medicine

    "Modern surgical critical care medicine" is composed of two parts, a total of 27 chapters, the 17 chapter, first part, focuses on the various disciplines related to critical illness, the next eighteenth - 26 chapter is the theory part, introduces the common in critically ill surgical sub branch, written respectively elaborate etiology, pathology and physiology of critical illness,,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of difficult osteopathy

    "Difficult osteopathy treatment" the book focuses on ankylosing spondylitis, avascular necrosis of the femoral head, rheumatoid arthritis disease etiology, pathology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, care, prevention, difficulty and method, case selection, experience and experience, the modern research progress at home and abroad, and make detailed discussion. At the end of the book,

  • Development and dispute of laparoscopic operation.

    "Development and dispute of laparoscopic operation" is not a large number of laparoscopic operation, the relevant monographs in the opposite, it focus on controversial issues in laparoscopic operation in the process of development has not yet been solved. Its publication will significantly enhance the continuous development in the field of the theory of evidence-based medicine, excited in the round, consultation and,

  • Department of orthopedics disease diagnosis process and treatment strategies

    "The Department of orthopedics disease diagnosis process and treatment strategy" by the Department of orthopedics trauma, bone, bone and joint infections, tumors and typical case is composed of five parts, with a more detailed introduction the Department of orthopedics of common and frequently occurring disease diagnosis and treatment strategies. Each disease diagnosis, treatment, according to the summary, evaluation of prognosis and the,

  • General practitioners must read books

    "General practitioner must read books," as "one of the surgery. Doctors must read books". This section is divided into ten chapters, including: basic operation, anesthesia, intensive care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, surgery, Department of Neurosurgery, Department of cardiothoracic surgery, general surgery, Department of Urology, Department of orthopedics, common surgical treatment, surgical technique,

  • Bone and joint injury

    The book is divided into 25 chapters, describes the history and examination of the patient injury of bone and joint injury, reaction and bone and joint trauma department of orthopedics, basic treatment technology, limb and spine fracture injury mechanism, classification, diagnosis and treatment of anatomy, dislocation. The content of this book is novel, practical, with a large number of emoticons, help,

  • Pelvic surgery

    Pelvic surgery, editor in chief of ISBN:9787117087810, author: Ge Laizeng,

  • Analysis of medical records department of orthopedics disease

    "Medical records department of orthopedics disease analysis" by case analysis form, expounded the principle of diagnosis and treatment of 41 kinds of representative Department of orthopedics common and frequently occurring disease, and the differential diagnosis of the disease were analyzed, the content relates to the field of Department of orthopedics trauma, joint surgery, spine surgery and bone etc.. "Medical records department of orthopedics disease,

  • Department of Neurosurgery

    "Department of Neurosurgery" is introduced at the time of diagnosis and treatment of diseases in Department of neurosurgery and our experience in the field of accumulation in the Department of Neurosurgery, a total of 14 chapters 99 words. In twentieth Century 90 years, is still a lack of systematic Chinese Department of Neurosurgery reference book in China, after the publication of the book by the majority of readers,

  • Surgery

    "National Higher School of Medical Adult Education College, surgery" is one of the Ministry of health planning materials "eleven five" planning materials, higher medical teaching material construction research, combined with advances in medicine, starting from the overall treatment concept, comprehensive detail of the scientific content, become a qualified surgeon,

  • Hypospadias surgery

    "Hypospadias surgery (Second Edition)" is based on the recent studies of hypospadias and the progress in science and technology, first edition revised and. The book introduced the basic theory and operation method of congenital hypospadias operation treatment of external genital organs, including embryonic development, applied anatomy, next urethral,

  • Department of Urology diagnosis manual

    "The Department of Urology Medical Handbook (Third Edition)" is a practical handbook of Clinical Department of Urology diagnosis and treatment, this version is on the basis of the second version were revised and added to the latest progress. It consists of 3 parts and 21 chapters. Including the Department of Urology and andrology diseases, and introduces the common Department of Urology, male,

  • Manual of surgical attending physician

    "Manual" attending surgeon is "one of the attending physician Manual Series", the book is divided into five chapters and 62 sections, focuses on the basic surgical important diseases and clinical research progress, and at the same time pay attention to the diagnosis and surgical treatment of new technologies, new therapy is important. Each section of the content of the book in the style is divided into academic review, clinical question,

  • Clinical pathology

    This book by the Japanese national spirit nerve center hospital syndrome is prepared by Professor Musashi, Atlas first muscle pathology introduction of domestic science, this book comprehensively expounded the diagnosis of Pathology, including muscle tissues were fixed, sliced and stained method, method of read piece of muscle tissue, muscle pathology, electron microscope. Heavy,

  • Difficult bone science

    "Hard bone science" by the famous department of orthopedics expert Professor Zhao Dinglin renowned Hospital experts to compile. The successful treatment of difficult, complex, rare cases of bone surgery. To provide a solution to the problem is not to find answers to clinical department of orthopedics textbooks or monographs. The book is divided into ridge,

  • Differential diagnosis and treatment of ascites

    "The differential diagnosis and treatment of ascites symptoms" is one of the diseases of the digestive system in differential diagnosis of books, written by the famous professional scholars digestion Department of internal medicine and related subjects, is the most representative of the new treatment of ascites. The book is divided into five parts, a total of twenty-seven chapters. The first chapter and the second chapter introduces the pathophysiology of ascites and normal people,

  • Hemorrhoids treatment new technology

    LigaSure hemorrhoidectomy in treatment of hemorrhoids, "new technology: LigaSure hemorrhoidectomy" consists of 3 chapters, including anatomical and physiological characteristics of the anus and rectum, etiology, pathology and clinical diagnosis of hemorrhoids, the relevant theory and experience of LigaSure hemorrhoidectomy. "Nine out of ten hemorrhoids hemorrhoids", is the most common disease in Department of anus & intestine surgery, but also for all levels of medicine,

  • Modern brain damage

    The latest literature book author reference at home and abroad, combined with his own clinical experience rich, systematically describes the latest progress of craniocerebral injury in basic and clinical. The book has 11 chapters, including epidemiology, pathology, anatomy, biomechanics, traumatic brain injury, diagnosis, operation anesthesia used in applications such as basic knowledge,,

  • Prosthetics and orthotics division examination related regulations.

    "Prosthetics and orthotics division examination regulations featured" is a complete content, strong knowledge, qualified candidates for test preparation materials, and is a very strong guidance on business work practitioners tool. The Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of personnel under the leadership of the country, prosthetics and orthotics division examination work, from the organization,

  • Graphic surgical operation entry

    Surgery is the main treatment of disease by clinical disciplines operation, compared with the Department of internal medicine, surgery, in addition to pay attention to the basic theory of learning, learning and training, pay more attention to basic skills. The basic operation of surgery is the cornerstone of composition of surgical treatment, one does not understand the basic operation surgery doctor never called surgeons. Basic surgical operation,

  • The surgical operation of standardized operation and cooperation (Department of orthopedics fascicle)

    The book is divided into 5 chapters, systematically introduces the standard operation method for common in Department of orthopedics injury surgical operation, and the operation indications, contraindications, anesthesia and posture, operation steps, operation coordination, cautions and postoperative management are explained in detail. Prominent decomposition, patients with the help of operation steps in the book,

  • Clinical department of orthopedics rehabilitation

    "Clinical Department of orthopedics rehabilitation" is "one of the Chinese clinical bone science series". The book consists of seven parts, forty-eight chapters. The first Department of orthopedics, rehabilitation foundation; second, rehabilitation of diseases in Department of orthopedics trauma; third, common bone disease rehabilitation; fourth, rehabilitation sites diseases in Department of Orthopedics; fifth, foot disease rehabilitation; sixth, common,

  • Department of orthopedics practical fixation technique

    Based on widely collected Department of orthopedics fixation technique on the latest research results, combined with their own long-term accumulation of typical case data and image data, in the form of illustrations, is divided into 26 chapters detail the bone and joint biomechanics, biomaterials, commonly used in Department of orthopedics and fixed equipment, basic technology, reduction and fixation of bone,

  • Operation and technique of foot and ankle surgery operation

    "Operation and technique" ankle surgery operation is one of the Department of orthopedics operation skills series. "Operation and technique" ankle surgery operation, with new content, strong practicability, explain profound theories in simple language to be the difficulty and skill in operation, has the very good instruction function to the clinical work. "Operation and technique of foot and ankle surgery operation",

  • Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids

    "The main content of surgical treatment of hemorrhoids: hemorrhoids in" old China ", ten male nine female ten hemorrhoids hemorrhoids, ten" the hemorrhoids has been affecting the masses of our health. Surgical treatment has been an important part of the treatment of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids surgical treatment, "" introduces the development history of surgical treatment of hemorrhoids,,

  • Surgery training guide

    Surgery training guide, ISBN:9787810607919, author: Li Hongwei, Wang Tongceng, Li Jianhua,

  • Carotid artery stenting clinical practice and operation technique

    "Carotid artery stent clinical practice and operation technology" very authoritative and timely, make readers share the international famous interventional neuroradiology and expert knowledge and clinical experience. The author gradually description and with the picture to explain the operation technology. The content includes the clinical results of carotid artery stenting and indications of the operation, experiment,

  • The utility of surgical ward rounds and consultation

    The utility of surgical rounds of consultation, ISBN:9787122014467, author: Xu Chuanyi, Wang Bailin,

  • Laparoscopic colorectal operation

    "Laparoscopic colorectal operation (Second Edition)" the main content: since 1992, laparoscopic colorectal surgery operation of our country had a leap of development, from the original only in the operative part of a large teaching hospital concentration is developing rapidly extended to the hospital, and got the results attract people's attention. Some,

  • The sensory and motor function of nerve repair technology reconstruction

    Nerve sensory and motor function reconstruction repair technology, ISBN:9787118053692, author: (United States), Mo Kessen chapin,

  • Arthritis clinical prescription.

    This book systematically summarized the Chinese medicine treatment of arthritis disease experience effective prescription, effective prescription diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gouty arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, more than 300 first. Select the appropriate book content, strong practicability, fully reflects the treatment of arthritis with the combination of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and Western medicine,

  • The utility of vascular puncture technique.

    This book focuses on venous puncture technique, chapter nine puncture site, vascular properties, operation difficulty and its technical essentials and matters needing attention. The introduction part introduces human arteries and common puncture tool; vein puncture part, according to the superficial vein puncture central venous puncture and venous wear,

  • Practical clinical thoracic surgery

    "Practical clinical department of thoracic surgery" by the National Medical Education Development Center organized a nationwide written clinical department of thoracic surgery academic monographs, widespread and in-depth to promote national medical education, guidance for thoracic surgeons make clinical diagnosis, reduce medical errors, improve diagnosis and treatment technology and control level. As,

  • Cardiac electrophysiology and radiofrequency ablation

    "Cardiac electrophysiology and radiofrequency ablation" first outlines the theory of arrhythmia, cardiac electrophysiology catheter room settings, the system introduces the basic operation of cardiac electrophysiology, cardiac electrophysiology, and radiofrequency ablation etc.. Explain profound theories in simple language, pictures, concise and practical, not only have the old technology is reviewed, and the new technology,

  • Preoperative knew

    "Preoperative knew: hemorrhoids operation" written by Shi Renjie. Each one will face the caesarean operation mothers hearts are filled with doubt, operation need how long? You can choose the doctor? What needs to be done to check and prepare for the 7 best what kind of anesthesia before surgery? Operation and perception? If the operation,

  • Operation and technique of hand surgery operation

    "Operation and technique" hand surgical operation is written by WTO director Kan Lian hand surgery of Tianjin Orthopedics Hospital. Hand surgery of Tianjin Orthopedics Hospital was founded in 1958, after continuous generations old experts, accumulated experience of rich hand surgical operation. Author based on previous work, combined with their own 35 years of clinical,

  • Basic surgical operation guide

    "Basic surgical operation guide (Bilingual Edition)" Introduction: the basic operation of surgery is a required course in every clinical medical students. This textbook is according to 40 hours (10 trials, each time 4 hours) prepared a surgical operation guidance materials, including the basic operation of aseptic technique, surgical (incision, hemostasis,

  • Tube in basic and clinical percutaneous central venous catheter

    "Percutaneous central venous catheter in basic and clinical" is divided into three parts with 31 chapters, including: anatomy, the technique and clinical application. The first chapter of the book describes the percutaneous central venous catheter and the scope of the history, the second chapter introduces the percutaneous central venous catheter anatomical basis of tube, the remaining chapters the author think,

  • Ordinary Department of thoracic surgery perioperative treatment manual

    "Ordinary Department of thoracic surgery perioperative treatment manual" is a quick start guide common problems in Department of thoracic surgery! "Ordinary Department of thoracic surgery perioperative treatment manual" covers the preoperative evaluation, intraoperative treatment, postoperative complications and clinical risk management, and other aspects. In pulmonary and esophageal surgery include trauma, tumor and benign,

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