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Date of publication:2011-7   Press: People's military medical   Author:Yang Shuwen   Pages´╝Ü152  

Many people worry about local obesity or body fat. Yang Shuwen's this "this" the most effective weight loss food weight loss fitness method, self acupoint massage local weight loss method and self acupoint massage body weight fitness method, the local diet exercise, shrink abdomen slimming body-building work such as pure natural slimming method will help the reader to local or systemic weight loss purposes. "The most effective weight loss" is rich in content, easy to understand, illustrations, method is simple and easy, safe and practical, can the body weight, also can be the local diet, without dieting, do not rebound, want to reduce the reduction where, where, no pain, no side effect, weight loss fitness effect. The book suitable for the needs of local or systemic body-building reading and practicing, also can provide the professional personnel, medical personnel to read reference.
Author brief introduction

Yang Shuwen, a famous Chinese medicine massage experts, martial arts expert of preserve one's health.
the author not only inherited the ancestral generations valuable experience of massage, and carry forward in 40 years of practice. Author in the traditional Chinese medicine acupoint massage, beauty, weight loss, increased weight gain, breasts, buttocks, hypnosis, health care and treatment method of unique, remarkable curative effect, by a foreign friend called "China must".
the author was initiated in 1987 in Chinese medicine acupoint massage augmentation and adolescents increased self training methods, and in practice to constantly explore, selected in 1994 China Medicine published the "China contemporary medical medicine practical dictionary", and has appeared in the "dictionary of Chinese contemporary celebrities" Encyclopedia "Chinese expert biography" also set. The Central People's broadcasting station, Beijing, Hainan, Sichuan province TV station, Chinese Taiwan magazine "Health Digest", and "natural medicine" "Chinese Pharmaceutical News" "China Youth Daily" "Macao daily" and the issue of the world more than 150 countries English magazine CHINA
SPORTS has reported his story. The author has published 14 books, published 39 papers.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter obesity
second chapter food diet fitness method
third chapter weight loss fitness point
fourth chapter weight loss fitness technique
fifth chapter partial weight loss fitness method
sixth chapter local slimming exercises
seventh chapter body weight loss fitness method
eighth chapter do lose weight records of
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: (a) the body weight I call Chen, male, 33 years old, a Beijing Institute of engineers. My body fat, weight 97 kilograms, waist circumference 108 cm. And sickly, ability is not strong, who have a taste, my colleagues and I speak, terminus was far away from me, I am very worried. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. yang. He thinks my disease is mainly caused by the deficiency of the kidney, in order to fundamentally change my situation, must lose weight, cure. The teacher taught me the two kinds of methods, one is "Siping pile", the main role is to strengthen the body, improve renal function; the second is the "shrink abdomen slimming exercise". I carefully according to Yang teachers, practicing for 4 months, weight from the original 97 to 70 kilograms, a total of minus 27 kilograms, waist circumference decreased by 33 cm, thin body, a circle. Now the weight has reached the standard requirements. And the body quality is obviously improved, ability is also enhanced. I don't have a strange smell, people also appear more spirit, and compared to the past, simply panruoliangren. Lai I call Li Mou, female, 42 years old this year, working in the Beijing company. In recent years, body weight, height 159 cm, weight up to 69 kg, beyond the standard weight of 16 kg. Has used various methods to lose weight, the effect is not ideal, but poor health, often catch a cold. Listen to my colleagues said, Yang Shuwen teacher acupoint massage weight loss and weight loss. The effect is very good.
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"The most effective weight loss:" food weight loss fitness method of local slimming aerobics, self acupoint massage local weight loss fitness method, self acupoint massage body weight exercises, shrink abdomen slimming body-building. Want to local or systemic lose readers as long as serious as the book way to practice, will make an ideal diet, fitness and bodybuilding effect.
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