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Mass sports is the basis of sports, is an important sign to measure the city civilization and development level. In 2009, the State Council "national fitness Ordinance" promulgated and implemented, provides legal guarantee for the development of mass sports. Vigorously develop the nationwide fitness activities, is the responsibility of the government, all levels of government should guarantee that citizens enjoy the rights of national fitness; sports essence, "the development of sports, to enhance the people's physique" is the fundamental goal of sports development; harmony is the need of mass sports, play an irreplaceable role in enriching people's the spiritual and cultural life, and promote the formation of civilization. Changzhou municipal Party committee, City Hall attaches great importance to the work of mass sports, for three consecutive years will be "Engineering" Huimin sports included in the city's key work. The city has a sound service system of national fitness, the public awareness of fitness and health quality rises significantly, the sports facilities in urban and rural areas to achieve a "full coverage foundation", for 13 consecutive years won the "national fitness outstanding organization award", to participate in fitness, the pursuit of health is becoming the general public consensus. In 2010 October, the Jiangsu province seventeenth session of the Games will be held in our city, the city's sports atmosphere more strong. "Life well-off society, physical health", "everybody to pay attention to health, everyone involved in the fitness" ideas win support among the people, and gradually turn into a way of life.

Physical exercise can not only strong and healthy body, enhance physical fitness, but also improve the mind, healthy personality, to improve the ability to adapt to society. This book uses the popular language, basic knowledge, practical method, in human health, sports knowledge, sports, sports health, by exercise prescription, injury prevention, nutrition and health, fitness knowledge and methods of public concern and the urgent need to know to carry on the omni-directional, multi-level exposition, is a the daily work, life be of great advantage of practical sports science book.
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Basic knowledge of exercise to lose weight the seventh chapter moving small remind chapter eighth can not be ignored the nutritional health of ninth common diseases in general chapter chapter third chapter whenever and wherever possible understanding of health, participating in sports exercise second chapter fourth chapter sports health benefits of chapter fifth sports and exercise common methods. The sixth chapter of the tenth chapter of fashion sports prescription correct treatment of sports injury of eleventh chapters of different groups of people exercise twelfth chapter of the national physique measurement
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Illustration: there are three main categories 2 sub health sub health: sub health: mainly unexplained or exclude the disease causes physical fatigue, weakness, general malaise and physiological function decline. Mental sub health: mainly unexplained mental fatigue, emotional disorder, thought disorder, panic, anxiety, low self-esteem, loneliness, indifference and neurotic, reckless, even Dutch act thoughts etc.. The social adaptability of sub health: outstanding performance is difficult to adapt to the work, life, learning environment, the interpersonal relationship is difficult to coordinate. Dislocation does not adapt and the role of social adaptability of sub health is the concentrated expression of. Exercise 3 sub health experts pointed out, people in the modern city physical labor less and less, mental labor and work pressure is more and more big, in accordance with the existing patterns of life and work, the body is gradually decline, prone to sub health state. Therefore, in order to improve the whole body's defense capability through movement, including muscle, bone, and the work ability of each organ system. Scientific and proper exercise can make us have more physical, more young brains and more full of emotion, so far away from sub - health, away from the disease, make us live healthy, beauty, happiness, longevity.
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