Sedentary group, simple exercise

Date of publication:2009-3   Press: The Golden Shield Press   Author:Du Xuanxin   Pages´╝Ü127  

This is a specifically for daily work, learning, life in the sedentary and prepared public health books. In the book, sedentary all kinds of harm to human health, concise and detailed teaching dozens of simple and easy to learn, and effective fitness method. This book is scientific and practical, user-friendly, suitable for the social from all walks of life to read.
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Du Xuanxin, member Chinese Health Education Association, member China society, natural medical researcher, China longevity science fellow. Published works are "public" "unexpected pleasure prescription does not know, sex is wonderful", "human health self evaluation method", "50 longevity is not a dream".
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The first portion of the sitting posture and health and health posture is not affect health fitness by meat and sedentary flesh wound sitting posture and walk horizontal rule self testing health back spine spinal unhealthy performance of 15 correct posture how to develop good sitting posture has the white-collar leg length were as little as possible to sit the second part the dangers of sitting sitting and smoking as dangerous body more harm sedentary sedentary easy cervical spondylosis sedentary lumbar muscle strain of sedentary sedentary easy to infertility risk ischial tuberosity bursitis sedentary sedentary easy cancer to white-collar healthy sedentary men "problems" sedentary entertainment four harms long play computer games beware of thrombosis in third parts of the sedentary group self care self healthy neck method head write m words to practice yoga therapy cervical cervical acupoint massage adjustable cervical neck muscle exercise on head and neck cervical day care back motion loose nuchal simple action back pain should not stretch back extending prevention of low back pain of lumbar spine. Jian Yicao's strong bending Laji method to prevent humpback practice hip helps digestion, improve constipation turn waist power swing movement therapy pain of spinal motion effective maintenance Small anti hemorrhoids Prevention of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids rehabilitation exercise tips...... Appendix
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The first portion of the sitting posture and health and health of the ancients said: "standing like pine, sit like a bell, line wind, lying like a bow." Vividly describes four basic posture in daily life. Standing like pine: when standing, the body's center of gravity average on both feet, torso upright, look up and look, two shoulder stretch, abdomen slightly closed, as tall and straight to the Jinsong, help the majority of thoracic volume, conducive to breathing and blood circulation. Sit like a bell: sit and read a book to write, to straighten the waist, chest distance table a fist; and shoulder flat, two cubits symmetry, head slightly forward, his eyes away from the foot, legs slightly bent, stretched, to keep the approximate right angle between thigh and torso and legs, the body center of gravity falls in the pelvis on the cover without fatigue, sedentary. For the wind: walking the body slightly forward, started the muscle relaxed muscle contraction, change slightly relaxed, give a person with strong feeling of flying. Recline like a bow: good sleeping position should be the right lateral decubitus and legs bent, so not the heart of oppression, but also can help the food in the stomach to duodenum delivery. Therefore, to develop good posture since childhood, is very beneficial to the health. A mention of myopia, people think is insufficient light, read a book too close to the. In fact, not completely. Myopia caused by many reasons. A large number of studies show that the posture is not right will cause myopia.
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"Sedentary group, simple exercise" tells the story: Sedentary cause diseases, the exercise for health.
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