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China Yu Ga industry association senior coach, international famous professor Yu Ga, has systematically studied the hada Yu Ga, main and collateral channels high temperature Yu Ga, Iyengar Yu Ga faction and laugh at Yu Ga, Yu Ga, Yu Ga, pregnant women child double Yu Ga featuring Yu Ga, in Yu Ga's theory, posture and Yu Ga's breathing and meditation has deeply research. In laughter yoga teaching in 2007 by Beijing TV station, tourism satellite TV and other mediaInterview, has been warmly praised yoga enthusiasts.
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The copyright page: illustration: Monday, the atmosphere in the office is especially low, you dragged into the company, the people around seems to be in the blues. A meeting at ten thirty, an hour down, also do not know what the manager had said, only to see sitting opposite to several colleagues meeting record in a daze...... In foreign countries, it is called "black Monday Monday". Mechanism of "Monday syndrome", is considered the shaping power of Pavlov's theory "". The old dynamic stereotype is destroyed and the new dynamic stereotype is difficult to establish cause "chaos". People from Friday to Monday, concentrate one's attention on work and study, with the formation of the learning and work to adapt to the "dynamic", it has nothing to do with work and study leave. One weekend, these leave things was mentioned schedule. In this way, the weekend will become very busy day. Some are too busy busy household; others take advantage of the weekend fun; some use days go dear friends. These two days, to work and study originally established the "dynamic" destroyed. Until Monday, but also to put in work and learning, which must be to establish or restore the damage of the "dynamic", there is more or less does not adapt, the so-called "Monday syndrome". E for office workers, how to avoid "Monday syndrome"? We should be modest and during weekends, play, do housework, to the appropriate. If we can rest, should be appropriate to increase the chores and entertainment, and properly and family visits or family reunion, so, won't appear "Monday syndrome", even if there is, the symptoms are mild, will not affect the work and learning. Let the weekend boring day some tight, loose one day, don't let the weekend ending too interesting. So, when the body is in a state of excitement when hungry, Monday's work will be very attractive.
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Again busy Chapter 01 work, but also keep
A, white-collar workers to physical time, what eat away at your life
two, the global office break wave
three, why wood workers Modaomen not mistaken?
four, office e safe embrace aerobic exercise
Chapter 02 to go to the office early 10 minutes of secret, to win at the starting point
A, starting Monday, have good state of
two, practice the correct posture, let looks more elegant
three, emotional stability, a day's work and calm
four, happy, have a ready tongue, arrange the work properly and logically arranged
five, practice is like Mu Chunfeng facial expression, let your popularity surge
Chapter 03 to enjoy the work, "sit" away from the sub healthy
A, happy work, refused to occupation disease
two, headache, dizziness, instant activation energy
three, bid farewell to tinnitus, away to Hung Up "little bees"
four, Shu Ganrun eye, small actions can also create beautiful eyes.
five, relieve stiff neck, cervical vertebra disease prevention < br > six, lift a finger, away from the "Fifty shoulder"
seven, it often twist, deal with it
eight coup, the fight against lumbar pain, restore upright posture
nine, drive away the sciatica, sedentary can worry free
ten, noon to use good digestion, make a fortune
eleven, Fu gourmet eliminate flatulence, gastrointestinal health a light
Chapter 04 mind more lightsome, work more efficient.
A, don't let the pressure to destroy your happy
two, white-collar elite focused secret
three, out of the heart uncomfortable, let you calm in the face of VIP
four, away from neurasthenia as the balance of
, Qingxin family five, despite the anxiety, life should be an idyllic scene
six, depression, heart
seven, disperse the haze to stop pressure, happy work film
eight away defeat, chronic fatigue, frequently disturbed sleepy
Chapter 05 more work, more beautiful.
A, white-collar Beauty, beautiful fresh
three careful neck into Leaning Tower of Pisa, low shoulder, prevent us from the beauty of balance
four, butterfly sleeve, fat accumulation results in table
five, hard work, YES; bent back, No!
six, vigilance, proud curve loss
seven, lose belly fat, men should not upset is potbellied --
eight, get rid of swimming circle, the small belly Nan said Bye-Bye
nine, what can be a luxury, not only is the "Luxury buttocks"
ten, the elephant leg, to sit out the thick
eleven, then sit back in time to eliminate toxins, radish legs
Chapter 06 alert high-tech civilization disease, healthy
A, no erosion to a light
two, careful, toxic < br > three computer, copier, printer, fax machine, against health stealth killer
four, central air conditioning syndrome, let a person cold hands and feet, the low efficiency of
five, why the frequency of cold winter, heating and no traces of
six, drinking fountains in the pure water, is not necessarily clean
seven, fast food can eat, but must be timely detoxification
eight, after staying up late to work overtime, several actions to help restore the body's
Chapter 07 energy supply, at any time have good state.
A, rest, in order to better starting
two, break 10 minutes, be full of go all afternoon.
three, inspiration, small action "four two dial one thousand jin"
four, go out to work, can also be piggybacked relaxed
five, long after the meeting to relax the power
six, afternoon tea time, enjoy great pleasure
Chapter 08 Emergency entertainment, beauty skills in the public
A, perfect appearance, sincere exchanges, is the highest realm of entertainment.
two, tired all day, can also
three eyes, small skills to enhance facial contours, let your age is a mystery.
four, three minutes waist narrow circle, the smooth wear evening dress
five, alleviate the waist is stiff, the ball moving @##@ swaying Again busy white-collar workers, believe also busy but prominent politicians, international stars and celebrities, as long as the working clearance for a while, you can />Goodbye and occupation disease Say next to the intimate contact with you "office work break exercises", is the yogi Ren Jie for sedentary owners meticulously designed for all kinds of occupation disease, simple and effective action, convenient you practice whenever and wherever possible in the office. As a white-collar worker you, if it is blurred vision, headache, back pain, indigestion and other occupation disease, so do the simple office work break exercises, will receive the magical effect!
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"Office", Paris: New York opened the work break exercises, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai elite vibrant secret -- Practice for a variety of occupation disease break, for occupation for charging, heart burden, as health escort, beautiful preservation! Hunan satellite TV, satellite TV, Sichuan Wuhan TV station, Shenzhen TV, Sina Sina reading, reading, fitness Tencent Sohu reading, healthy times support.
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  •   Learn the content, work activities, have profit to the body. The dish the content of basic yoga, not do office.
  •   Now you are under a lot of pressure, work to do work break exercises is beneficial
  •   Look at the computer every day, really need to exercise, this book about our joint stiffness of muscle is very helpful

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